Who should I contact for cooperation?

Hello 1hive community, I’m from TokenPocket. I talk your admin in TG, they suggested me talk in discord but I have no chat right to talk there. Could anyone let me know who is the right person to talk about cooperation? Thanks a lot

Hey @MeloTokenPocket - you should go to the channel #role-selection and then react with the emojis for each of the swarms you want to be a member of. Once you have assigned yourself the roles, there will be additional channels that will allow you to interact with.

Also depending on what type of collaboration you are looking for, it could be a different swarm to find the right people to interact with.

Also remember 1Hive is a very diverse DAO and there is users that are playing roles in different swarms. You will not find one right person, but more likely a swarm that will be able to help you out with your questions. Hop onto the #general channel otherwise and start asking questions.

Welcome to the Hive!


Hey @MeloTokenPocket
as is, as you indicate @project_uwb
I think the ideal is to walk through the Discord, on channels like Buzz, general and explain what you want to cooperate or contribute! Greetings and welcome to this great space, where opportunities are great!

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I tried discord but have no right to talk there… Is any of your official marketing/growth guy in telegram?
Kindly share their TG handles!

Hello and Welcome to 1Hive my friend. :hearts:
I invite you to join to our discord community. And if you want to contact to our marketing team, feel free to send messages on #buzz channel.
You can also contact to @D0SH or @solarmkd if you have some personal questions.
And on telegram you an also contact to @D_0_S_H and @Solarmkd.
btw, i’m Fabio and you can find me on #help channel on discord. Feel free to ping me for any questions. I will be happy to help you. :honeybee:


You need to read the welcome message when you join, and complete the initial verification required before you can post in the discord


Hey guys thanks for SWARM WARM reply. This community is amazing and cool!

Anyway I just want to share with you good news that: Xswap, a cross-chain swap aggregator incubated by TokenPocket, just integrated with Honeyswap! This would definitely bring more users and volume to Honey :slight_smile: here is the link of the ANN: https://twitter.com/Xswap_/status/1432539360289693707?s=20

In return, I hope 1hive community could RT and gives a like :100:

Looking forward to more cooperation between us in the future!

yeah, as you can see, Honeyswap is in our route list :slight_smile: