1Hive x MF Merch Drop - Need assistance for multisig creation

Hello everyone; as some of u know, i’ve been working on some stuff w metafactory the past few months. One of the projects i’ve been involved in is a merch drop for 1hive, the “Together We Thrive” Hoodie - based on this forum post I really like.

As for production details, metafactory will take care of all production costs - in the end, the normal distribution model for most drops’ funds gathered from sales is paid in the $ROBOT token, divided as follows:

70% goes to whatever brand the drop is related to (in this case 1hive)

20% goes to the designer (that would be me :^3)
10% goes to the technician (the ppl from metafactory taking care of production, fulfillment needs, etc.)

I come to the 1Hive community for both guidance as well as funding in order the make a 1Hive x MF Multisig happen, so that we have a trusted wallet address on mainnet with which we can collect whatever funds we gather from the sale and later on decide as a DAO what it is that we want to use those funds for.

First steps first, what we really need right now is the multisig to be created, any treasury strategies, etc. should come only after the sale has ended and we have a good idea of the amount of funds we gathered and what those can be used for (normally brands reward the people who engaged in the sale of the merch in some way)

For this first step to happen we need to make some decisions.

To Do:

- Define number / identities of signers

@lkngtn (he’s been on the loop for the drop ever since the very beginning - 0xc89000E12C600b12D6e61a535cD3fedd4ac1eeC4)

@pab (0xFBC56Be13C23c18B6864D062e413da3c7e0f74Fb)
@metaverde 0x5436CF6c48EBDBC2166DebB328Dd3d71BFE5cFfF)
@paul (0x809C9f8dd8CA93A41c3adca4972Fa234C28F7714)
@twells (0xe5F470E376554fB613A43FDe223e40a3bb338765)

^^ 5 Base 1hive candidates proposed by @Pab

**Should we include people from Metafactory as signers for future collaboration??

If anyone wants to apply to become a signer, pls do so through this google form >> https://forms.gle/aXbYXt5BAjFai1nA8

Applicants with higher cred / forum trust score will be prioritized. We probably want to include members of different swarms.

  • Define number of signatures needed for an action to take place

3 out of 5?
4 out of 6?
5 out of 10?
8 out of 10?

Should we leave this decision to poll results?
Remember; the more signers, the more expensive it is to create the multisig

  • Gather wallet addresses of final signers
    We may want to establish a deadline for this decision to happen - but this will depend on whether we want to leave this decision to poll results or not.

  • Calculate an estimate cost for creating the multisig and craft a final funding proposal w all the confirmed details

After Sale Happens

  • Propose a base strategy for the use of funds gathered from the “Together We Thrive” drop event

Some ideas*

  • HODL $ROBOT (To signal long-term support / kickstart merch relationships)

  • swap half to buy & burn xcomb, HODL remaining ROBOT

  • Provide HNY / ROBOT Liquidity on mainnet???

  • Delegate usage proposals to Treasury Swarm ???

  • Use funds to kickstart “Art Swarm” or fund Canon Efforts??
    Send part of the funds to the common pool, use another part to kickstart Canon garden, use a third part to kickstart governance incentives within the garden?

  • start a conference fund within 1hive to help pay for travelling expenses of bees interested in attending hackathons, conferences, etc.


We are looking to make the sale happen in time for ETH Denver


I’m all in! This is so awesome can’t wait to get one of these.

3 out of 5 seems fine since - barring a massive viral sensation beyond 1Hive - it’ll prob be <$10k


im in; second @paul 's 3 of 5 motion.


Awesome Pab.
3/5 “active signers” is always a pretty solid number.
The higher it becomes, the more you have to send out reminders to verify and sign.
Always a good idea to have signers from the other party to show trust and unity (just my opinion).

Btw, I think you’re making the safe on xdai… it will cost a few pennies (can always add signers after as well for less than a penny)

If on mainnet (eth) will cost about 200-400 if you do it late Saturday/ early Sunday depending on your time zone.