Who can explain what is happening with the defi?

who can explain what is happening with the defi?
as far as I know, when bitcoin grows, then all altcoins also grow.
but now all altcoins are in red.

thanks for answers!

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hmm to answer your question, it would needs a lot researcher why exactly it did happen IF you wants a professional answer ~

i am going to leave this picture here ~ i hope it give some insight why , its a general theme that people saw ~ σ( ̄、 ̄〃)



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Thanks for the information, I think this picture will help everyone else who wants to understand why this is happening.

@Vik @boring877 is spot on. Bitcoin is leader and other coins move off of it. Consider many traders don’t trade ALT/USD they trade ALT/BTC.

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of course you are right about this, but I am trying to explain myself “rally” when bitcoin and altcoins are high - as it was a few months ago.


*Bump thread as price uncertainty continues

Be careful as alts can really go parabolic one sec and then bleed the next. And they can always go much much higher than you would’ve guessed and much much much lower than you’d ever imagine.

No mater how good a project is these price evaluations are highly speculative and often times don’t make any sense.

yes, there was such an experience with altcoins. And I would not like to poke my finger into the sky, but look for some reason (why)