1HIVE as DeFi Nexus | Web Branch for DAOs

  • Gardens UI need to plug directly into Farms Swaps and Agave.

An example would be a Garden | DAO for an Artists Guild that raises money in DAI, and wants to Lend that DAI through Agave, or Farm in an LP Pair in Honeycomb.

The 1hive.io UI looks wonderful, and it would be great to access this on behalf of a voted decision for a guild / garden treasury in a seamless way.

I’m of the opinion that this ease of access ought to be extended to the rest of the DAO ecosystem – Essentially turning 1HIVE into the Financial Epicenter of DAOs – as a supportive toolset.


A recent issue was posed by Dev CoderDan over on the Gotchi Discord, while being approached for a partnership in preparation for the Pcomb launch.

Gotchis were approached about partnering for the Launch of Pcomb, and there was some hesitation because 1hive’s TVL is low.

There was a desire for more innovative or interesting // deeper engagements. Such as being able to use their gotchis to Farm 1hive.io but through their own Gotchi UI.

[I personally would like to farm in this way.]

I have also been working with a small game Dev Guild with the Gotchis called the Aarcade DAO, and they are needing a place to deposit and manage their GHST LPs as a DAO – and then grow those using DeFi Tools. – as of right now, a ready made option does not exist for this anywhere else.

[They will need to make a custom DAOHaus “Forged Minion” contract designed to externally contract call to manage their treasury funds via farm.]


Behold the Expanded DAO-Verse of TVL Flow:

A small ocean of DAO Aligned Liquidity.


Another potential opportunity here is the introduction of a new type of Dual Yield LP Farming, which is exclusive to DAOs, and available through 1hive.

dComb can be shared amongst [xDAI | Polygon | Arbitrum | Mainnet] – which would be an interesting scarcity experiment, compared to xcomb and pcomb.

Sustainable Liquidity and Volume are both driven by small DAOs, growing, creating income streams, and developing talent.

The dComb Token is a method to exclusively reward participation within the grassroots vision for economic collaboration.

Meaning – If you are the Aarcade DAO in the Aavegotchi Guild, and you have an income of GHST that you want to grow using Yield Farming on 1hive.io via your DAOHaus Forged Minion:

You get to farm both pComb and dComb, through a Composable UX in your DAOHaus DAO.

[You want some of those tasty Dual Farm Rewards? – Go build a Treasury and a Community.]

This is basically a trickle / incentive program for DAOs to manage and grow their wealth via 1hive, as well as an incentive for people to start down the road toward accessing that dual rewards system via [Gardens | DAOHaus | Colony].

[This idea was initially explored in this post, and the suggestion was that we ought to pick a single target to initiate these – I would say DAOHaus UX Composability with 1hive.io via “Forged Minions” is the most potent solution.]



Here are Three Objections as well as a brief response for each, but I will say as a summary – I think the answer for expansion is meaningful partnerships and humble compromises.

I am very impressed with 1hive, but it is a bit Ouroboric, and it has a difficult time placing itself in a unique niche in seeking external partnerships.

I don’t think it needs to be like that.

I think 1hive can be a financial nexus cornerstone for DAOs, and take the lead by supporting DAO Coordination, and interDAO collaborative projects.


1) Shouldn’t it be DAOHaus’s job to build out DAOHaus?

Every Dev Team is busy, including DAOHaus, and if 1hive creates a bridge swarm to go help out there, not only would it go a long way to increasing $HAUS to $HNY relations, it would also open up countless other future opportunities, as well as a handful of significant current opportunities for collaboration with some of the most interesting and successful DAOs in the space –

IMO - the Meta Fam DAOs, Raid Guild & Aavegotchi.

2) If we incentivize all DAOs, or build out support for DAOHaus | Colony, aren’t we gimping Gardens?

I’m sure that it will be more aesthetically pleasing to use Gardens with 1hive, since it is likely to be a built in integrated system, with more time and attention. I’m also sure that 1hive will attract a different use case // crowd even though both tools may build DAOs.

[housing cooperatives come to mind, due to the reliance on dispute resolution and governance].

IMO - I think this just makes 1hive confident, generous and inclusive.

3) If we Partner with Gotchis, aren’t we gimping Agave?

Agave is going to have a tough time being anywhere around Aave. Those are just the rules about first movers on L2.

But Agave can still serve xDai DAOs as a borrowing and lending platform through this way.
And perhaps Agave could even be used in spirit force for an xdai port of Aavegotchi that still uses the $GHST Token, as well as the Baazar on Polygon.

That would be a net positive for Agave and GHST, and it would be fun, and I’ve already heard that the Agave Devs are into an Agavegotchi fork – this is just a bit more tasteful and powerful, since they would be “cousins” of the Gotchi Community, with a shared economic underpinning [$GHST] - rather than a whole new project.


Please comment with thoughts about how these ideas can best be implemented via proposal and swarms formed to execute the bridging.

Thoughts also desired on the Dual Yield Farm [dComb] proposal.

Thank you for reading.


Lots to unpack here! Love the energy, and in general, the energy you bring to this forum

I think the first step is to break this down into a set of signalling proposals - where each proposal addresses one specific thing


This requires more information.

  1. is the Gardens UI already going to enable 1hive.io interaction with the garden treasuries in an easy / accessible way?

  2. can a bridge swarm be formed to expand the “liquidity management boost” on daohaus - or work with that team to create a forged minion set for interacting with agave and honeycomb?

  3. are there clarifications on the process for securing the 1% available of xcomb / pcomb to create these bridges between daohaus and 1hive.io on xdai and polygon?

  4. once this infrastructure is in place can there be a discussion about dcomb - or incentivized use of these structures specifically for dao treasuries?

(Also may want to consider heavily including a team for colony in step 2 - since they are about to launch the CLNY token and it would be wise to incentivize both haus and clny economies with dcomb.)

Very interesting ideas and even better illustrations !

The potential of the DAO’s to collaborate and interlink with their dapps is here . What we need is better communication and maybe organizing some working groups or hackatons.

First of all i think we need to get some more feedback from Tulip swarm and ask them if they would be available to work on the new farming token Dcomb and how much time they would need to implement it…

We should also have clear plan , I have yet to learn many things about Daohaus and Gardens, so I might need some time to grasp all the possibilities, but it seems that you have great idea for a farming DAO token that might bring some more DeFi and additional options for partnered DAOs and maybe help in collaborating more together.

Can you explain the Forged minion option better ? I am yet to learn more about DaoHaus.

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Auryn replied with this tweet about colony and gnosis:

He seemed to think it was more that a UI needed to be developed because colony and gnosis can call external contracts.

So it seems like this might actually be some front end hackathon and design work — where from within your colony, you can use a UI which enables you to access the same toolsets on 1hive.io.

The objective being that you then get to manage your treasury funds as a dao using your colony and 1hive.io as a “web branch” with a native colony UI.


The DAOhaus issue is similar.

The Minion contracts are basically addresses that are exempt from rage quit, and can call external contracts.

So i can build a treasury with some collaborators on Daohaus and we can store the tokens in the minion contract — and then vote for what to do with them, and none of us can just rage quit with a portion.

A “forged minion” is a minion that is designed to call a certain set of contracts — i may be incorrect — but i believe this is also called a “boost” because like the colony structure above — these boosts have a UI which means that the Daohaus Dao UI can directly tell its minion contract to LP farm Stake or Harvest with 1hive.io — on either polygon or xdai.


The hackathon ought to be held as an active raid with metagame, i think, since there is already some expertise there and its kind of a neutral location. So 1hive could provide builders and so could metagame and raid guild and they could work with some of the people who are already working on these forged minions.

And then submit contract calling integrated front ends for review to DAOhaus and Colony.

The bounties could be derived from the 1% xcomb /pcomb distributions, and maybe matched with some HNY and some HAUS or GNO — and people could get together and attack a list of bridged connections.


Once all of the hard connections are in place and gardens is live — there could be a dcomb release that allows for incentivized incubation of DAOs using any part of this mesh network.

At that point i would also suggest a bounty partnership with hny and metacartel ventures and haus and clny and gno for project incubation achievement rewards on a quarterly basis.

I could write that out in a clear path — and share the idea for a hackathon bridge raid over in metagame — i think getting bounty sponsorship would not be difficult.

I don’t think it makes sense to integrate DAO platforms like this, but rather DAO platforms that support arbitrary execution (eg Gardens/Aragon’s agent, Gnosis Safe, Moloch Minion, DaoStack “Avatar”, Colony’s arbitrary contract interaction) should provide tooling so that the DAO can interact with arbitrary web3 applications. It may make sense in some cases for application/protocols to provide simplified interfaces within the DAO web-app as plugins (eg what colony is requesting), but its more broadly useful for these DAOs to be able to interact with the same frontend interfaces that other web3 users rely on.

Aragon Agent works with frame (frame.sh) as a smart account, allowing you to connect via injected web3 and use existing dApps on behalf of the DAO (including 1hive.io), Gnosis safe works similarly with Wallet Connect (which I think is probably more broadly supported than frame so would recommend that for other DAO platforms like colony/moloch)…

Maybe could you use less technical language?

Auryn suggested the User interface extension.
And over on daohaus, if you have checked it out, they integrate with “boosts” which are little extensions you can plug into your dao.

My point here is that there are a lot of cool projects with treasuries that exist in colony and daohaus and gnosis safe — and right now these are the non technical locations for storing shared treasuries.

So if 1hive wants more liquidity and volume — it would be useful to be a toolset for these people.


It seems like you are also saying “they should do it”.

Or maybe “they should do something that could connect to any swap or farm”

Im really not sure though cause mostly what i got was “not a good idea” — and then a solution that was over my head.

But im not sure what the conclusion was or if your solution still addresses the key points why i wrote the forum post.

This was bound to happen because you are probably speaking “front end dev” and answering me directly but i don’t understand.

Maybe you are saying “they can just come use 1hive.io” — but not if the point is to use treasury funds that are really mostly accessible through their user interface.

Sorry i didnt get it.

I just want to be able to LP farm on 1hive with a dao treasury on colony or daohaus.

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What I’m getting at is less of a “they should do it” versus “we should do it” but rather that pattern of “interacting with external contracts/applications” on behalf of a DAO is a problem that can be solved in a general way (and in some cases has already been solved in a general way for example Aragon + Frame or Gnosis Safe + WalletConnect), and that it would likely be higher leverage (imo) to push for standardized integration patterns so its easier to support/grow/maintain compatibility. If the goal is to provide a way for a DAOHaus org (moloch) or Colony org the full functionality that exists within 1hive.io, that seems like the most practical approach.

On the other hand, if the goal is to use a plugin architecture for colony and/or daohaus to provide defi management functionality to those platforms with a native UX, I think it would make sense to think about it in terms of specific functions, eg swap/lend/borrow and what might be specific challenges associated with doing those actions as a DAO (eg there may be a long delay on actions due to voting and the market rates for lending or swapping can fluctuate significantly between when a proposal is made and when it has been approved for execution). I think this sort of thing would be cool, but probably needs to be looked at in terms of what those platform’s users actually want/need in order to drive the requirements, because I’m a bit wary of integration for integration sake especially if it would come with ongoing maintenance and support burdens.

I’m very supportive of the idea of nurturing relationships and partnerships between these communities, I’m less convinced about the specific integrations being proposed (eg support DAO interactions in 1hive.io)… I really like the idea of a Hackathon focused on cross-pollination between projects/communities and have prizes be in some sort of LP or basket token.


Okay scenario:

Ive got a marketing dao on daohaus.

I earn in HNY and AGVE and XDai and HAUS.

Me and my 2 partners we want to earn some yield on these while we keep working.

So we need HNY-AGVE LPs and HAUS - Xdai LPs.

Now we vote to stake these.
We want to harvest the Xcomb.
We want to market sell the xcomb for xdai.
We want to lend out the xdai on agave.

Now our treasury is earning yield and fees and lending APY.

Then we get some eth.

We dont want to sell the eth but we need to pay for some widgets.

We vote to collateralize that eth and then buy some widgets by transferring that dai out to a merchant.


If we dont have a trusted treasury person — who makes all of these transactions?

We like having a little dao.
We are earning money.
We dont know how to write custom contracts.
But we recognize that a little bit of fees and yield and apy is better than just holding dai.


How do we build a business that uses these tools from a dao vote on daohaus or colony?

Thats the problem im trying to solve.

If i can solve this problem — so can all kinds of other small businesses, and cooperatives and such.

I would like to be able to do these actions from gardens or colony or daohaus.

Thats the objective here for me.

How does your solution solve that problem?

You could try out the Gnosis Safe + Wallet Connect integration to get a sense of the UX that I’m proposing. Essentially, Wallet Connect is a layer between your wallet that you use to sign transactions and the dApp you are connecting to, rather than the dApp adding specific support for each and every wallet, it can support the Wallet Connect library and any compatible wallet will work with the dApp. Wallet Connect can be used with normal wallets with a public/private key pair, but it can also be used with smart contract based wallets like gnosis safe, in the case of the safe it is preparing the transaction to be “signed” for the Safe, and then once that is done the safe handles aggregating signers and executing the transaction. The same process in principle would work for a Colony or Moloch Minion, where Wallet Connect would prepare a transaction, and the integration would forward that transaction the DAOs voting process for finalization.

In your example, you would be able to use 1hive.io (and any other defi application that adds support for Wallet Connect) to manage the assets in the DAO.

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Cool @lkngtn — thank you for the information.


Looks like everybody ought to just start using Gnosis to solve these problems and that gardens and daohaus ought to plug into wallet connect.

Its a bit more complex, than just point and click, but from a developers perspective i could see why it is more compelling.

You basically just eliminated my premise.

Logically, everyone should just be using gnosis safes and seeking yield with the best financial offers for the tokens they possess.


Any thoughts on dual yield farming rewards exclusively available to daos or dao incubation challenges or grants in those basket partnerships // which would incentivize me to farm using 1hive vs quick or sushi?

If the ease of direct access by integrated UI is too much work for too little reward — what is the value proposition to be involved with 1hive?


The gotchi dao example.

Technically they ought to just use a gnosis safe with wallet connect and Quickswap and as a guild to manage their LPs. — and they don’t need 1hive.

You kind of just eliminated my best partnership investment thesis to prospective collaborators.

Any Idea why 1hive was not invited to this party?

I would guess a lack of prioritization on inter dao collaboration.

I see a lot of vitality – it would be cool to see 1hive integrate meaningfully with those areas and aavegotchi, and colony – etc.

IDk exactly what that looks like.

This isn’t really what I’m suggesting, I think gnosis safe is great, but I also think colony, daohaus, and gardens are great too. I think there is plenty of room for experimentation and iteration in terms of on-chain governance mechanisms and a multisig is definitely not a one size fits all solution… But I am suggesting that it would make a lot of sense for colony/daohaus/gardens/daostack to standardize support for wallet connect or a similar integration for their version of the “arbitrary contract execution” feature as it allows for broad compatibility and support.

I personally don’t see much value in “dual yield” rewards in the sense of earning yield in two different tokens rather than one, but do see value in “reward matching” programs where we might reward pairs conditionally on a project also providing rewards on the pair in some way.

1Hive is a cool community building lots of interesting stuff, there are lots of opportunities to get involved which may be attractive for different reasons, we have a unique model that prioritizes representation of stakeholders via conviction voting, we have a fun community that is supportive of one another and helps encourage and mentor people, and we have lots of innovative and interesting projects that are being worked on by different groups within the community that people can contribute to.

I’m not sure exactly how the $Chili distribution was figured out or what criteria was involved in coming up with it. Figuring out what to include in token distributions is tricky though, and 1Hive hasn’t historically been all that involved in Metacartel and I think there is relatively little overlap between highly active contributors in 1Hive and highly active contributors that are members of metacartel at this point.

I’m personally a big fan of all those communities, and a member of some of those orgs, and I would love to see more 1Hive members represented in those organizations, and similarly would love to see more members of those organizations represented in 1Hive, but imo that’s not something you can force, its something you just have to be patient and nurture.

Other than proposals we don’t really have any formal prioritization, what gets done or doesn’t get done depends on the emergent behavior of individuals choosing to push or pull together in one direction or another.

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I’d like to share this audiobook with you: [and anyone else who is interested.]

This is Marketing - Seth Godin

When you and I speak - I feel like some core piece of what I’m trying to communicate is not getting accross.

Here is a direct example of this communication mismatch:

I personally don’t see much value in “dual yield” rewards in the sense of earning yield in two different tokens rather than one, but do see value in “reward matching” programs where we might reward pairs conditionally on a project also providing rewards on the pair in some way.

My thesis here is:

Small business DAOs and Collective DAOs that bring in Talent, Projects, and Money are good for the greater ecosystem, and fit within the culture of grassroots community first building.

Those people need a place to manage their money, and 1hive has a great toolset.


As a criticism, let’s examine where [Juiciest Liquidity] could have gone in the most recent outreach campaign:

Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 5.19.27 PM

  • Who did 1hive choose to give that juicy peak to? [based on incentive design.]

  • What if we had allowed exclusive access incubate different projects, with a more sustained release drip – targeting:

    • the Aarcade Gotchi DAO
    • Raid Guild
    • MetaCartel Ventures
    • A Clothing brand designer DAO startup in Metafactory?
    • To the UberHAUS DAO - which focuses on incubating DAO Projects.
    • To MetaGame, who is building personnel onramps which could be future swarms of 1hive.
    • To Housing Cooperatives, as an incentive to get past the hurdle of onboarding, to manage their houses finances with 1hive?
  • How do these groups align with 1hive’s values, and their TVL | Transaction Volume Goals, or future garden populations?

  • Would they would feel like 1hive cared about them, or thought they were special, to be included in such an opportunity?

  • How might they respond next time 1hive wanted to partner up for a Basket LP Grant targeting onboarding some group or incubating some project?


This is the question Coder Dan from Gotchis gave when 1hive asked about partnering for pcomb launch:

This is the response I’d like to have seen been given:

1Hive offers exclusive value in the form of community, education, grants, easy to access tools, bootstrapping LP Rewards, and we design UI / UX to be user friendly and easy to adopt.

Let’s figure out a way for you to use our tools to solve a problem for your community [for example, the aarcade DAO which is building out sub-economies and projects which add significant value to your gotchi-verse] will be able to better grow their own projects if they use 1hive.io.

How can we figure out a way for their DAOHaus DAO to plug into 1hive?
How can we incentivize them to keep their GHST LPs, instead of elsewhere?
How can we give them tools or education to better fulfill their own goals [which benefit the gotchi-verse – and also open up a pattern for other gotchi daos to form in their footsteps]?

This is a general response from you to me asking a similar question: [granted your response to coderdan would likely have been more nuanced.]

1Hive is a cool community building lots of interesting stuff, there are lots of opportunities to get involved which may be attractive for different reasons, we have a unique model that prioritizes representation of stakeholders via conviction voting, we have a fun community that is supportive of one another and helps encourage and mentor people, and we have lots of innovative and interesting projects that are being worked on by different groups within the community that people can contribute to.

This is @solarmkd 's response:

Both answers are true, and cover some of the same components – but specifically – what is it about 1hive, that offers unique value to Gotchi | HAUS | Colony | MetaFam | etc.


“What can you do for me, and my community that I can’t give to them myself, or find better value / security / profit, or less hassle elsewhere?”

The only purpose for the dual yield rewards and the partnership UI integrations was to achieve this end.


I’m trying to find some kind of way that 1hive can take what it has, and be this resource for these other communities. And that’s where this post is coming from.

I know there are cool things happening with 1hive.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on how you see 1hive serving these other communities in a way that welcomes TVL and Transaction Volume Growth, or adoption of Gardens, or Attendance to Morphosis Courses.


If you’d like to listen to that audiobook, and get back to me later if you feel like it – that’s fine with me.

I’m just seeing some issue and trying to take DAO steps to propose solutions to this problem, in a way that I think may benefit, not just my bags – but also the broader picture.


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Extremely well put, I love how amazingly you explained it, lol.
This has been on my mind for a while: 1hive is the DAO of DAOs that needs to help others develop ass well.
As for the DAI loans via AGAVE, never crossed my mind, didn’t even know stuff like this is possilble.
Truly empowering for artists that want to buidl.

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Yea its work that is being done all of the time by artists who are learning to work more in terms of projects with budgets, vs just hand to mouth freelance work.

These small indie creators have grassroots audiences that they are building on lots of different platforms, and are experimenting with a lot of income generation models.

They need to up their DeFi education to further empower their projects / lives.

Could be something as simple as earning APY to get some needed equipment, or as complex as annual grant funds derived by defi managed treasuries which compound yield in a handful of token LP pairs, and correlates with larger project framework.

All they need are some tools to experiment with to make their lives and the lives of their audience members more interesting.

Kickstarter+ defi
Commission streams + defi + nft linkdrops
Patreon + dao

Its the same for other businesses and cooperatives as well, i would imagine.

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