1hive Hourly Rates 💰

After a few discussions, and observing the growing number of contributors we have. As well as new Swarms self-organizing for different porpuses. I consider it is time we address the contributor’s hourly rates with a general approach. My hope is this will create a more fair sentiment across the whole organization.

I propose to have a role, development stage, and rate for each contributor. We can decide as a group using signaling proposals on the initial values.

The roles that come to mind are:

  1. Content Creator
  2. Designer
  3. Developer
  4. … (add your role here)

Depending on the development stage of the contributor. My proposal is having the following four levels of development:

  1. Egg (trainee)
  2. Larva (junior)
  3. Pupa (middle)
  4. Bee (senior)

A contributor will start at a specific stage decided by the project manager of the first Swarm joined. To level up and advance to the next level we can think on different metrics and I invite everyone to the discussion. The low-hanging fruit that comes to mind is the number of hours contributed.

To keep track of this data I create a POC airtable with a few mock data and tables. You can have a look here:

:question:A few questions I have:

  • Should we have different rates for every role?
  • How we decide on the number of hours need to level up a development stage?

While I do think that we should have a better system which is more easily trackable to reward contributors, hourly rate system may not work for especially marketing roles as hourly work is not a good indicator of the impact of the work. And hourly rate is not the industry standard in most of these professional jobs, either.
But I also think that we can have a good discussion about for remuneration as to what metrics should be tracked in order to establish a fair method.


like mrt said, there are things that can’t be measured by hourly rates. We definitely need a better system to reward contributors, but idk about the hourly rates


I don’t think a strict hourly rate is the best, just as @mrtdlgc and @Escanor said. You need to look at the roles and the functions they provide. I think the first step is to list all the roles and determine if is best to reward them based on time spent or not.


I agree with hourly rate’s for payments in most cases, at least for developers, since we trust each other here and want to maintain a lean payment process. This way we shouldn’t pay more or less than what some work is worth unless someone is underperforming. If someone is underperforming due to the transparency of the work we do here this would become evident pretty quickly.

However, I don’t think we need to establish roles and payment amounts that are used across 1Hive. Each swarm should be responsible for establishing the amounts paid for different areas of work within their swarm.


I wasn’t suggesting to establish any new roles, just look at the existing ones and decide which ones should get paid by a set time (hour, day, week, etc) or by the task.
And now that I’ve been around a little bit longer, I agree, the swarm should handle their own.

Bounty system (proof of work) works well, again not sure hourly rate is desirable and certainly not trust-less

@KZFlyer My comment wasn’t necessarily in response to yours btw. Mainly the OP.

@Paddington This community isn’t trustless, so hourly rate is fine. Bounties are good for new/inconsistent contributors though.