🚨 agve voting notification

It has come to my attention that someone is creating votes in the DAO. It is very important to understand AGVE is a governance token. This means anyone who has tokens can create votes in the DAO. YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOUR VOTING ON. This is important because it should not be only seeds that can create proposals, but this opens us up to spam votes. Vote 4 and vote 5 for example make changes in the way the DAO works.

If you see a vote in the DAO and it has no forum post attached you should not vote yes. I will create a proposal to add another app that requires a proposer to spend XDAI to avoid spam votes.


Yeah having to spend xdai should definitelly stop the spammers., it is always recommended to open up discussion on Discourse before making a proposal, I never vote on something that i don’t understand.


That would be required to avoid spam questions - If spending is dithering may be locking your agave also should be good

Yes i assume to avoid having to spend xDAI, a lock of value for x period would deter spammers better and now disincentivize anyone that may not have the required xDAI from making a legit proposal. Also could it not be made so that a warning is provided prior to voting that asks the voter to check the post and ensure that due process was followed prior to the vote. May be also another interlock which makes it mandatory to provide a forum link to the discussion where the voting topic was discussed prior to being able to make a proposal? Just some suggestions, not sure if these are implementable.!!

To make things more complex. the poster of the vote can also just link any post so the og post should link you back to the correct vote. If it doesn’t then it maybe malicious.

This is the most successful community

Definitely need some monetary barrier to stop spam votes.