👨‍🌾 1Hive Community Beta Testers Needed

Farms V3 :woman_farmer:

Hello 1Hive community! Tulip swarm has been PUMPING alot of work out to get the new V3 up and running which includes farms. Tulip needs some community beta testing help to ensure when we deploy them next week everything is running smoothly.

How to help?

Step 1 - Obtain Rinkeby Tokens

For $HNY & $AGVE Post your address below and i will airdrop some test tokens( i only have a few) - Now gone :partying_face:

Or you can get ETH DAI by clicking the links.

Step 2 - Connect To Honeycomb on Rinkeby

Go to this link here Honeycomb and visit the farming tab and stake your tokens.

Current contracts accept single tokens for the demo so if you want to test out staking go to Uniswap on Rinkeby and swap your ETH for Weth

Step3- Report Back

Report back on this forum if you run into issues or encounters any errors

Thank you everyone :honeybee:


Nice one! I’ll try and report back in a bit!

I’d love to give it a try. my wallet is 0xB5d732D7D494D915BC4EdCd8B64Db756d2C91CFC
i just tried to connect the wallet with either polygon or xdai but got a network issue

I hope to be of use

@Stonky @Elartistazo sent you both. Dont have much Agave but according to @anisoptera we can borrow some from the Rinkeby agave


If you still need help I am down:

:man_farmer: Should be arriving shortly :man_farmer:

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My first impression is a smooth and flawless platform. Every link works. (I’d personally open the TG, Github and Discord on another page, just like it opens on another page the Honeyswap dex).
I successfully farmed hny-xdai, i can’t withdraw because i put a certain length to my farming period. I also ttried to harvest. Tx went through I guess, although I did not receive a confirmation (but th balance went back to zero eventually). First experience on rinkeby for me, so maybe some things would be slightly different on the xdai chain.

It’s incredibly user-friendly


@D0SH 0x6C965b656C450259a6D4d95A2E68Fb4319EecBc0 I’m here for the tests ???

who sends the tokens for the test?

i do, sent you agave and hny, you can grab eth and dai from the links above

looks very nice! seems to be working every link! a telegram user called Okd asked about dark mode.

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I did the tests placing in the farm and it goes super fast! and everything works fine, what else is there to do?

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Dark mode is being worked on based on the last message i read in Tulip but im not sure if it will be there at launch or it will be a future build


that is all, just make sure it works :slight_smile: the more users testing it the better :slight_smile:

@D0SH Ready, brother Greetings from Colombia, Great job on your part! I congratulate you ! Good vibes.

The site looks great and I was able to stake both HNY/xDAI & AGAVE/xDAI with no issues at all. The rewards started coming in right away for both. I was able to harvest my rewards for both pairs. I tried to stake my rewards but it showed a zero and I figured out (thanks to @D0SH) that the rewards were xcomb so yea that was an expected behavior.

Two UI items I think would be nice:

  1. When you mouse over stake, harvest, withdraw it should change to a lighter or darker color
  2. The harvest button should change from grey to another color when there are rewards available

Overall it was very easy to use and looked great. Very impressed with what you all have done and I cannot wait until go-live! :honey_pot: :honeybee:


Very simple and user friendly, i have some issues though; can’t deposit the max. amount. In the WETH-XDAI pair, when i try to deposit the full amount ( setting the bar all the way to the end), nothing happens, metamask doesn’t pop up. But even if i reduce it by 0.01 then it works just fine and yeah, the dark mode, i have %40 vision loss now because of the brightness.

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Hey! I’d love to try it. I’ve had some ideas for the Tulip Swarm but sorta new around here and wasn’t sure where progress was even at so I’d love to check it out and see.

Add: 0x30F662D7b32Be999da54D82027c171261bc50e9d

If you got Eth from the Rinkeby faucet go to Uniswap Rinkby and swap for weth, this should enable u to add funds

just sent them over to you

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