xDai Faucet Outside the Blockscout Apps!

Recently, the xDai jaw option has been removed from Blockscout and I have not gotten any information as to why it is disabled.
I ask the friends of the community, if they know of any information and how we could bid so that it is placed again!!
I consider it to be a very useful tool especially for new people who are joining the 1HIVE community and the xDai network !!

Recientemente, la opción de Faucet xDai se eliminó de Blockscout y no he recibido ninguna información sobre por qué está deshabilitada.
Les pregunto a los amigos de la comunidad, si conocen alguna información y como podríamos pujar para que se coloque de nuevo !! ¡¡
Lo considero una herramienta muy útil especialmente para las personas nuevas que se están uniendo a la comunidad 1HIVE y la red xDai !!


What do you mean by the jaw option?

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I’m very sorry for the mistake, is Faucet!!! :sweat_smile:

Faucet is still there, it appears it doesn’t have funds. here is a direct link to faucet

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Thank you very much for the help!!! :metal:

Ah ok…Yeah the faucet is still there as @D0SH mentioned. And there are new ways to earn and put your Honey to work for you coming really soon. Check out the posts discussing Celeste and Agave!

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