Working full time on 1Hive?

I’ve been really impressed by this community’s growth over the past months and was wondering how deeply invested the early members already are.

Is anyone working full-time on 1Hive already? If not, how much time do you spend for 1hive per week?

I’m currently spending around 5h per week, mostly learning Solidity in the hope of applying those skills for the community in the coming months.


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I do not have a separate job outside of crypto freelance, but I do not work full time, and I also split my time between a few DAOs. I know I am not the norm and many folks work a full time job and 1Hive is more of a side project for them.

I think we do have some folks who are full time freelance software developers who are working with 1Hive on particular projects, and someone could probably create a full time job within 1Hive if they were really dedicated. But, the pay would never be as consistent as a salary job probably.

What you lose in consistency you gain in flexibility and the enjoyment of working on super cool cutting edge stuff.


There seem to be a few buckets and the reasons why are different for everyone.

  1. There are some who jump in from time to time. You see this when price goes up.
  2. There are those who are always here 24/7 regardless of price.
  3. Then there are those who are here fairly consistently part time they chit chat, give their ideas and go back to their life.
  4. Then there are those that just in the background sometimes building sometimes observing sometimes they are talkative.

I fall in the 24/7 camp, I do crypto and have a full time job on the side. I have tried to get involved in multiple DAOs but I find it very difficult to contribute effectively in more than 2-3 projects simultaneously regardless of the hours you put in.

Agave/1hive - I dedicate consistently 5 hrs a day x 7days a week in this space. I put in probably another 4-6hrs intermittently throughout the day 5days a week on top of that. I also work full time.

My recommendation is not to do what I do. I know of about a 12 others who put in 50hrs + a week here, most that do don’t have a second job but some do. The payment they are getting for sustainability is primarily due to bull market, airdrops, early adopters, etc we are still in the early stages of truly making a sustainable competing budget for full time workers globally.


Thanks for sharing!
@befitsandpiper you’re not the norm but definitely a situation many aspire to! Crypto freelancing is such an exciting concept because the upside is uncapped as you get paid in the project’s coin. As you said, it’s a luxury not everyone can afford though. Some people need a stable regular income :slight_smile: Are you building in solidity only or other languages/frameworks?

@Monstrosity thanks for sharing! Wow that’s really crazy! I did not expect so much passion but I love it. This new DAO world feels like the beginning of a totally new way to cowork and build, looking forward to see how this evolves as communities grow.


I’m kind of begginer with 1hive so to know about it more i spend almost 3-4h per weeks…but i know if you want to stay im touch in some project you must spend more time in here and discord

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I am not a solidity developer, but I have been meaning to learn. We’ll see if I muster up the motivation. I used to do a lot of frontend dev, most of the dev work I do now though is not really as a primary dev, but implementing smaller features, and helping support others.


1Hive is exactly the magical opportunity I have been putting out for for years.
All I do is DAOs, and all are in this small community.
Metagame is the most divergent.
I’m also active in TEC, try to keep up with Agave, and 1Hive is my life.

The largest part of why I’m here is the community covenant.
Reading the community covenant was when I dedicated to this project.
The income is a side-benefit.


Wow… that some serious hours in a day that you are working!! I was having a difficult time just keeping up with the information and trying to learn/ invest/ watch / analyse a few projects!! This is without having to actually contribute actively!! I do not know how you do it… but its inspiring to know that there are others with full time jobs and still pursuing their passion in their spare time.

I think this bull market has been pretty brutal for me and i am sure for a lot of other newbies. I am really biting into any of the time I have and it seems to impact general life balance… but for the kind of stuff I learn… i guess its worth it for the moment!! I actually like the bear market better where i can check back every few days and still be on top of things!!

This thread is turning out to be an interesting conversation!

Yea i think i kinda of feel the same way. Since i have gotten active in 1Hive, i think most of my spare time is either in the forum or discord - and its mostly trying to understand stuff by reading all these old forum posts and discord convos.


Yeah it seems like at some point you have to focus on 1 thing and accept you will miss other interesting projects and opportunities :slight_smile: 1Hive is clearly super active + has a lot of funding so it’s a great place to be!