14 rare airdrop limited time ๐Ÿš€ + 1 rare lucky winner draw

Rare Coin Staking Is Coming To Honeyswap and we are Air Dropping 15 $Rare to celebrate!

*** HAS NOW EXPIRED *** However you can still receive the daily airdrop! Learn more here => Rare Claims Is Official Public! ๐Ÿš€ [Daily Token Airdrop] => xDai Exclusive Project!

To celebrate the release of our staking app coming out on May The 3rd, We will be Airdropping 14 $RARE equally to anyone who makes one successful claim before April 30th end of day through our claiming app! Plus, One Lucky user will win 1 whole coin for themselves! Hereโ€™s what you need to do to qualify:

To qualify for the 14 Rare Drop (everyone will get this) โ€ฆ

  1. Simply successfully claim a piece of rare once before April 30th end of the day through our https://rare.fyi/claim-v2 app! (Learn How on rare.fyi/get-started)

To qualify for the randomly selected 1 Rare Coin drop (only one user will get this) โ€ฆ

  1. Follow us here on our new Twitter! https://twitter.com/RarifyApps

  2. Join our telegram community group! Telegram: Contact @rarify_community

  3. Successfully Register for a rare claim on our rare claims app anytime between now and April 30th (Learn How on rare.fyi)

  4. Comment your xDai address in the following Twitter post as a reply. https://twitter.com/RarifyApps/status/1386759388891910150 OR in a private DM your address on that Twitter account and comment :rocket: instead.

Important Dates //

Airdrop Delivery: Airdrop will be delivered May 1st, end of the day.

Winner Announcement: Luckily winner will be announced and randomly picked by may 3rd, end of day.

Staking app open: May 3rd, end of day.

For more Information About staking in May, check out this post here! : How Rare Staking Will Work! โ€“ Rarify

More information about Rare Coin //

FAQS Page: https://rare.fyi/faqs

Official Website: https://rare.fyi/

Official Claiming App: https://rare.claims

Public News Channel: Telegram: Contact @rarify_news

Rarify Public Community: Telegram: Contact @rarify_community

Main Thread: https://forum.1hive.org/t/rare-claims-is-official-public-daily-token-airdrop-xdai-exclusive-project/


Any ideas why I canโ€™t get verified to claim?

I am already brightID verified and when I go into apps, it shows 1hive, discord, IDchain.
When I scan the QR code on the claims site it just says โ€œUnable to link rarecoin with BrightIDโ€
If i click Claim Sponshorship, i sign the message and that works fine
Then I click โ€œProve Accountโ€ a little โ€œsuccessโ€ message appears at the top of the screen, the status shows Fetching Verificationโ€ฆ but never gets any further from there - no txn pops up or nothing happens

Let me know your address! I will check to make sure its going through the brightID contract correctly. We had other users have some issue with the linking part. You can DM us on twitter or telegram if you donโ€™t want to post here!

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thanks, have dmโ€™d you on twitter

Well i had to create a twitter account finally thanks to youโ€ฆ And how can you merge twitter and telgram account for someone to qualify?
also another question.which pairs can be available with Rare on staking app?

excellent, I hope to win and I have completed all the steps !! eager to see the winners soon :star_struck:

Good luck to all partipants!

Not sure what you mean, if you DM your address on either or it will count! :slight_smile:

Right Now only the rare/xdai pair!

This project is a good option to encourage us to work harder in this work. I hope to win :v:

hi bro, a question is the airdrop still going on? because I checked my wallet and I do not notice that it has arrived :new_moon::sunrise:

no it has ended
u must got about .004 rare if u registered and claimed before 1may

Thanks, Iโ€™ll be on the lookout, Iโ€™ll check my wallet