1hive blog and newsletter

Is there any interest in a 1hive newsletter? The hive :honeybee: and its projects are developing rapidly and that can make things hectic for insiders and newcomers both.

If you guys like, I could gather information and write up a weekly/bi-weekly newsletter. I used to put together a bi-weekly for Cyber Republic (Elastos’ DAO), and I think the 1hive community could benefit from having one as well.

EDIT: While I am building a draft already, I believe it is best if we brainstorm as a community to come to a final proposal.

I’d like to put together some questions to gather information from the bees on their thoughts on the 1hive blog and a (bi-)weekly newsletter, how it all could grow and improve, and what role they may want to play in that :honeybee:

Is it possible to announce a questionnaire on all channels to increase the n of participants?


You can read some articles I wrote here:

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Good idea! I think there is already a mailinglist (or at least a sign-up form) in place somewhere, I remember signing up myself.

I’ll be happy to assist as a proofreader and editor.


Glad you’re into it, Harry!

Are there any other writers/crypto tubers around here? If we have enough content providers we could do more than just a periodic update and add in videos, articles, translations, interviews, and more.

Elastos’ DAO has massive issues with its handling of proposals, so I can tell from experience 1hive is taking the right approach so far :+1:

I’ll make a proper proposal if there’s enough interest.

This would be super helpful! Especially to new users / returning users. I support it :slight_smile: cant wait to see what you come up with.

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Yes! But i would rather have a blog than a newsletter. And then send a weekly email or something with the blog post.
That way anyone can read the blog and past events.


Agree with this, blog better than newsletter. Am I right in understanding medium posts cant be edited? So even though it’s pretty unilateral in the crypto space, it may not be the best, err, medium for this :wink:

Yeah, a bzzlog (lol) is def the way to go.

Harry is the first to offer his assistance, and we’ve got plenty of talent around here! Let us know what you’re good at and what role(s) you would like to fulfill :honeybee:

If you guys know a bee that might like to get involved with this, please share this information.

As far as I know you can edit on Medium. It’s always good to post there though, as long as the buzz is at the 1hive blog.

I kinda like that… mixture of bzzlog and buzz… you could call it The Buzz Log, what’s the buzz this week in the hive

We got something similar

It’s not as active as it should though, we should be using it more frequently!

I’m not sure if you are familiar with substack but that also does the blog functionality very well.

I agree the blog seems to be a better idea as anyone can review anytime but the push form a newsletter every time a new post is added to the blog as a reminder there is new stuff added would increase the spread.

Alright guys, thank you for your input. I’ll have something more concrete in a few days.

For now, I believe there’s plenty of material we can put on the blog, like Harry’s recent Honeycomb tut and some of the video material here.

I also love the idea of a 1hive newsletter. I could translate it to spanish if you want!


Like the idea!

Would for sure take part in making the news letters

Awesome, guys

What tasks would you like to perform? @xDaiFandom

Who’s in charge of the blog?

Write the news letter

it’ a very good idea, because when we come on discord there is so many channel that we are a little bit confuse and doesn’t really understand utility for each of them, maybe a newsletter who do a presentation and goal of each of the channel will very help the new member to participate to the community

That would be awesome, especially given how 1Hive might seem complex for some people.

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