1hive wiki to keep track of all new content

That’s awesome man i will let you know if i find something important is missing .
It will help a lot for education of the newBees !

great job ~~

add this too

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I’ll see if I am able to change the wiki type to ubuntu. Not sure if I can change that

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Looks awesome @Santigs! I love it.

Amazing idea! I’d love to contribute with spanish translations :wink:

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Great initiative @Santigs, i like it a lot! order definitely helps, and there is already lots of material floating around
let me know if i can help you with anything :+1:

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Nice work @Santigs. And I think the wiki also deserves a place for Turkish translations as well. I’ve already translated the old FAQ and Honeycomb guide into Turkish, and will be working on other important guides in the future.

And you can always feel free to ping me on discord or just share anything you may wish to be translated on #terra channel as I’m regularly checking it.

Edit: Oops, my bad. You added it later after I checked the site. Sorry :smiley:

Thank you, I added the infographic but needed the links to the other translations. I will add them too.

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Looks good @Santigs, well done.

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nice work! @Santigs , this way we have everything organized!

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@Santigs Amazing work! Thanks for adding my translation of your infographic here. :blush: Can you please also add this RUS translation of pollen graphic i did.

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Thanks for sharing!


This is so useful. Tks for sharing


Since there is not enough RUS sources for information i translated this very helpful article (Rus Guide) Troubleshooting problems on Metamask. Can you please add it to wiki? And I am willing work on other translations in the future, will inform when they are done :white_check_mark:

Done! Thank you for sharing.

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can you add some links to your wiki?

and potentially the supporting resources:

FAQ links (these maybe in the faq not sure)

All added, Discourse one was already there as Forum.
Thank you!

looks great thanks, keep it going. When i have some more time i will make some more suggestions. Hopefully this can bring some much needed structure.

See below for a table of contents proposal. I am trying to solve 2 problems: 1) the confusion between community members looking for guidance vs users looking for guidance. It seems difficult to sift through all the information. This TOC list is not all inclusive it may not make complete since with our current structure. We have Operations which consist of roles and channels and they have projects, need help, support system, among other things. Where as the users only want to know how to use different applications. I think we would want to group the documents in this manor.

The 2nd problem is when we have more than 1 document addressing a problem, such as a document stating how sourcecred works, it opens the door for discrepancies in documentation. This can result in two documents on the same topic stating two different things.

Take a look at the layout and see what improvements can be made to the proposed TOC? If it looks good we can continue updating the wiki or I can make a new thread to propose this format. I would like your thoughts.

Table of Contents:
Getting Started

  • Welcome
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Jump Starter for Beeginners
  • How Can You Help?

User Help

  • Honey Faucet
  • xDai Transfer
  • xDai Faucet
  • Honeyswap
  • Honeycomb
  • Bright ID
  • xDai Token Bridge
  • Metamask
  • Proposals
  • Pool Analytics
  • Blockscout
  • Pollen Explorer
  • SourceCred

Community Engagement

  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Channels
    • Garden
      • About
      • Policy & Standards
      • Projects/Products & Systems Supported
      • Help Needed
    • Tulip
      • About
      • Policy & Standards
      • Projects/Products & Systems Supported
      • Help Needed
    • .
    • .
    • .
    • Luna

Understanding the Tech & Concepts (Just References)

  • How does Faming work
  • Conviction Voting
  • DAO
  • etc.



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Hey Monstrosity,

I appreciate your suggestions but there is a proposal to create an “official” wiki in 1hive github. Luigi Lemon is taking care of that. This wiki is a personal account which I decided to open to the community but as it keeps growing it has more sense to focus on the new one.

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