🌻 Gardens Swarm Funding Proposal

Proposal Information

Proposal description
This proposal is to fund the Gardens Swarm DAO: Aragon

Proposal Rationale
Gardens are a generalization of the infrastructure the 1Hive protocol uses. This will enable other communities to experiment with a similar setup, allowing them to raise funds and make decisions amongst themselves effectively.

Gardens are on our roadmap since the beginnings of 1hive. Now with disputable Conviction Voting and Celeste, we have everything ready to implement it.

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Expected duration or delivery date
2 to 3 months until initial launch.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Swarm DAO members with equal weight in control of funds:

@willjgriff @rperez89 @fabriv @gabi @fioreb @sacha @Tonga

Additional members working on various parts of the project paid from the Swarm DAO:

@ana @Px @famole

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:

Ana: Web3 developer, full-stack. Experienced with the Aragon stack. Github
Fabi: Dev. Strong background in Frontend and Mobile development, contributed to Celeste and TEC for a few months. Github
Fabri: Web3 developer, with solid Frontend skills. Lead on Celeste, honey-pot, and has an expert understanding of the Aragon stack. Github
Fiore: UI/UX designer, lead on the initial 1hive brand design. Github
Gabi: Web3 developer, with solid, decentralize infrastructure skills. Has been working with Aragon technology for +2 years. Github
Px: JS dev. Long experience in frontend/backend. Github
Rodrigo: Web3 developer, with solid Frontend skills. Lead on Celeste, honey-pot, and has an expert understanding of the Aragon stack. Github
Tonga: Junior developer, has been involved in the 1hive, TEC and Aragon community for a few months. Gathering context about the technologies. Github
Will: Solidity expert. Cleste smart contract. Expert understanding of the Aragon smart contracts. Github
Sacha: Interaction designer, technical writer, strategist. Recent work: ethereum launchpad (text + UX), Nimbus client (docs, design, strategy), Hermez (branding). Writing sample. Github

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested:

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:
Gardens Swarm DAO Agent:


More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
Part of the amount requested will be used to reimburse the work done so far.

We will be experimenting with the hourly rate system described here: 1hive Hourly Rates 💰

Payments will be made in HNY at the $ value at the time of the hours completed, once every 2 weeks.


This will be the first funding proposal to complete Gardens. We expect to request more funds as we progress with our deliverables and we get a better sense of our burning rate.


Here is the active vote for the proposal:


Well i’m so glad your propasl passed and excuted… I’m a little late to hit a yes on that but i try to stay alerted about garden swarm from now on… It’s great and neccesary for projects … Hope to see lots of gardens grow😍


Did I get it right?!.. Will 1hive become a platform to raise any project that has its own community? Even own token?.. That’s amazing :heart_eyes: then 1hive will be community of communities!
Hey @gabi that means we can bring our ideas as a garden swarm on 1hive?


I’m glad to hear this; I believe you said that 1hive will become a pyramid in which everyone can launch their idea and project under their control, but only within the 1hive community.

Hey you nail it. That’s the goal of the Gardens swarm

Having a “social network” of communities using a DAO design like the one we are using at 1hive :raised_hands:


I’m not super sure if a pyramid is a good analogy. I like a lot the garden analogy and that’s why we choose that name in part. Others communities will be able to grow their own Garden, this will be their own place to allocate funds and decide on their own rules with their own token. We are still brainstorming on the right incentives to also benefits the 1hive economy. A few of them are:

  1. Having a ranking of Gardens with a metric on the amount of liquidity their provide to honeswap on the pair HNY/TKN where TKN is the specific Garden token.
  2. Every Garden must agree on Our Standard section of the Covenant: Honey Pot

voting is still active?