Rare Claims Is Official Public! 🚀 [Daily Token Airdrop] => xDai Exclusive Project!

The Rare Coin Project is officially off the ground and ready for interaction!

UPDATE! We have released a new version of the app fixing claim issues with anyone using metamask available here:** https://rare-claims-v2.vercel.app/

If you are an Alphawallet user v2 has been delayed. Please read our pinned post in our telegram community post for a full update if you would like more information about this development: Telegram: Contact @rarify_community

Have a question? Check out our new FAQS page first! https://rare.fyi/about/faqs/ or join our tellagram group for support @rarify_community

What is the Rare Coin Project?

The Rare Coin project is a collection of xDai exclusive Defi applications allowing anyone to earn and claim “Rare Coin” cryptocurrency virtually free via the xDai network. The project consists of two primary apps. The Claiming app (out now) and the Staking App (coming April 2021).

The claiming app allows anyone to earn an equally calculated share of rare coin per day (1 coin per day) and the staking app will allow you to earn Rare dividends for staking your RARE/XDAI pool tokens rewarded for pooling your liquidity on Honeyswap. For a full detailed view the tokenomics check out that dedicated section of this post or get more info on our website here: https://rare.fyi

How The Daily “Airdrop” Works

You can now claim a free share of “RARE” every day until the supply is finished. All you need is a web3 compatible wallet, a few xDai and you are eligible to claim every day! Simply connect to the rarify claiming app (rare.claims) from your favorite defi wallet browser and tap the “register” button to register your address for claiming eligibility for the next period cycle!

Once you successfully register, wait for the timer to expire (aka the block target to be reached) After it expires, a “Claim” button will appear allowing you to claim your final calculated share! You will have up to 24 hours to claim your share after each registration period closes!

After you claim, don’t forget to re-register for the next period’s claim event! You will be able to continue to make claims for the next 50 years when the total supply of the coins will finally be totally distributed. You can start claiming today here: https://rare.claims


There will only ever be 36,500 RARE coins with the final coins being “Farmed” in 2071. Their is no presale or initial distribution. Instead, 2 coins have been slowly dripping once a day from the inception of this smart contract on the xDai chain.

Only Two Rare Coins are released & distributed daily. One coin is sent to the “Claimers pool” where it is equally distributed and the second coin is sent to the “Stakers pool” which is proportionally distributed rewarding the largest contributors of xDai/Rare LP providers on honeyswap *(To still be implemented april 2021).

Rare Coin will have the following utility…

  1. Holding Value (as savings) - Very limited supply dripped over a very long time means extremely low sell pressure against exponential demand. This will create the opportunity to earn strong yield fundamentally by just holding against the xDai / USD pair.
  2. Earning Yield - We will be releasing yield farming on the xDai / Rare pair on Honeyswap which will let farmers earn a yield of nearly up too 127% Apr. This will be one of the stronger Defi yielding apps out there and increase the demand for Rare coin to boost yields in this pool.
  3. Payments - You will be able to buy lottery tickets, nfts and pay for services on such platforms like the Inside Our Dream network next year just to start (more web connects announced later this year).

We have even more information nows listed on the faqs page on our website! FAQS – Rarify

Rare Coin Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. Create an ultra-rare currency ANYONE can farm. By equally and freely distributing the currency over time, this ensures mass distribution for widespread ownership of the asset.

There are no secret investors or holders hodling the majority of the supply. Over 99.9% of the supply is fairly distributed. Users and investors create the price based on the exchanges farmers wish to sell on. When you hold some RARE coin you are adopting a currency based on free and fair market values.

By creating an ultra-low-cost, globally accessible, timely distributed coin; we can ensure that everyone, past, present and future, of any class or country, has a chance to claim and earn some rare, ensuring a sustainable and fair cryptocurrency for not only today’s use but tomorrows growth.


Stay up to date here!

We will continue to update heavily update the https://rare.fyi website with tutorials, links, and detailed information about the project over the next month as we get closer to each project goal!

You can also join our telegram news channel to hear up-to-date announcements about the project or share what you discover with others in the community group!

Official Website: https://rare.fyi/
Official Claiming App: https://rare.claims
Public News Channel: Telegram: Contact @rarify_news
Rarify Public Community: Telegram: Contact @rarify_community


Thanks for being on top of the game as always!


@pauly Congratulations on a successful launch. I have tried to claim app, website and interface and they are all top notch. A few suggestions (apologies for giving out free advise… i know its easy to give feedback … but buidling is a lot harder):

  1. Instead of telegram, did you have a think about may be having a discord group, i am not sure about the cost implications - but i have seen telegram first hand and when there is a user frenzy its just a chaotic place to have a decent conversation.
  2. The website and info seems to say that the claim is once per day, but i noticed that there was a clock for about 2 hrs when i claimed… I assume this is the end of the first day?
  3. Could you have more info on what the value proposition is of RARE… i get the vibe that you are going for a Store of Value type project, is that right or do you have other plans on how to generate may be a revenue stream with RARE?
  4. I guess it also is unclear if the ‘staking’ you talk about is naked staking of RARE or RARE in an LP with some other established coin?
  5. I know that xDAI tx fees are low, but why have two seperate actions ‘Claim’ and ‘Register’. Why not automatically register a user if it has been ‘Claimed’.
  6. What about being exploited by bots and malicious users claiming from multiple accounts? How are you planning on making the project more sybil resistant?
  7. Also your article says that the only way RARE is distributed is by 1 coin a day, but the distro app says that 71 coins have already been claimed. Where did these coins come from?

But overall… i would really like to see this project grow and be part of it! Great job. thanks


Congratulations on the launch!
I think it’s an interesting project and it fits well in the xdai Ecosystem. I do have one concern and it’s regarding the distribution.
If I understand correctly, anyone with an wallet and some xdai can claim a daily airdrop. What is stopping people/bots from creating and claiming from several wallets?
I think you are familiar with the HNY faucet that 1Hive created, they implemented BrightID into it to avoid it being gamed. Even with BrightID, there were people who managed to verify and claim from 40-50 different accounts. That’s also the reason why it stopped being funded, I am wondering if you guys thought about that and if there’s some measure implemented to counter that.


I guess it takes only one account to have enough connections on BrightID and from there people exploit that?

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Actually, one verified account cannot start a chain of verification on its own. You have got to have tens of trusted connections in order to be able to instantly verify someone.
My guess is that the way some of people managed to game that is by getting friends/family to verify their accounts for them, or just joining several verification parties hoping no one will recognise them.
BrigtID is not perfect, but it is still way better than having no system to check for account uniqueness.

I have toyed with the idea off it! If we hit enough users in the app I will consider creating one if I find the time! We are a tiny 2 man team and I’m the only dev, so the workload is incredible right now.

Correct. I posted this quite late today, once again very busy day managing the project! I only got a few hours of sleep last night.

[quote=“project_uwb, post:3, topic:2825”]
what the value proposition is of RARE
[/quote] Ultra Rare, highly distributed, fast & cheap, very high yield LP farming, and one of the few altcoin projects who have garrenteed more than 99.9% of the total supply to their users.

Sorry for the lack of documentation available about this right now, it is on the way. The claim app was step 1. You will be only able to claim from the second pool buy owning some Honeyswap V2 tokens from the RARE/XDAI pair, which makes pooling liquidity with honeyswap necessary.

[quote=“project_uwb, post:3, topic:2825”]
Why not automatically register a user if it has been ‘Claimed’
[/quote] To answer two questions here, its because their is a $0.1 xdai fee to make it harder for multiple address regestration, yet without making it to expensive for people with low level incomes to claim. We understand this isn’t enough and are already implementing a form of Captcha in the next update to prevent bot attacks.

Although the app was released today, The initial contract was initially released on February 2nd, the rest has been development time to get something user-friendly enough that everyone could use. You can verify this on the blockchain here

Thank you for your questions!! I will be assembling them as part of are FAQS this week, so your feedback is appreciated.


It is an issue for sure, although we wont be able to stop spam entirely we will be able to slow it down. We will be rolling out an update integrating with https://app.friendlycaptcha.com/account this week. I never liked bright ID because it to much of a hassle for a user to get verifyed and it can still be gamed. But you wont be able to game the LP farming as you will need to supply tokens / liqudity to apply for that pool.


But right now i cant open the the page for claim, when open ?? You claim one Time ?

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Mate… brilliant. Respect for pulling this off as a two person team. Also thanks for clarifying all my questions. I guess the big ticket issue now seems to be sybil resistance for the ‘Claim’ pool. So CAPTCHA will stop the bots but is super annoying though… i really wish there is another easier way to prove identities.


This captcha is a little different! Its not as annoying

Thanks, i really happy get in on to this project

Is it just me, or is the claim page not loading?:eyes:

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Same for me. Not loading.

Same here. I cannot claim the token.

pages was something wong.not Loading

Great, thanks for the community! I want to contribute to the community

I agree with you, and I’ve said it before, BrightID is good for the community

welcome Lecio, have a nice time at 1hive! :grinning:

@Korkie @warmannet123 @dadababa @Lecio @Jani @Mattijs Hey everyone!! There was a small math bug that was fixed today preventing the registration from rendering to the screen, it has now been fixed!