1Hive Crypto Trivia Game Update - Season 1

@twells The crypto trivia game, it’s really great to be able to compete between friends and 1hive members :slight_smile: thanks for organizing and making this possible, you do a great job :).

congratulations and my respects to the winners @D0SH:1st_place_medal: @project_uwb :2nd_place_medal: @DogeKing :3rd_place_medal:. Someday I hope to be in the winners ranking!

we should include something else to the trivia Game: D as a challenge hangman, I was talking with @armog about that idea.


Thank you @twells for always keeping us informed, and entertained as always :heart:

Would be cool idea, although how its so fast paced may be hard to sync in a decentralized manner.


great job great effort @twells

Yeah we are cooking some idea why not


Great concept… thank you for keeping us all enlightened and entertainment


We could use this online application, and use a different dynamic for the trivia or even once the trivia is finished playing hangman is really funny!

Check @armog @twells :point_down:


omg. this is a brilliant idea…then auction off the hangedmen (?) to raise $ for austin griffith’s dev streaming pool…I met him in denver :star_struck: - ill ask if he wants to join us for a game! (nifty.ink is his project)


@twells sounds great, I had the opportunity to participate in events like this in metagame, hangman game! :speak_no_evil:


Thanks for getting this going folks! Like many others said, I haven’t had so much fun in ages. I want to help out by getting TEC and Gitcoin to participate/sponsor a round.


Reminder: Game 2 is this Fri at 7pm UTC :rocket:
Help us to spread the word and increase attendance this game!
RT + tag this for a chance to win a steam key :gift:

Key info:

  • Game 2/3 in Season 1
  • Topic: agave.finance
  • Double rewards HNY/AGVE for top 10 finishers!
  • POAPs for contestants that attempt 7 or more questions

This will be the last 1Hive-focused game for a few weeks; looks like FOX and BRIGHT are potential sponsors for November! :honeybee:


This is actually quite a brilliant concept because it will bring the 1Hive community together.


New Update :slight_smile:
We are cooking some nice update on the Trivia with other DAOs… had also a call with UMA. thanks to @ZER8

Alpha : More to follow in the following days !


excellent to see that other projects are sponsor for trivia games !! Bright id and Shapeshift (fox) are great, I have been immersed in that project and it really cool stuff! “I suppose if they are the sponsors, the trivia will be about their information”

cool cool this new link for the DAOS World trivia game , Thanks to @ZER8 nd @solarmkd for linking with UMA! :honeybee:


Recap Game 2
Topic: Agave!
Special congrats to our podium Harshman, Tyralo (not sure of either handle in discourse ><) + @mrtdlgc ! :partying_face:

Reminder: Game 3 is next Fri at 7pm UTC :rocket:
It will be our first sponsored game; Shapeshift will be putting up matching FOX rewards! :fox_face:
Total pot will be worth $500 HNY/FOX…actually wondering if we could reward as LP tokens @Monstrosity ? hrmmm…

Help us to spread the word and increase attendance this game!

Key info:

  • Game 3/5 in Season 1 (yes, we increased the total games … building the parachute on the way down okie :sweat_smile: )
  • Topic: shapeshift.io emphasis will be on their DAO activities…watch 1Hive TV next week for alpha :ok_hand:
  • HNY/FOX rewards for top 10 finishers, distributed via tip.cc (unless LP tokies?)
  • POAPs for all contestants that attempt 7 or more questions

Also …
BrightID is on the calendar as a sponsor for the 11/19 game! @CurlyBracketEffect got the ball rolling on their forum :pray: - check it out and vote on the params : )

Another big ups to @ZER8 for connecting us with the Super Umans and @AbsoluteUnit for adding some great ideas for a potential sponsorship/partnership going forward!

@Blazingthirdeye is also working on Gitcoin and @Monstrosity with both Elk and Symmetric finance…

Lots of trivia in our future… :rocket: :honeybee:


Great stuff! Really hoping we can get the game rolling with the SuperUMAns


Hey Fam! Has anybody else noticed that trivia fever is spreading like wildfire?

I think we need a little cow-bell brought into this mix. Sorry. Channeling Christopher Walken briefly.

Um. GITCOIN IS IN TO SPONSOR A ROUND. tell us where and when and I will pass the messages. I also want to help write the Qs :slight_smile:


I have noticed that too… so much anticipation from even those who are less active… keep spreading knowledge… trivia :handshake:

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Thanks for the information I will try to be in the next game, I will do my best to be among the first. :wink:


@twells If you will allow me, I could create a special poap for those special trivia events with the sponsors corresponding to each trivia game! “Shapeshift, Bright id, Gitcoin” It could be something like Poap rotating 360 ° and that on 1 part the logo of each of the sponsors appears and on the other 1Hive, I am here proposing an idea!

@twells @Blazingthirdeye @AbsoluteUnit @kingsdami @Cheo0202 @solarmkd @D0SH @Ezuwore @metaverde
please answer the following survey :point_down:

Would you like to get a special poap with the sponsors on the day of the Trivia Game?
  • Yes
  • No

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I’ve never participated in 1Hive trivia before, I’m looking forward to be a part of the upcoming Trivia.


@twells that is a super juicy update. I mean from the humble beginnings a few weeks ago… it looks like the trivia calendar is going to get really busy into the festive season! I can also see that there is a lot more interest here! Thanks to all that have done a great job and got us linked with the sponsors to continue such a social and fun event! Let me see if I can drag another sponser along.

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