1Hive Wiki Updates

After recent discussions about the Support Swarm, we decided to make some changes, one of them was taking over the regular maintenance of the wiki.

To kickstart it, the first thing we needed to do was make sure the wiki was completely up to date, which I took care of.

Now a week or two later I can confirm that it is ready!

So, what’s new?

  • Projects and swarms in the hive are always evolving, and now the wiki reflects the latest changes.
  • More standardization, I tried that the pages of similar categories had the same structure and sections.
    • (Almost) all pages in the projects section have overviews
    • All swarms have a description, useful links section and member table * if applicable for the swarm
  • Dedicated pages for all projects, Honeycomb now has its own page, in addition to including Agave and Quests.
  • The new working groups are now also included in the swarms section, such as Quests and Support.
  • New guides for Polygon and xPollinate.

did my best, but I’m aware that I’m not the most grammatically gifted when it comes to English and there are a couple of really specific topics that are outside of my area of knowledge, so I’d like to invite everyone to give it a check and just let me know if there’s anything that could be improved :smiley:

You can see the list of changes here

Special thanks to @metaverde @Monstrosity @ceresbzns @Stonky @mrtdlgc @hernandoagf and everyone else I bothered with questions related to this :heart:


Thank-you for doing the heavy lifting on getting the signers figured out.
You really helped a lot.

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Amazing work @eenti. A great documentation is one of the most important assets we have :muscle:

One suggestion I have, for future updates, is apply some of the guidelines in BlockScience’ Computer Aided Governance Map And Process:

We are already aligned on several of the process thought there is always room for improvement :raised_hands:


Thank you gabi, I’ll take a look into that and try to get it going for the next update!

Really appreciate the work you’re putting into the wiki. As someone who’s had to answer a lot of people’s questions in the past I can say that the wiki no doubt will be of great use. Having it updated like this is a necessity. Great work!