A Call to Stingers!

We’ve been having some discussions on how to reinvigorate the tulip swarm, and realign it with the greater 1Hive community.

Some discussions has gone into upgrading the compensation stack : Tulip Swarm Compensation Stack Upgrade

Lots of discussions have transpired about potential partnerships with other communities, projects or features for Honeyswap and Comb farms. Do we implement an interface contract between HoneySwap and Curve’s registry contracts? Do we build a dual-rewards contract for Comb NFT stakers to disperse FOX rewards for what appears to be a likely partnership brewing with ShapeShift? Do we implement Gelato bots for limit and stop orders for HoneySwap?

We need to get really clear about the intentions and goals of the platform - if we can have any kind of cohesion that will lead to consensus. Here’s a copy of a messages that I posted in the reinvigorating-tulip thread in our Tulip Swarm discord:

So there’s a few things that need to be addressed:

1.) Clear goals need to be established for 1Hive and swarms. These goals need to come with ideal final results and key performance indicators. Metrics are actually how we tell if what we’re doing is working or not!

2.) The compensation debate has prompted a chicken and the egg scenario. What comes first? The chicken and the egg dilemma needs to get solved. If you don’t emit HNY to contributors to increase the platform’s value, for fear of the price of HNY dropping, then contributors don’t build value. The value of the token will be driven by value creation of the contributors. No contributors - no value add.

( It’s 2:30 in the morning here - I have contributed to 1Hive 7 more hours; including working with the Shapeshift community and I am completely uncertain if I will be compensated for any of this =-D )

3.) With clear goals in mind, we need clear measurable metrics for project milestones. These include clearly measurable key performance indicators and ideal final results.

4.) The treasury being wholly denominated in HNY is creating an issue where the platform is overly beholden to market forces. Holding interest bearing stablecoins could be a good to diversify the treasury. We need to stop being dominated by market forces and profit seeking.

5.) I hate minime tokens. It sounds like we are having problems with the actual HNY token - potentially from the fact that they’re not a standard ERC-20 token. Luckily gas fees are really really low because the minime token is incredibly inefficient.

6.) I think it’s time to make some tweaks to organizational structure based on all of the learning and experience that has happened. What is working? What isn’t working? What are some promising new modalities for organization and task execution?

7.) I think we should move towards platform owned liquidity for HNY; something like OlympusDAO’s bonding mechanism (not their ridiculous APY staking though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ). This would also help with #4.

8.) Comb needs new utility and possibly a liquidity injection. NFT mining (Like MEME or Unifty), HoneySwap fees, governance are all options.

9.) If the goal is to be more capital efficient in terms of the labor / finished product generated through HNY disbursement - we could make an outSwarm. A swarm that outsources value creation. I know there’s been some discussion about the differences between compensation for people in different parts of the world. Some people think that we should set compensation high so that we can attract really value-add people. Some people think that we can attract skilled developers from low cost of living countries.

If we attract developers from low-cost-of-living countries into the Hive - they can still pretty easily transition from 1Hive into a better paying role. This is because the culture of 1Hive will naturally expose them both to other communities, and actors within those communities that are willing to be competitive in terms of compensation. In that context it makes much more sense if we are trying to get high-value low-wage contribution to actually outsource work/bounties.

10.) If the goal is to increase the price of HNY - we can simply launch marketing campaigns with a targeted ROI. Whether we utilize influencer marketing, or targeted marketing - it shouldn’t be that hard to achieve a positive ROI. Again if we don’t have marketing talent in-house this can be outsourced.

The success of 1Hive is starting to feel like a ownerless problem. No one person really accepts the full responsibility of our success or failure. The people with the largest stake in our success or failure are probably the least willing to invest their time, and most willing to dump if we don’t acquiesce to their input.


Firstly this is a great post and a good starting point for a lot of ideas. As someone not really involved in a lot of swarms, from an outsider point of view I see a few things. These are not problems with any one or any particular persons, but problems that I see and other people raise

  1. progress - slow progress in getting things delivered and losing momentum or advantage. This is due to

  2. direction - or rather lack of direction. There are a number of swarms working on a number of different things, and resources are split too far between all the different swarms and different projects meaning things dont get done. Which leads to problems with

  3. resources. I can only assume there are more than enough devs/frontend/ui-ux/PM’s in 1hive, that if they all worked together on one project like arbitrum migration, honeyswap on polygon, farms, agave etc, they would happen a LOT quicker. All these things seems to take so long to launch, after months of talking about it , people lose interest. I’m sure this viewpoint will cause a lot of criticism, but it’s what I see people talking about in discord. Because of this, it leads to

  4. compensation problems and discussions - if hny was worth more there would be more hny to pay swarms and then there wouldn’t be problems. Lack of progress and no updates or news when people ask about progress puts people off and pushes people away. In addition, if there was a common vision, goal and single project the hive was working on, it would make things a hell of a lot easier in terms of

  5. marketing. It must be a big struggle for buzz to keep on top of everything to be able to market it, especially with trying to keep 1hive twitter making any sense at all without jumping between trying to explain 8 different complex projects like gardens, conviction voting, farms, polygon, arbitrum, tulip partnerships, hedgey options, agave, and these are just the active ones I can think off the top of my head in 10 seconds.

This is a very long ramble and written on a phone so I expect some critical feedback especially from ant swarm I’ve mentioned above as usual however this is how I see things right now.

TLDR what is most important right now for 1hive to stay relevant, is it moving to arbitrum? We need common direction. Do we care? Or are we happy to be the DAO of DAOs, providing tools for the common goods, in which case a lot of resource we currently have is actually not needed


Wow Kyle_Stargarden (KS) that was a powerful amazing and overdue post. 1Hive probably needed someone to look at the entire system and say wtf? The reason for saying wtf is because our community of talented people possesses everything needed to thrive. And yet …

And yet the hive seems to be specializing into such distinct swarms that we are tearing ourselves apart. Or is that just me? I am so grateful to KS for having the courage to post such a sensitive and difficult conversation opener. Thanks!

Maybe we would rather be in 10 different daos sharing only a common currency? But if instead we are 10 workgroups seeking to nurture 1Hive, which I prefer, we need to get organized. I will go through KS’ list of items to be addressed and give my thoughts on each item.

  1. Yes!! This makes sense and to be fair and objective perhaps it needs to be a distinct Swarm. The Metrics Targets & Compensation Swarm? It is possible if we task the swarm members with setting their own metrics the temptations to doctor data will be irresistible. This swarm could also take interest in the Monthly updates since they will be most aware of all swarms progress.

2.Yeah every dao is wrestling with this it seems. We can debate this straight into the grave. Instead we need to take assertive action with the understanding nothing is perfect and things can be iterated upon. The fast way to meet both sides of the compensation spectrum? Do both! Give every bee & keeper who is involved at least weekly a UBI. Make the UBI about half the possible total compensation. Make the other half totally performance based. If you bring value to the hive you get rewarded big time. Fair? Fair. Make this system evaluated for revision monthly. Didn’t participate weekly? Bye bye ubi…

  1. See above.

  2. A diversity of tokens in our treasury supports other projects while strengthening our own treasury. Pay people in honey and they sell it to buy groceries. Can we pay people in stablecoins a bit? Olympus Dao is seemingly successful. Shouldn’t we copy that? Let’s get some bonds going at 1hive!! Maybe bonds would fit in with our experimenting with Hedgy Call Options? Discussion with Hedgy folks needed here.

  3. We need to move $honey to an ERC20 in accordance with the Arbitrum migration/expansion plan. This needs to be priority 1. Closely followed by getting Beezu to market. These two actions have the greatest potential to lift 1hive into greater health and success. Integrate the Comb tokens into Beezu for extra use case.

  4. Yeah it seems like that. I think founding members get emotionally attached to their projects (swarms) and don’t want to share the potential code (and future gains) or they refuse to abandon said projects when the project doesn’t succeed greatly. This makes human sense and I wouldnt want to abandon my projects either. So now we have a dao of stagnant projects.

I apologize if that causes any offense. I love all the projects here at 1hive but the hive feels aimless on the bigger scale. Who is responsible for the overall 1hive success? Everyone? Hmmmmmmm.

  1. Yes. Integrate bonds.

  2. Yes! This is probably priority 3 after Launching Beezu and positioning 1hive for long-term success on Arbitrum.

  3. The only way to please everyone is to do a little of everything (see #2 above). Spread the hiring/recruiting over all socio-economic classes of countries. 1 dev from lower-income 1 dev from middle and 1 dev from higher socio-economic classes. Done. This would also permit the metrics Swarm to get a better idea of what helps 1hive the most and then we could focus recruitment as indicated by the metrics swarm.

  4. I like it. I’m not an Economist.

The success of 1hive is ownerless. This is not a feeling - this is a fact. Unless someone can prove me wrong? If I had to guess I’d say Luke…and I’m willing to bet Luke won’t shoulder that burden alone!

I believe there was a conscious decision made to not have a single leader in the early formation of the hive. Maybe that worked then but are we not much bigger now? We must decide between keeping everybody happy just sayin…

KS your last sentence impacted me the most. If that is true, we have big problems. KS said:

“The people with the largest stake in our success or failure are probably the least willing to invest their time, and most willing to dump if we don’t acquiesce to their input.”

If that is true, what the heck are we even doing here…seems like our fate is doomed. I sure hope the whales of our Dao are interested in its success. I wonder why you made that very powerful statement KS? If the whales of 1hive aren’t committed….jeez …if the whales aren’t committed here why am I?

That statement rattled me to my core and I want and expect to see commitment from our whales.

Conclusion: Get the developer-concept of ‘rapid iteration’ used by all swarms, so they aren’t paralyzed by debate.

Create a 1Hive success & metrics swarm to evaluate all other swarms and help them use the ‘rapid-iteration’ concept. Give this swarm the respect & power to divert some Dao resources to the projects which will most benefit the Hive.

Get the migration to Arbitrum and $hny to ERC20 completed asap.

Get Beezu to market asap and pay a professional advertising agency big bucks to advertise.

If people want 1Hive to succeed in the world of business they must treat 1hive like a business. Maybe I am stuck in old corporate mindset but it seems like 1hive doesn’t act like a business but more like a club in which every member’s needs are accommodated. That is nice and lovely but most clubs I know are self-funded.

If we want to measure success by the value of $hny, which afaik we quantify by comparison to fiat value (US Dollars?) we need to act a bit more business-like.
Thanks for reading everything! I am open to all discussion and alternatives :honeybee:


Creo que la colmena esta en sus inicios esta claro que el token no debe luchar con las fuerzas del mercado asi que estoy en total acuerdo de buscar un mecanismo de estabilidad, aun estamos en los inicios de la comunidad es ver metamask y ver que es una herramienta sumamente compleja para una persona comun .

Mi opinion es que hay que trabajar y mejorar los productos existentes la liquides llegara los usuarios llegaran cuando su experiencia sea fluida y barata y xdai cumple esos aspectos.

Soy un usuario que visita muchas cadenas y me gusta xdai por el compromiso y herramientas que puedo utilizar.

En este momento existe un problema en el mercado y son las personas que buscan extraer de cualquier manera valor de algo y no agregar valor, mientras cada vez sea mas dificil estas personas iran desapareciendo y las personas que aportan a la comunidad iran diferenciandose de los que buscan otros objetivos , solo hay que estar estable y preparado para cuando aparescan estas olas de usuarios.

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Here is the google translate of the previous post:

I think that the hive is in its early days, it is clear that the token should not fight with market forces so I fully agree to look for a stability mechanism, we are still at the beginning of the community is to see metamask and see that it is a extremely complex tool for a common person.

My opinion is that it is necessary to work and improve the existing products, the liquid will arrive, the users will arrive when their experience is fluid and cheap and xdai fulfills those aspects.

I am a user who visits many chains and I like xdai for the commitment and tools that I can use.

At this moment there is a problem in the market and they are the people who seek to extract value from something in any way and not add value, while it is increasingly difficult these people will disappear and the people who contribute to the community will differentiate themselves from those who They are looking for other objectives, you just have to be stable and prepared for when these waves of users appear.


Great post! I agree with a tremendous amount of this I just want to add some caveats.

#6 - I don’t think that any of our projects haven’t actually succeeded. But that’s because I have a very encompassing view of building a DeFi ecosystem on xDAI. If the goal was for the token price of AGAVE or COMB or HONEY to moon - then yeah that would be an abject failure. If the goal was to build all of the infrastructure to hit a critical mass needed to enable a virtuous cycle … then we’ve succeeded massively. The issue there being that there are several other DeFi protocols that are necessary to achieve this. If we are able to tap a yield farming aggregator such as Beefy or Harvest or Yearn or Badger - then that means there’s only one critical infrastructure component left IMO to hit a critical threshold and establish a virtuous cycle. What that is - is a MakerDAO esque stablecoin minter on xDAI. It’s interesting because MakerDAO is the protocol that entirely enabled xDAI in the first place! We need a place where HNY, COMB and AGAVE can be parked in return for stablecoin liquidity. Why is this important? Because it reduces sell side pressure against those assets; enables increasing liquidity without relying on external parties or OTC deals, and enables our products to have some increased emission to promote ecosystem growth.

Aave has over 50 full-time employees; Uniswap has nearly 50 full time employees. It’s incredible that a DAO without VC support; without a clear boss, without proscribed office hours and without any coercion such as the threat of firing - has built a yield farm, lending platform, DAO infrastructure, and decentralized exchange. That is truly incredible.

On the subject of Whales - it’s definitely something that can be looked at more deeply. I think its worth some data gathering and analysis for sure. How active are our whales? How much ownership of the platform do they have VS how much value are they contributing? If the answer is that they own a lot more than the value they contribute - it makes sense to dilute them - or at least prompt a community discussion. Look I am not against whales - whales can be incredibly powerful value add contributors. But we can’t allow a major free-rider problem. Whales should be able to understand this too - remember that they are members of the community as well. We can ask them to engage with the community and help everyone create more value.


I agree with this - the exception being that we shouldn’t expect users to come naturally. Polygon attracted users by making OTC deals across chains, offering free developer services to anyone who wanted to build on Polygon and investing in marketing. We shouldn’t expect that users will just arrive - we need to stay active and target these users. IMO one of the best ways to do that is to partner with DarkForest.ETH that game is so fricking addictive. It could certainly be the next Axie - only it’s already native to xDAI.

Really awesome post <3 <3 <3

I want to especially draw attention to the fact that almost every issue addressed above - are symptoms. The cause being the issue #1.

Clear goals need to be established for 1Hive

This is the underlying cause of every problematic symptom that the Hive is facing.

Here’s some examples of clear goals:

1.) Be the premier solution for DeFi on xDAI. (I would argue we’ve achieved this.)
2.) Stay the premier solution for DeFi on xDAI. (We need a MakerDAO to achieve explosive growth.)
3.) Attract 10,000 new users to xDAI and 1Hive products.
4.) Achieve $50 million TVL.
5.) Diversify our treasury. (Shapeshift is super interested to do a community token swap and joint liquidity provisioning deal with us - which would create a minimum of $1 million in additional liquidity. This could also increase our users by 100s+)
6.) Become a DAO of DAOs - where 1Hive essentially becomes like UberHAUS.

The point is that if we can agree on some clearly defined goals for 1Hive - we will achieve meaningful additional clarity for the community. This additional clarity will lead to consensus about the underlying smaller decisions.

What other goals do you think could be popular?


Cambiaria axie infinity por aplicaciones de arte estilo Opensea en xdai es impresionante para el usuario comun tarifas bajas con contratos reales, me encanta el trabajo de Nifty Ink sin duda algo que funciona de manera simple pero perfecta , pero si piensas que Dark Forest posee actividad que puede ser explorado , arriesguese no pierde nada.

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I love the sound of partnering with a DeFi gaming platform. Games are currently dragging people onto the blockchain space, and like you said “It’s freaking addictive”.

clear and well laid out pointing everything out perfectly