A new Hivecraft category

As Hivecraft has started to grow and the hype is killing me :heart_eyes:,I wanted to know if it could be possible to create an specific category for it here in the forum.
For those who don´t know what Hivecraft is about, let´s do it like this:

  • Short explanation: A 1hive bee-themed Minecraft server.
  • Long explanation: Somewhere in Minecraft vast universe of servers where bees will be able to interact with each other, completing quests, creating bonds and knowing new bees. What will rise the spirits and will elevate 1hive community to the realm of gods (well only regarding good vibes, kindness, and beeism).
    Be that bee please and follow us to hivecraft :honeybee:

Well just, as I was writing these lines I noticed that there are more swarms, maybe not as important as hivecraft swarm such as Gardens or Tulip (I am kidding those are two of the most important ones) that also deserve their own category. So just as an #ideas , why don´t we create a category for each swarm just like in 1hive Discord? 1Hive :honey_pot: (discord.com)

Indeed I think it would be better to create just 1 category called #swarms.
Those are the ones with reaction roles in the Discord server, there are some more, Terra and Hivecraft itself… So no, another 8 categories is not possible.

Hope this gets far and we see a new category for our beloved swarms.
Thanks everyone who reads this post.

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I Don’t understand what you are talking about please be more clear

you mean like to create 1 category in 1hive discord for the most important swarms?

Making a category just like #ideas or #honey but for the swarms. In a nutshell, a category called #swarms

No, here in the forum

Oka man got you thanks

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ooh ok i get it, actually its a good idea

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@Elartistazo As soon as I have the computer in my hands I will need your advice to get that going! from hivecraft, my question is that is a server within minecraft? because I don’t know anything about the subject but I do want to learn.¿?

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Hi, I do not know anything about this, but if you can tell me more clearly and that I have collected information about this and I understand

Consistency in channel organization between discord and forums makes sense to me and would probably help reduce unrelated clutter for each swarm while they are reading/writing content in Discourse/forums. This newbie who has only bee-n around for a day says great idea Go For It!

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It is as you said, a Minecraft Server, check the Discord server in the bottom of the post. And try to get in the server, ask me anything through discord if you need it.

Tell me more specific, what do you want to know? About hivecraft? Or about the category thing?

I don’t think this is particularly a good idea, or at least an idea worth implementing right now.

The forum is already quite high signal and most information is about one or two clicks or a quick search away, like I don’t find there’s enough information about each swarm to bother making categories for each one of them.

I’ll do it, just that my computer will arrive on Friday!

Thanks brother, good vibes to you!

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Same bro. And hope you like hivecraft server.

Well I do think there’s plenty of information of each swarm to create a single category for all of them.
Creating one for each is too much I reckon. But one for 8 swarms is definitely what we should do

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I went ahead and created a Swarm category on the forum that we can try, if we like it we can keep it and possibly add sub-categories as needed for specific swarms.


If possible, tell me about both so that I can research it and benefit from it

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Okay I tell you:

This link is perfect, pretty self explanatory. You will find the basics there.
The best thing from hivecraft is probably the blockchain technology it will be implementing. You know Reddit vaults? Something like that, but better. Reddit sometimes is a bit nasty. Hivecraft will be friendly and kind with everyone. And it is gaming come on, haven’t you ever dreamed about getting paid for playing? Well… This is it, your dream has blossomed.
Additionally, the server will have it’s lore, with quests and really good ideas that YOU can suggest.
The idea of creating a swarm category is because in discord we already have channels for each swarm. Even 2 channels in some cases. I thought it would be useful to bring those conversations here, to the forum. Now the community will decide whether they give it usage or not.


I say that you can vote that if people like this idea, if you like it and use the suggestions of others, I think the game that can make money from it will be very amazing and interesting, and I am sure that If it flourishes, many people will turn and its popularity will increase very much :v::wink: