Support Swarm Changes

Our goals:

  • To help with onboarding & troubleshooting.
  • Highly active team (high accountability no work = no pay)
  • Develop community people trained (group of 4 to consult with each other)
  • Facilitator role; he will supervise, review the analytics, and pay the correct amount of HNY to the supporters.
  • Keeping the Wiki updated.

Some changes:

  • We have reduced the number of Support members from 5 to 4.
  • We have reduced the facilitator payment from 2000$ to 1400$ a month. ¿Why? Having to check 4 members instead of the whole community makes the task easier for the facilitator.
  • Now, instead of reducing the payment in slow weeks, we will pay a fixed amount of 800$ a month per support member.
  • New Task: Keeping the Wiki updated. Since members of this team are everywhere, and sometimes we will have slow weeks, @eenti had the idea to give one more responsibility to our members to keep them busy.
  • New Task: Now, The facilitator has to do some Feedback sessions with the members one time a month.

We now have two new roles in our Swarm:

  • Senior Supporter: They are the permanent support team on 1hive.

    • Have vast knowledge about 1Hive
    • Be available in the help channels and in Telegram
      A member can be removed if:
    • If absent for more than five days (Without telling us)
    • If someone violates our community covenant
    • Voluntarily
  • Junior Supporter: This spot is going to keep the rotation like before (1 member per month)

The idea overall is to have a solid support team. We will continue to pay some rewards for people who are actively helping and that are no part of the swarm.

Senior Supporter:

Junior Supporter:


With the current funding, and the current price of honey, this funding will help us last for two months.

Our latest proposal is here: Honey Pot (

Thanks to every member of the Swarm for the feedback @solarmkd @eenti @befitsandpiper @fabio @hernandoagf @stonky


Thanks for putting this together, I think these changes are a great improvement to the members to the swarm and to the 1Hive community overall. I’m glad to see us taking more responsabilities and organizing better :slight_smile:

Also, most of the concerns addressed by some at the Thoughts on proposals and some other stuff post are solved here, so hopefully we have more support from the community to keep doing the great job we’ve been doing.


I like it, and nice that the Wiki is “on us” to be updated, makes total sense.

Long life to the Support Swarm :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks a lot for considering me worthy and choosing me as the Junior support.
It’s my pleasure to help the 1Hive contributors, because helping others makes me feel so good and I love it. :blush:
I wish the best for everyone and I will do my best to be the best in it. :star_struck:

Happy to see that now supporters are rewarded consistently!

However, given that now payments are fixed there’s no longer a need to make a really complex analysis to determine how much to pay to each supporter, figure out numbers, etc. I don’t see a reason why the facilitator should get paid %75 more than supporters (given the requirements to be a supporter & serious time commitment on discord/telegram).

There’s only one scenario where I would understand such a situation and that is if this facilitator role rotated each month to a different Senior Supporter. I don’t think the skillset from the facilitator differs too much from senior supporter’s. I might be wrong though, so feel free to share what you think.


Yeah, definitely these changes makes the task for the facilitator more easy that’s why we decided to lower the payment.

Some of the tasks:
-Check daily supporter activities.
-Check people helping that’s not part of the swarm, so the facilitator still have to check the metrics so no one goes unnoticed (and making sure they get something for it).
-The Facilitator still has to check the metrics to make sure members are doing their job (No work = no pay)
-Giving feedback to Supporters
-The facilitator has to make sure the wiki is updated.
-From now on, the facilitator will also give support. (I forgot to mention this above)

(This is a management role)

As for me I have been doing 1hive full time, and I really like the facilitator position and I’m trying to perfect it.

A great list of users that have spent countless hours in the Discord, helping myself and other users generously and patiently with their time.

How often is this done, and how are people rewarded who do support, or who are in the swarm but aren’t in the rotation? It seems like emoji’s and nominations are not given to people who field queries in the help channel, should the facilitator be doing this if it is a paid part of their role?


All the info is in the first post :sweat_smile:, Supporters get rewarded and the Senior Supporters are the guys that aren’t in the rotation. They usually get nominations from other members so sometimes I don’t want to double nominate and I usually give emojis here and there but I don’t see it as a mandatory task, also other support members on duty take care of giving some emojis to their partners

Yes but I am specifically asking about the facilitator roles that aren’t in the first post, and you posted them further down. This reply doesn’t appear to answer those questions

  1. How often does the facilitator “Check people helping that’s not part of the swarm”

  2. How are people who are not in the swarm get recorded, as they don’t appear to be nominated in nominations channel, nor are emoji’s added when they answer questions/provide support in the help channel

  1. The facilitator checks the channels every day and takes notes of who is helping.

  2. That depends; if someone is helping one time every five days usually gets unnoticed. There are so many messages on this channel. (For example, Fabio recently got nominated and he is doing an amazing job). I don’t think we should nominate someone that only helped one time and left. We have 16 people with the support role, and it keeps increasing every month (something that they earned with effort). With the previous system, there was a threshold the guys that are not part of support had to meet to get the extra rewards (we have some funding to pay people helping that are not part of the team). The threshold was around ten solved issues (and we made the payments by week). So, in the end, it’s not strictly necessary to nominate someone since if you are helping, people will notice and nominate you. (Forcing nominations is not the way)


Cool, thanks for taking the time to explain this - re-reading my post I hope it did not come across as critical, and I don’t mean to suggest the facilitator is not needed or not doing a good job - I have no issues with how the support swarm works and think you do a great job. I just like to know more information about how it works :slight_smile:


Don’t worry! I guess people have doubts but I’m here to clear them out. I know nothing is personal, in 1Hive we all are family