Where do I collect my share

Where do I collect my share,who can tell me,thank you!

Are you looking for the faucet url? Connect with your MetaMask Wallet and wait - https://faucet.1hive.org/#/

You should see something like this after registering


Do note that you need atleast 0.1 xDai to participate! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdP3pTX_BLKqLCmkC84YyDj8PVK5wfOSSaym93SJj5KX6RP2w/viewform A welcome bounty can be found here to claim 1 xDai.

thank you
I just filled out the form and hope to get xdai

thank you,I get this link ,but I did not get hny durning the last 24 hours,I can’t find the “claim” button