Why do people care

As our first post in the Forum i would like to share what Luke shared in Keybase chat about communities that i think is very interesting and make us remind ourselves why are we part of 1Hive and why we continue being part of this awesome community.

I also answered the first two questions outlined on the post. (Feel free to drop your answer too!)

What makes this community unique?

I think 1Hive is unique because of the future vision that has for helping new communities grow and shape up, whatsmore i think is a very open and inclusive community where anyone can participate
whether is development wise or having an interesting discussion about a certain topic and you don’t need to necessarily share the future commmon goals of the community to be able to participate.
One of the things i like the most is having nominations and rewarding contributors, i thnik it generates a very positive vibe for all members and contributors.
And i think 1Hive is conformed by really awesome people that have been joining in the past year or following what we are building while also giving their grain of sand with their expertise.

Why are you here in this community? Why are you still here?

@0xgabi brought me here when it was just starting and the idea was to help on developing some of the apps that today are part of the Dandelion Template which we got a grant for.

I’m still here because i personally share the future vision of 1Hive and love to help build things and improve personally and collectively.
I’m also here because there is no better place to bee :honeybee: :wink: