1Hive TV Proposal - Phase 1

Proposal Description:
Request for resources to support the continuation and expansion of 1Hive TV :honeybee: :tv:
Support on the Honeypot.

The show is nearing the end of its pilot funding; this proposal requests continuing support for the project through the end of the calendar year.

In line with @Kyle_Stargarden’s recent post, I want to make the goals of 1Hive TV clear to the community and use this proposal to outline some metrics that can be used to measure the success or failure of the project.

Project Goal :mountain_snow:
Building on the previous sub proposal; the big idea behind 1Hive TV is to establish a presence on YouTube that can effectively promote the work of the DAO, build our community, and serve as a resource to amplify the work of partner projects.

Here is a 30k ft roadmap of what can be achieved with community support:

  • Pilot Program [Complete]
  • Phase 1 Q4 2021 [We are here]
    • Continuity + begin scaling w/ more hands on deck
  • Phase 2 Q1 & 2 2022
    • Achieve daily original content generation
    • Provide media support for all Gardens
    • Surpass 1k subs
  • Phase 3 Q3/4 2022
    • Plant Gardens Media DAO
      Serve the YT+ communications needs of 1Hive and the broader Gardens ecosystem while providing an alternative way for DAOs to fund video media initiatives.

Revenue generation for 1Hive is a mid-long term goal due to metrics that are not currently being met. Should the project be successful enough to reach the point of monetization, a portion of all revenue will be sent to the 1Hive common pool in perpetuity.

Show Description :tv:
There are currently 6 different segments depending on the episode:

  • 1Hive News/Updates/AMA highlights
  • Headline stories from the DAOspace
  • Topic + Community Contributors (Monstro + Paul)
  • Partner Project / Community Spotlight
  • Short-form tutorials
  • Trivia game show (Live)

This is a considerable amount/variety of content, and each part plays an important role in creating a “TV show”. We will continue to experiment with publishing options and may integrate a live component soon. Scaling content creation is an important goal for the next project phase; @Monstrosity and @paul have expressed the intention to continue contributing content and we will bring on additional contributors for editing/production - @chuygarcia92 is already on deck to help make this happen! The cadence for video posting will continue to increase as we establish effective workflows.

The primary work of this project includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Content planning/prioritization for show ep/segments
  • Research & Script Writing for updates + headlines
  • Outreach & interviews for topic spotlights with partner projects
  • Planning & Logistics for crypto trivia game and rewards
  • Filming & Editing all recorded content
  • SM coordination for publishing/marketing

Evaluating Performance / Metrics :chart_with_upwards_trend:
This proposal is requesting support through the end of the calendar year. The 1Hive TV team will share channel analytics on a monthly basis via the forum. At the end of December, we will share a summative report using the metrics described below.

Feedback from the 1Hive community, partner projects and their members.

Pilot Progress
Many bees have expressed support for 1Hive TV and said that it makes them feel proud of being a part of our community. This is really the most important metric for the team, it’s pretty much why we’re doing it :heart: .

Phase 1 Goals

  • 1Hive community members feel pride in being a part of our uniquely decentralized community.
    • Provide new ways for community members to contribute through show segments and bounties.
    • Consistently aim a portion of all content at the 1Hive community specifically.
  • Partner projects perceive the show as an effective way to communicate with the bees and the broader DAO community through contributing to show content creation.
  • General Web3/DAO audience looks to the show for unique content that is both educational and entertaining.

Direct (Channel-specific)

  • Engagement (watch time / avg. view duration)
  • Subs

Indirect (Broader Ecosystem)

  • HNY holders
  • Governance participation
  • Discord members
  • Twitter followers

Pilot progress
I’m hesitant to use our current YT analytics to draw any conclusions as the pilot lasted less than two months and we have <500 subs. For what it’s worth…when measured since Jan 2021 (start of the bull market), the first 3 episodes of 1Hive TV account for 9.5% of all video views, and 25% of new channel subs in 2021.

And here are some charts for the past 90 days; ep1 = 8/24

Phase 1 Goals

  • 300 watch hours (#1 quant. metric)
  • 300 new subs; 100/mo
  • 3.5k unique viewers
  • 20k impressions
  • Video likes above 5% (4% is avg)


  • TWells (PM/Director, Producer)
  • Monstro (Core Content Contributor)
  • Paul (Core Content Contributor)
  • Chuy (Magic)

Funding Requested: 70 HNY

In order to increase the content creation and maintain existing production quality, our estimated monthly burn will be ~20-22 HNY/mo. A buffer has been added to account for potential downward price movement, enable the project to onboard new team members, and/or increase community bounties if needed. For example, if the community wants a weekly trivia show (biweekly rn) we want to be flexible enough to cover it without submitting additional funding requests.

Some additional demo data for those interested:


I like the idea. 1Hive needs a bit more social media presence. How can one get more info on how to get involved with 1hiveTV


Great work @twells!!! I just want to state I am but a single cog in this wheel. Tweels is like the entire dang bike frame, you have been killing it! Crazy good visionary and your doing very well executing that vision too. Thanks for your work,


I appreciate you monstro; your ideas and encouragement have helped this thing take shape! :honeybee:
Glad that the community can finally put a face to your name :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
…looking forward to continuing this journey together!


thanks billy!
one of the first orders of business is to get a proper bounty board together for the project; do you have any experience with notion? think we can get with @D0SH on this…he can show us the way :star:

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No on notion, but took a quick look at it. I’ve used asana for project management. I’m assuming it’s very similar… but ya… let me know how the community can help out


Excellent work, and congratulations to the minds behind all this great work @twells @Monstrosity @paul @chuygarcia92 !!

In particular I love the editing work and the content that the videos cover, Amazing Job @twells

it is also good to mention the work done by @VirgateGrunt for some translations of Spanish-speaking videos!

I think it is the ideal moment in which the 1hive community could be a spokesperson or have the power to spread through their personal networks, twitter, facebook, instagram, the content made by 1hive TV, and thus be able to attract subscribers and in turn the content is of great use to various communities or people!

It’s just a personal opinion, hugs and good vibes everyone! :honeybee:


I believe i have given you access to the email that can edit the notion therefore you can copy pasta whatever you need, if not let me know and i can send over the details.

As for creating bounties its all about management, expectations and solid outlines. This is not anything super hard per say but sometimes you need to be the bearer of bad news to some folks that don’t fulfil those expectations and that is not always easy.


thanks Rohek, you are an amazingly consistent source of positivity in 1Hive - plz don’t change :heart: :honeybee:


yes! you did - found it :sweat_smile:

thank you DOsh - this project wouldn’t be happening without you + @solarmkd … you guys have made the path to contribution for nontechnical ppl easier and the community owes you a debt of graditude imo :pray:

where is @paul with that retroactive funding?..:rocket:


Well explained…a concrete and detailed analysis… both quantitatively and qualitatively :handshake:

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Love the creative effort and the also the detailed proposal laid out with quantifiable KPIs… ! Great work… Voted with all my HNY and hope to help in a smol way to push the proposal further!


thank you for the concept you have about me :honeybee: I will always be available to do things or contribute what little I know, and learn from everyone! :books:


Happy to see this proposal already passed and executed! :raised_hands: It went so fast I didn’t have time to support it, bees fly fast indeed! :honeybee:

Awesome work @twells thanks for creating this space!


thanks @gabi, hope all is well my friend :pray:
looking forward to amplifying the work of our gardens! :sunflower: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


What more work do we have to do now since the proposal already passed and executed? @twells

As we get rolling with Phase 1, a top priority is to push out AMA/Community Call highlights similar to what we did at the end of this week with Agave (10/7 + 10/14). Many DAOs record all of their calls and post them to YT; we want to build additional value by extracting key moments from those calls, making the content more accessible. Thanks to @chuygarcia92 coming on board and bringing a few other magicians with him, we should have quick turnaround going forward!

To our knowledge no other YT channel doing this atm; with community support to get the algo primed we can carve out a nice niche for 1Hive! :honeybee: … stop reading and go like + comment on the vids above! :point_up: :rocket:

We’re creating a weekly calendar of AMAs around the xDai/public goods community for us to focus on; here is the current list:

  • All 1Hive = priority (s/a Agave & Swarms)
  • Giveth
  • Shapeshift
  • Bright ID
  • Gitcoin
  • Commons Stack
  • TEC

Please respond with other AMA/Community Call opportunities you think we should explore!


I’m so impressed with how you handle the proposal . I admire how clearly you present your work.great work :+1:


Howdy bees!

We’re ~halfway through the Phase 1 funding period for 1Hive TV!

These are the quantitative goals laid out in the proposal:

…and our progress:

Watch Hours = on track to meet or exceed 300 watch hours.

New Subs = not on track to hit 300 new subs.

Unique Viewers: on track to exceed 3.5k

Id like to welcome a few new folks to 1Hive and the tv team:
@vegayp - weekly headline reporting for our Twitch stream
@Miguelb - audio magic
@itsyaboi (discord) - video magic

With their help, we will continue to scale up our content creation to buidl a platform that can amplify all the good work around 1Hive! :honey_pot: :honeybee:

In the meantime, take a second to subscribe to 1Hive TV! and help us flip these numbers!!! :rocket:


Excited to be part of this! <3

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