Agave - Tik Tok Contest

Fundamentals / Tik Tok Context:


That’s a CumRocket Advert. It’s a 33 second video that launched a token on BSC which ended up maxing out at around 400M MC.

In addition to this, there have been other Tik Tok Adverts and launched projects:

  • Safemoon [and forks]
  • Various Doge Forks
  • A project called $SCAM

1 min Doge Musical:

These projects, combined with the WSB Meme Economy vibe ended up directing initial hype speculation which ultimately resulted in projects like Safemoon hitting anywhere from 40B to 40M MC - and likely below.

A common complaint of CT during this time period, as well as on discord servers was:

  • “I’m NGMI because I invested based on fundamentals.”

Regardless of the outcomes - whether the doge millionaires will hold their fortunes, or whether or not more of these zoomer degens will be rekt, or have been already – a number of key points are to be observed:

  1. Billions in MC was directed into vaporware projects, mostly out of BSC, which is not even ETH Mainnet.

  2. Some significant % of these projects were catalyzed by what I would consider to be the Zoomer Degen / WSB Crowd. These are post Robinhood investors, who are following a meme money / hype wave paradigm.

  3. These investors have already transcended Robinhood Apps, and have figured out web3 wallets, and have a basic understanding of DEX price charts, tokenomics, and how to get rekt.

  4. They also have a basic / intuitive understanding of the value of meme related hype.

This means that they are onboarded, and the’ve already suffered loss, or known the possibilities of euphoria due to volatility.

These meme coins have now laid the groundwork for another area of social media that is Crypto Literate.

  • Reddit
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Tik Tok
  • Discord

You’ve got kids acting like traders using the Rainbow Chart for BTC, while flexing.

You’ve got populated and trending Tik Tok Hashtag trends relating to Crypto.

You’ve got Educational Efforts by a new breed of influencer on tik tok in the “Fin Tok Education” sphere.

While wandering around discords it’s easy to see half offered proposals “Wen Tik tok Video!”

This is because people already associate pumps with Tik Toks, due to the last month of it splashing over into CryptoTwitter, as well as the marketcaps of the previously mentioned tokens.

Tik Tok Advertisements will be a thing – Teams are already likely executing them, or are paying to have influencers create hype tik toks on their behalf.


Beyond the One Offs:

There are other proposals and goings around – that if “we just paid chico Crypto” then our bags would get hyped, and we could dump on the newcomers, and then maybe some of them would stay for the tech.

I’m not sure if those are exactly the words that are used by people, but that seems to be the underlying idea.

Get the Chart to look like this:
DAOhaus price, HAUS chart, market cap, and info | CoinGecko
A project that started at 8.88 in presale, and shot up 10x in the launch hype moon, and then has since fallen back down to 2x its presale price.

Agave’s own chart looks similar.

“If We could Just get some PUMP, then $$$$”

That sort of strategy leads to chart shapes that look like the chart above, and it’s not a bad thing – it’s the basis of the whole ponzinomics system of things,

The problem is that it’s a waste of resources for marketing.

The moon only matters for those who play to ride it. Once the moon has come and gone, you still need marketing, because you still need money, and you still need users.

So, why not target people who already are familiar with “pumpenomcis” and the meme economy, but offer to teach them something instead, about the utility of DeFi Projects, and how they can benefit from actually using a protocol, rather than just degen hyping it?

  • This means that the cost of paying for influencers to hype is a short term solution, which may – if successful, lead to short term results.
  • The reason this is short sighted is because the social asset you are paying for does not belong to you – it belongs to Ivan on Tech.
  • It also means that educating for long term users is likely a more sustainable form of marketing than hype.



  1. If there is some member of the BZZZ Team, who has some kind of desire for a kinky filtered centralized deal, where they decide what the messages are, based on trusted account access holders, – then yes, it would be valuable for that account to exist, so that there can be a long term 1HIVE Centered Tik Tok Audience that is educated on the various projects that are birthed from 1hive.

Make a 1HIVE Tik Tok Account and provide it with regular educational 60 Second Videos.

  1. Pushing for a more decentralized approach, we have this common structure – currently on display by Perpetual Protocol:

It’s a Meme Contest.

Basically, they have a hashtag, and they get their community to pump the perp bags by hyping the offer through meme creation, and they verify with the hashtag and then some top voted or centrally decided authority determines who gets the best meme.

And being critical here, because I’ve participated in these before – there are a lot of terrible submissions in these things – low effort garbage that honestly makes the brand look bad just by existing.

A criticism of this would be that if your expectations are low, then you’ll get low garbage and a few excellent pieces, and the cream of the crop will get a bit of money, and then that’s all there is to it.

Another criticism would be that they totally missed the boat on the Tik Tok Analytics at the beginning of this blog post.


  • Set up a 3 part fund with X Agave Rewards
  • Part A:
    Create a ~60 Second Tik Tok that provides educational use case for Agave Collateralized Borrowing.
  • Part B:
    Create a ~60 Second Tik Tok that provides an Educational Use Case for Agave Lending
  • Part C.
    Create a ~60 Second Tik Tok that provides an Educational Use Case for Participating within Agave Honey Farms LP Position.

The time frames are relative and not that important.

Each one would have a #Agave hashtag, as well as the other #Crypto related hashtags on the TIk Tok App.

If you download the app, you’ll see that the numbers of hits in the Crypto areas are solid, and it’s easy to determine which hashtags ought to be included, because there is a search function for posting.

The sort of content that is shared can be:

  • Skits
  • Songs
  • Animations
  • Dances

Technically, you could hire a model to do this, or an influencer, or freelance a content creator – but instead, you could mobilize a marketing DAO subset of the 1hive community, and use a ‘laser pointer’ to herd the cats in one direction.

The hope of this is to create a wave of momentum, and incentivize a decentralized collection of 1hive affiliated tiktok cryptoinfluencer accounts.

Each trying to get a prize.

Who determines who gets the prize, and what the performance characteristics are for the prize?

$AGVE Token holders with a SNAPSHOT Labs vote.

The trick is to motivate highly enough so that the winners selected have the incentive to create a series [a Minimum of 3 competitive tik toks on their own account, all appropriately hashtagged, and shared and each sharing the #agave hashtag connection.

The other part of the trick is the awareness that there is competition for these tokens, which in part will rely on organic outreach as well as a subjective evaluation of judgement by AGVE Token Holders.

So, if the project is poorly executed, and seen by very few people, they can get a NFT consolation prize, which places them in a pool of people who hold an NFT.

These NFTs can have token controlled access within a Discord Server.

If the project is well executed, but seen by very few people, they have incentive to share that project on Twitter and Reddit, and Discord as well, thus driving up their numbers, and making the project more competitive in order to claim that prize.

The fact that there are 3 separate campaigns in this sequence all serving Agave, means that participants will be able to build up some manner of audience on the Tik Tok platform, and grow in their skills.

The cumulative effect is only known after all three are finished.

The Winners will also receive exclusive NFTs, which make them leaders in Marketing DAO Discord Channel described earlier.



The Endgame of this scenario is to deposit a certain amount of assets into a high yield account managed by a treasury, so that IF these are successful, there will be a fund – perhaps an LP that is deposited, and the LP Tokens are held, and the Yield is held by a DAOHaus Minion – so that there is a collective fund that grows over time with its own yield, which generates more value which can be bountied up for future projects.

This scheme also generates a team of competent content creators, with a diverse set of skills, and filters out for excellence.

What this team and this DAO can do afterward is help out other 1hive projects / platforms / protocols. – Or, help out other xdai projects / platforms / protocols that have interconnected relationships with 1hive.


  • [DAOHaus - Agave]
  • [DAOHaus - Honeyswap Farms]
  • [Agave - PoolTogether]
  • [1hive - Metagame]

What you end up getting is a Marketing DAO Treasury that holds a diverse portfolio of assets, all being put to work for as high long term return as possible, generating more funds, which in turn create a stronger foundation for the next incentive / incubation grant / prize.


In order to make this a reality, in its MVP Form:

  • We Need 3 Carrots.[AGAVE Marketing Budget]
  • We Need a clear call to action for community effort, with an example, and best practices.
  • We Need an Agave Snapshot
  • We need a Discord Server with CollabLand Bot Integration

Once project iterations A, B and C have been completed, and prizes and consolation NFTs have been distributed – there will basically be a marketing Guild in existence, with an established hierarchy of competence and leadership, and a baseline level of participation for content distribution amongst crypto fluent platforms.

Evidence of this can then move toward two more proposals:

  1. A Long Term Agave Sub-DAO Deposit, into Agave - but under control of the DAO Minion contract – so that a dedicated budget can be built for future marketing spend.

  2. A Proposal for HNY – to educate about HNY projects for A B and C concerning Honeyswap DEX and Farms.

And then xComb xBal Morphosis Celeste Source Cred, etc.

By the time we reach the end of the year there will be a solid group of dedicated people all perpetually creating high quality memeable content to promote and educate degens about xdai and 1hive.

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This is basically an opportunity for 1HIVE to take this idea that I would use for my own project, and run with it. I see this concept ultimately expanding beyond 1hive, to the point where it can be a plug in for Metagame, or MetaFactory, or DAOHaus, or even serve main net ‘clients’.

This is my own business plan, and I could bring this to life myself, using my own $ASTRA Governance token for voting,

But, I find it difficult to imagine managing a larger DAO Ecosystem, while also executing my own project.

And in order to do that, I’d need to demonstrate that my own project was worth while, and effective first, in order to secure funding, and then seed the DAO from that point.

Which is possible to do –

This is just a way that 1hive can front run me, with my own idea.

Hi, thanks for the post. Took me a while to go through it and maybe some info gets a bit lost in the process.

I am personally not against Tik Tok influencers, as hype can be created through different forms. I do not use the platform so I just saw and read about this phenomenon.
As an active member and early investor in Agave, however, I’d like to see first some more structured marketing rather than TikTokkers shilling the project. Clearly, this is one way to go, and I don’t know where the rest of the community stands in this regard, but I would prefer to see this as an extra to a structured and stronger marketing plan.

Funny enough, the tiktokkers way may even be the more successful in terms of spreading awareness and pumping the price, but I’ve had the feeling that this project is aiming towards a certain idea of investors, and this would be quite of a radical change of targeted audience.
(which may be good but, again, imo, as an extra strategy)

Thanks for your proposal!


It’s not tik tokers shilling the project just for hype.

That’s not what I was suggesting.

It’s 1hivers educating zoomer degens on tik tok about collateralized borrowing and lending on agave.


Could you clarify what you mean by more structured marketing plan?

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Hey mate… wow that was a long write up and have to admit I had to come back twice before i got through it all and then had to go through some sections again to understand the crux of the idea.

I like the thinking behind this idea which basically is to keep up with the times I guess, like ‘Doge’ - i mean the technicals scream rug and then the thing just keeps mooning and makes millionaires.

So what I conclude from your idea is that we have to adopt to the pumpanomics and keep up with the times to add an extra edge to marketing. I have seen a couple of other DAOs taking this stance - but this is just me I guess - I think I am from the old school and cant quiet change lanes that quick - which has left me really no where as I have been around crypto since 2017 and made really shit all learning technicals where as some 12 yo are probably minting millions with Doge and TikTok!! lmao

I guess there should always be an attempt at trying out something radical like this but its probably upto the DAO to approve and fund the campaign… Will be following this thread to see what other opinions get expressed and may change my views!

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You’re not alone in this criticism.

My main point is not so much technical analysis, but non-technical fundamentals.

I don’t read charts, but I see the use cases for defi.

And I want more people to be defi users.


An example is like a 60 second skit where a regular person goes into a bank, and asks about CD rates, and gets some information on conditions and such, and then realizes that Lending on Agave is a way better deal for them, and they don’t need to be subject to Memecoin Rug pulls, or have money locked up in banks, and they’ll get a higher yield.

This is the type of content I’m talking about incentivizing people to create and share on tik tok.

The point is not to aim to become a meme coin, but to provide meme degen investors with an alternative and an education and some applicable use cases, so that they can convert toward memeing and using xdai dao projects.

The risk is, that these people are only interested in scam coins, and don’t care.
Another risk is that we don’t have enough creative project managers to successfully execute these campaigns.


It is likely that I will need to demonstrate this myself, and then form said marketing collective around my own work, which is fine with me.

Thank you for reading.

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Well, by more “structured marketing” maybe I don’t really have structured ideas and plans, but the use of tik tok feels to me less of a direct line to our targeted “audience”.
However, if I would imagine 1hive educating zoomer degens on tik tok about collateralized borrowing and lending, I suppose we should educate them on xDai, bridging tokens, and much more. Agave’s product is quite more complex and hard to shill as it is not so easy to comprehend for the average user. (I’m not entirely sure I am aware of all its possibilities either to be fair)
Shilling a crappy coin is quite easy; No wonder, price of these coins is 0.0000001 as people fail to understand basic concepts as supply and market cap.

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It would be really cool if you demo this concept. Woukd be a great marketing push in its own right! Good luck with your adventures. Hope to see a cool DAO spawn from 1Hive…

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Understood. I also agree that there is a larger arc of possibilities of projects to educate them on - and not so much - “this is a thing” - but “here is an imagined use case for how this can improve your life”.

I will end up building this out and doing example projects.

Yea. The objective isn’t to turn agave into a scam coin or attract scam hype volatility in the same way as the vaporware meme coins.

It’s more like - they are already crypto literate enough to benefit from these protocols - they just don’t have a reason to do so.

So the theory is to give them use cases for why borrowing / lending / building out daos / starting crypto integrated fashion businesses / learning more sophisticated degen behavior / etc.

Then maybe we capture marketcap and also TVL and also community members that have a purpose they are building out in the xdai dao web.

Thanks for reading and feedback.

Ya next step will be sharing my project in a deconstruction way.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

I think this is the way to go as well. So many influencers I know in Los Angeles have been getting huge traction Tik Tok and speak to the importance of the platform to the young audience. Those who focus their content for this platform have seen many valuable eyes come across their content and have their stuff pretty well lost on Twitter. This is the way. Nicely done @rootdraws

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It looks the same on Youtube I think –

There seems to be some vitality in the crypto algorithms on Tik Tok atm.

I saw some kid take credit for the Rainbow Chart, and get some obscene amount of followers while the guy responsible for it on twitter had half of the followers. Just cause he didn’t strut around and post on Tik Tok.

If there is a way to use the Tik Tok platform in a way that actually provides value, instead of hyping scams or posturing, [I think @kylascan on twitter is a good example of this type of positive use of tiktok] – then, it’s a very ‘the time is now’ moment.

We’ll see what the conversion rates are.

I’m going to use my own project to test this idea out, and will report back in a project journal thread here on 1hive.

This ought to help resolve some concerns - and provide view stats indicating, one way or the other, if is anything here.

Hard to say without exact source conversions – but I guess not really.

Maybe I can get Agave to check out their traffic sources on site, to see what come from Tik Tok - maybe that will capture some data.

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Short educational vids are great where ever they end up. I look forward to seeing an example. If you need some help I have some time free. My kids are avid tik tok users. Now that I think about it 30 secs might be better than 60 considering the average vid length and short attention spans.

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May be cool to do some skits with your kids, or have your kids show you how to use stuff, and then do your own skits or mini-lectures.

The biggest unknown that I have right now is “Exactly how effective in terms of conversion or following or outreach is it to focus on Crypto Tik Tok // Fin Tok?”

The only way to figure that out is to throw people at it, and see what sticks.

You know?

Like what content is going to stand out, or convert, or educate or connect with that specific group of people – and is it possible to channel those people’s attention and funds into xDAI DAOs/ 1hive / agave / etc.

How can they see the tools here, and decide that their lives would be better using them rather than just seeing crypto as a BSC Memetoken Casino?

No way to find that solution except to make an account, and create a series that serves that audience.

The content of this educational video should be short and useful and something that attracts people and its understanding is effective for people. I should pay attention to these. I am waiting to see and enjoy these videos and use them.

Better to make them.

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