Xdai/Dai Bridge Failed Trx

I attempted to move some xdai —> Dai via the 2 step process on the bridge. The first part of the transaction appears to have worked just fine. The “claiming” step on eth mainnet failed; however, while it is showing on the bridge page as part of my balance and even in my ethscan, it is not there (or useable.) Won’t even let me “send it back” to xdaichain.

It’s just kinda out there in hyperspace and the instructions on the bridge told me to “ask on social media” for assistance.

For fastest response go to help on discord

Looks like some problems not sure if it’s related

From omahs:
“Infuria is down, so Exchanges may not have eth withdrawals/deposits working for a while and also wallets like Metamask that depend on Infuria may have difficulties and not up to date balances” from reddit

I would suggest you to post the problem on the xdai chain discourse . Igor Barinov or Alexander Kolotov may take a look there. I never had problem with the bridges, only 1 time there was 20 minutes delay cause of gas price spikes.