Agave Votes Apr 22

Hi everyone! On April 22nd at 5 am ET @GreenHornet will be posting 3 votes in the Agave DAO.

The 3 votes will be:

  1. 50 HNY reimbursed to greenhornet that he donated to the DAO for the reimbursement, which ended up not being used.
  2. 500 AGVE for staking rewards for the next 6 months (0.5% of total supply)
  3. Agave Dev Swarm proposal previously mentioned here which did not pass: Agave Dev swarm proposal

I will be updating this post with the vote links on April 22nd after they are created, but feel free to keep an eye on the DAO here which should be posted around 5 am ET: Aragon


Cool, just a reminder to everyone you should have $AGVE in your wallet in order to be able to vote.


Thanks, appreciate having the extra notice - will vote when created

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Thank you!! Can u enter in Aragón Agve Page?, It has tons lag.

There have been known issues with the voting on Aragon. @Escanor made a tutorial on how to vote using blockscout

Click here for tutorial

If it does not load by the time the votes are live you can attempt using the method in the document


good morning anyone who owns agve can vote (?), good vibes

Excellent, I’m ready to vote

Excelente. Atento a las publicaciones

Thanks, Waiting for the links update as you mentioned to participate for VOTE!

Nice, I will buy some agve for it

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If anyone is looking for the link that was posted on Agave Discord for the votes here it is!

Where can i find more details about the staking proposal?

There is no proposal beyond what is posted here. We should be able to answer any questions you have here regarding the staking proposal.

It is essentially modeled after Aave where they provide 1% of their total supply over 1 year. We felt we could do the same over a smaller time period (0.5% over 6mo) since we intend on making some changes to the staking mechanism we didn’t want to commit to a full year.


so its passive staking? no slashing risks?

for now it is passive yes. we will make users well aware when slashing is live

vote despues de una larga espera por la pagina de aragon

Hello. Good day, I do not have a good understanding. Does this include people who have Agave? Or all people?