[xART] - New token soon on Honeyswap

Hey everyone.

I found this announcement about a new token that could come soon on Honeyswap.
I don’t know much about the project, but any listing on Honeyswap could bring new people which is good.

For anyone interested, please find some details below:

About ARTIS ECO: https://docs.artis.eco/

ARTIS <> xDai Chain Bridge: https://docs.artis.eco/artis-1.0/tools/artis-to-xdai-chain-bridge

Enjoy! :honeybee:


wow good to see HNY expand so much :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This is the news am waiting for to list some good projects in HoneySwap now that UNI is steep to enter.

Hope this doesnt turn the EthDelta exchange route


I see Honeyswap as a great opportunity to “list” tokens from projects who may have a hard time being listed in other protocols due to transaction costs. It is a win-win solution and a great way for 1hive to get exposure and grow.


@befitsandpiper we should ping them to potentially match them on farming


Yeah I was checking that project @berserk , it looks very promising . They know what they are doing, they are welcome to sell their xATS token on Honeyswap. We can make incentivization if they add ATS/HNY pair for sure it can be a new farm but they will need to provide liquidity for the pair first. It’s nice to have serious projects coming to xDai chain and sell their tokens on Honeyswap.

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Hi, I was skimming through the forum and found this reference to our project so I just continue here.
Just a few words to the project: ARTIS started in Nov. 2018 and has a token supply of about 310m ATS. We work towards a major upgrade, introducing the Honey Badger consensus in combination with a POSDAO staking logic. It will have a fully asynchronous block production depending on transactions and the speed of the network to get all 2/3 of needed signatures … allowing block times of 1 sec, fully finalized (no forking). As mentioned above we have built a bridge between ARTIS and xDai Chain as well as one to Ethereum.

I think with the current slowdown of activity on Honeyswap we need to find a way how we, as a project get exposure, and can pull in more trader into the exchange and various farms.
People have doubts regarding impermanent loss and a xATS/HNY pair is also more risky than an xDai/xATS pair. Then there is the question of liquidity, slippage and incentives for providing liquidity.
I would love to talk to an experienced DEX trader understanding regular rebalancing and potential risks for the value of the token and consequently for traders.
@Monstrosity @solarmkd


We are working on invigorating Honeyswap DEX with more users and liquidity. Artis is interesting xDai project and it would be great if you can create a liquidity pool on Honeyswap for start (xATS - xDAI pair).

You can create the pool simply by going to : https://honeyswap.org/#/pool . After you do add liquidity xATS will be available for everyone to buy or sell. LP providers get around 0.25% for each swap. profit (pairs are 50-50) .

After you get some trading going we will be looking on how we can incentivize together HNY-xATS pool .

I was looking for your token on Mainnet is this the address of the token ? https://etherscan.io/token/0xe41dd6e41f8f9962c5103d95d95f5d9b82d90fdf#balances

I was looking for your token on Mainnet is this the address of the token https://etherscan.io/token/0xe41dd6e41f8f9962c5103d95d95f5d9b82d90fdf#balances

That’s the ATS20 Token for the Artis<->Ethereum Bridge (Native ATS on Artis <-> ATS20 Token on Ethereum).

For xATS on the xDai Chain take a look at the Docs the threadstarter posted. But I’m not sure if the mediator-address is also the token-contract-adress for xATS. I guess @tze_42 can clearify.

Maybe this recent transaction helps:

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ATS on xDaiChain

We are currently discussing our options to list a pool on Honeyswap.
It seems to be important that all the onboarding and UX friction is addressed with high priority, otherwise the current boom won’t be a benefit for Honeyswap and listing of tokens won’t help with the growth.

We also want to see an xATS pool among the top 10 pools and this needs some extra steps to get there and attract enough attention.


Adding liquidity pool is very easy, just use the blockscout smart contract address of the xATS token to add it and it will be available for providing liquidity. Let us know if you are facing any problems or requests you have, so we could help out and eliminate any UX friction or onboarding problems or doubts that you have.

I think the UX and onboarding friction was misunderstood. What I ment was to make it easy for people and traders to interact with Honeyswap and Honeycomb.