1Hive , Discord: Bee Channels ( Reference)

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This post meant to help new members that are verified on Discord to get familiarize with Discord Bee Channels . Please Note in order to access Bee :honeybee: Channels you have to be verified in discord .

                          Discord: Bee Channels 

1- Check-In✅

Check-in is a channel in which contributors of 1Hive keep eachother up to date, by giving a quick overview on what has been worked on.

2- Nominations :mushroom:

Nominations is a channel where you can praise work done by others; Particularly those who you feel are not recognized properly.

3- Gardens :sunflower:

Gardens is a social, financial, and technical foundation for online communities to organize. This empowers people to coordinate around causes, social movements, or even memes. Gardens are designed to be operationally decentralized and autonomous from day one.

4- Dev :ear_of_rice:

Dedicated to general programming, mostly related to work for 1Hive projects and workflow.

5- Luna :last_quarter_moon_with_face:

This swarm is focused on modeling 1hive using cadCAD and supporting the community with computer aided governance.

6- Tulip :tulip:

Tulip is working on a trading and DeFi infrastructure, including Honeyswap, which is a fork of Uniswap v2. Honeyswap aims to incentivize liquidity provision using Honey (HNY).

7- Pollen :rosette:

Pollen is a contributor role used to recognize contribution through 1Hive’s Discord, Discourse and Github communities. These contributions are rewarded weekly, through the distribution of Honey.

8- Flora :hibiscus:

Flora is working on validator and node operations.

9- Terra :earth_africa:

Dedicated to translating 1hive projects, documentation and resources.

10- Design :rainbow:

The design swarm does various design related work for other swarms, including Tulip, Gardens, Celeste and more. An example being, the nice graphics find on the blog posts, frequently seen on 1Hive’s about page.

11- Buzz :honeybee:

Buzz is focused on communicating, documenting, and generally spreading awareness about 1Hive and Honey.

12- Morphosis :butterfly:

Morphosis’ purpose is to provide education and courses for 1Hive members, to learn technical (various) skills. Learning these skills will allow members of 1Hive to make high value contributions, and other organizations in the Blockchain/DAO space.

13- Celeste :sun_with_face:

Celeste is working on a decentralized dispute resolution protocol based on Aragon Court that incorporates Bright ID to make participation less capital intensive. It will be used, among other things, to enforce the 1Hive community covenant.

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