XComb burn stats

I want to share website I created to view xcomb burn stats, maybe it will be usefull to someone:



Thanks @NirVana useful to me

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Thanks useful to me have been looking for tha


This is really cool, something that has been wanted for a while but not had any visibility over, great work.


Added links to honeyswap, farms, chars.

If you have some ideas how to improve website, please post it here.

It would be great to have a chart showing the amount of burned over time, e.g. 1 count per week

week 1 1486 xcomb
week 2 1494 xcomb

etc. as at the moment, unless you write it down or remember it, you can’t see how much it’s increasing by

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Thanks for your suggestion.
I’m starting to create database and snapshot amount of xcomb burned each week.

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Cool, that would be great. its definitely a slow burner lol. It feels like every time i’ve looked at it over the past month, it still says 1751. So either not burning, app not updating, or my memory is not great.

Reminder for myself, today 17/11

It’s moving slowly. Not sure how this burn mechanism works.

If I understand it correctly it’s connected somehow with honeyswap volume.

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oh yeah thanks man! approx 173 burned in last week or approx $112 at current prices


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