Why don't I see NEW proposals?

At Gardens I see many proposals that change HNY/month like “This proposal is streaming 196.07 HNY/month decreasing to a target flow of 171.27 HNY/month” and no proposal that would increase funding from zero to any HNY amount (for a new project that didn’t receive HNY funding before). I wonder why so? (only changes in existing funding, not starting a new project)

There are a few different types of proposals you will see the garden:

  1. Funding/Grant proposals which ask for a specific amount of Honey as lump sum
  2. Streaming proposals which don’t ask for a specific amount of Honey but which stream Honey continuously based on the current level of support.
  3. Signaling proposals which don’t request funds, but allow people to suggest ideas or directions, and gain support for them.
  4. Decision votes: binary choice votes, typically only used for making updates contracts or parameters.

The default view shows “open proposals” with proposals with the most support showed at the top of the list. If you switch the order to “new” you will see newest proposals first. Since we adopted streaming proposals, and streaming proposals generally remain open, thats what you’ll mostly see on the front page. If you change the filter from “open” to “closed” you can also see grant proposals that have passed, past decision votes, etc.

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