Wrong wallet in my 1Hive

I have Honey in my metamask wallet on my PC. I opened the Hive on my iphone which connected to Portis. Now on the PC I have metamask but it says that Honey does not count because it is not in the portis wallet. Is there any way to nuke the portis wallet? I tried to just transfer the honey but my portis wallet says “under construction” and does not have honey as an option.

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Hey @chsmurphy! Wallets don’t actually hold your crypto, they allow access to your receiving address if you provide them with your private key. Portis auto detects the xDai RPC, but Metamask currently doesn’t. You have to manually add the xDai RPC. You can find that here:


I hope I understood your question correctly. If so, let me know if that helps.

Hi there. I have exactly the same problem. Actually I attempted to add the honey token to portis wallet but had no success. Did you come up with a solution yourself?