🪂 XION Round 4 Airdrop on @xdaichain

XGT Airdrops from Xion Finance

This Airdrop will only commence once it is announced on our Official xion_global Twitter account. Only after you have completed all the required tasks on our twitter announcement and in this article, then you can submit your ERC-20 wallet address here. This is a two month long airdrop that gives you the chance to get $25 worth of XGT at the end of the 1st month and $50 worth of XGT at the end of the 2nd month. Plus, 50% more APY for 3 days at the end of the 1st month and 75% increase in APY for also 3 days at the end of the second month. But only if you hodl that WXDAI-XGT pool tokens and XGT tokens.

Only 1 wallet address is allowed per user and the list will be shared to the public, once the first month Airdrop is complete at: 11pm(UTC) on the 14th April 2021. And then for the end of the 2nd month of airdrops, the second list of wallet addresses will be shared at: 11pm (UTC) on the 12th May 2021.

Requirements and info of Airdrop:

  1. Retweet the Round 4 Airdrops on xDAI Chain, tag 3 friends and follow @xion_global on Twitter (https://twitter.com/xion_global)
  2. Hold a minimum amount of $25 worth of WXDAI-XGT pool tokens
  3. Hold a minimum amount of $25 worth of XGT that is not in the pool
  4. Submit your wallet address in this Google form to verify that you are holding WXDAI-XGT tokens and XGT tokens
  5. Hold for 1 month(from the date the airdrop commences)to receive your first $25 worth of XGT airdrop — limited to 1000 wallet addresses
  6. Hold for 2 months(from the date the 1st month airdrop ends) to receive an additional $50 worth of XGT airdrop — limited to 2000 wallet addresses, including the 1st month of wallet addresses
  7. Get 50% extra APY on your WXDAI-XGT pool shares on the last 3 days of the 1st month airdrop(lasts 3 days)
  8. Get 75% extra APY on your WXDAI-XGT pool shares on the last 3 days of the 2nd months airdrop(lasts 3 days)
  9. Limited to 2000 wallets over 2 months

Xion.finance, a yield farming and e-commerce dapp on the xDAI chain and Ethereum Mainnet. Now airdropping its fourth stash of XGT tokens on the xDAI chain.

The total distributed amount over the 2 months is 694,444 XGT worth $125,000 based on a $0.18 XGT price. This fourth round of XGT airdrops is to reward our loyal liquidity providers and XGT hodlers on xDAI chain and allow any specified token holders to easily start farming XGT & NFTs on Honeyswap.

Xion also allows you to farm 6 different XGT NFTs by simply being a liquidity provider on the WXDAI-XGT pool, read the NFT article for more info on how to get your rare NFTs. Additionally, we also just released a cross-chain swapping mechanism, where you can swap your XGT from the ETH mainnet to xDAI chain on Xion Finance.

Token Features

The cross-chain token called XGT, can be used for yield farming, processing e-commerce payments, minting rewards and simple value transfers. The maximum supply is set at 3 billion tokens.

Various cross-chain mechanics have been developed between the Ethereum mainnet and xDAI chain, to benefit XGT owners with low-cost swaps, attractive liquidity mining, purchasing power and soon rights towards proposed changes to the software.

Additionally, you can collect rare NFTs on the xDAI chain by simply farming XGT. Depending on the amount of liquidity you have provided to the any of the following trading pairs and if you have held your pool shares for a minimum of 1 month: WXDAI-XGT, HNY-XGT, ETH-XGT.

The best thing about using XGT on the xDAI chain is, it is easy to setup a farm for somebody that doesn’t even know the Uniswap basics. Aimed at beginners in crypto who would like to start yield farming without the costly ETH mainnet mistakes, since gas fees are basically irrelevant with XGT on the xDAI chain.

XGT also offers an unparalleled ecommerce use case where users are incentivized to obtain some XGT (either through staking xDAI, through a promotion, or via swapping XGT directly) in order to receive up to 100% discounts on their purchases. Up to 100% cashback purchases will also be available for credit card or DAI/xDAI purchases, once all three of Xions dapps are connected and there is a certain amount of TVL.

The demand for XGT rewards will far exceed any traditional payments system.

Benefits of XGT (Xion Global Token)

Cashback Rewards

Xion believes that shopping online should be exciting and you should be rewarded for it beyond any traditional rewards systems out there. So, the team set out to make this a reality.

Rewards Explained

For single billing purchases, users may be eligible to receive a cashback in XGT, so if they buy something for 9.95 DAI, they may receive the equivalent in XGT as a cashback (depending on the current value of XGT).

Users may also be eligible to receive the XGT equivalent of their paid transaction fee back. The cashback amount (in percent) will also be coupled with the XGT generation rate, thus it will decline over time, as more users are onboarded.

For example, the cashback amount will be 100% in the beginning for every purchase. As soon as 100.000 users have received their cashback, it will gradually start declining to 25%. It won’t go lower than this but might go up if less users are active on the platform in the future.

Spending XGT

To drive the demand for XGT and repeat purchases for merchants, customers can pay for their products with XGT directly.

This process can be applied to a situation such as this: customer purchases a product with xDAI, gets 100% cashback in XGT and returns to purchase another product with the XGT they were just rewarded.

There is a 0% transaction fee when purchasing products, services or subscriptions with XGT and a 1% burn rate. This means, 1% of the XGT tokens transferred during a sale, will be burnt to decrease the supply and drive the demand to obtain more XGT.

Purchasing products with XGT is the easiest and quickest way to get up 100% discount off your favorite products.

So don’t let your airdropped XGT just sit in your wallet, put it to work and start farming on either xion.finance, Honeyswap, Uniswap to generate more XGT rewards, farm NFTs and build purchasing power for all your favorite products/subscriptions that will be sold by our listed merchants.

Start Farming XGT & NFTs on Honeyswap Today


Coming through with another airdrop announcement. Thanks!

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Great news, thanks a lot for sharing!

Thanks for keeping on top of this and informing the community. I have participated. Lets see how this goes. Also XION has a decent APY at 160%. I have not actually done the calc and seen if its reflective of the price yet, but i guess with the ease it provides to onboard new users, this project could really take off. Hope everyone here get the airdrop! Good luck!

hmmmm it says that you need to hold $25 worth of xgt as well as xgt/wxdai…is that $25 worth at the payout time? what if the value keeps dropping? do you need to keep adding to make sure you have $25 worth? and it also says we need to hold for at least 1 month and the payout is April 14…but it is already Mar 17 so the first payout s less than a month away…

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I am going to hold 30$ and lp 30$ too!

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I had similar questions, would be good if someone has already clarified with the xion team if they expect the $25 worth of LP + XGT at the start or at the snapshot of 1 and 2 months. I assume it will be difficult to monitor and keep sinking more funds into the LP and XGT token if the token price keeps tanking and I dont think its fair as well. I may ask these questions in their Telegram channel and see if they provide a response. If anyone here has already asked or has info on this would appreciate if they posted here!

@Kaselol @CurlyBracketEffect, I asked around on the XION official telegram group and the admin has confirmed that “The calculation is based on todays/yesterdays average price $0.18. So holdings must be over $25 when XGT price is $0.18”. They also advised that the initial medium article for the Airdrop #4 will be updated to reflect this information. Anyone that wants to check this out can do so here. https://xionglobal.medium.com/xgt-airdrops-on-xdai-chain-6ea3fbc8a7fc


Thanks for getting that info and reporting back. Did they mention anything about the time you need to hold for. is it already too late to take part in the first drop because it’s less than 30 days away?

Is the airdrop still avalaible?

yes, i am in,hope it grows strong

For all the users that are following this thread, xion’s official medium article is now updated to clearly state that the 25$ requirement is with XGT price at 0.18$ and the cut off dates for the 1st month and 2nd month drops. Here is the link again if anyone wants to read the full article again. https://xionglobal.medium.com/xgt-airdrops-on-xdai-chain-6ea3fbc8a7fc

@CurlyBracketEffect all your questions with regards to HODL time and cutoff are also clarified. @Camarzana i see that the official tweet is retweeted about 1.3k times. So going by their cut off you may still have a chance as the cut off for the 2nd drop is 2000 wallets

Thanks for sharing! I just increased my XGT & LP holdings!

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Oh nice, I am going to try this airdrop, thank you

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Is still Alive the Airdrop. Dont be late guys!