🚀 First Agave votes are live

Agave Voting

We are now ready to make our first votes as a DAO. before this proposal was put forward, I sent 45 HNY to the DAO to compensate for the losses incurred due to my mistake. You guys showed me a ton of support, and the proposal put forward today doesn’t require me to spend this HNY. once all the payments are sent there will be another to send the HNY back to me. I want to take the opportunity to unvest my tokens and revest them to a more secure multisig. currently, my tokens are vested in a metamask account.

There will be three sets of votes. The first set of votes (vote1 and vote2) will install the transactions app and unvest my tokens
the second set of votes will be to send out the payments
the third will be to revest my tokens to a multisig and send the remaining HNY back to my multisig

Set One

Vote1: Install Transactions app
This vote will install the Transactions app. It allows the DAO to process multiple transactions in a single vote by uploading a CSV file. This app has been used for 1Hive pollen distributions.

The App its self doesn’t need any permissions in the DAO as it simply creates batched transactions for the DAO to vote on. as such the permissions manager and permission is set to any

Vote2: Revoke Vesting
this will revoke my vested tokens and send them back to the Token Manager app. while the tokens are in the Token Manager, they will automatically vote yes on my behalf until they are sent back to me at my new address

Set Two

These votes will send out the HNY and AGVE payments as outlined in this spreadsheet. These votes will be created once the Transactions app is installed.

  • 45 HNYleft over when removing liquidity from the first pool
  • 200 AGVE added back to the DAO from @luigy
  • 200 AGVE from the DAOs treasury

It is really important everyone who should be included also checks these sheets.

Set Three

This vote will send my HNY back and revest my AGVE to my new account

Vote1 and Vote2 are currently live in the DAO. you can vote here.



For some reason, it is saying that I would be voting with 0 AGVE due to when the snapshot was taken (which was just yesterday), but I have definitely held AGVE since the day it was released. I did sell a small amount yesterday, but I still hold some that I bought on day 1.

Any ideas?


I held some AGVE only for a short while before putting that AGVE into the Honeyswap LP. So voting power is only if you hold AGVE tokens and not the relevant LP tokens? I wish voting was also given to LP providers as they are the one’s taking the higher risk with providing to the LP pools and taking on Impermanent Loss.


So it turns out there is a visual bug with Aragon. I ended up putting through a vote just to see what would happen, and it looks like the Agave I was holding was added to the total.

we can do this. but the problem is the value of LP tokens change over time but changing the weights of the tokens is not automatic.

Yea i think another project i was involved in also had a similar issue. Could you snapshop the LP token on the day of the proposal and assign the weight base don the amount of AGVE value of the LP tokens? Not sure if that is possible technically but just a suggestion. Thanks

not without doing a bunch of custom work. also if we do multi token voting, we may have to lock the tokens for the duration of the vote

Here we goo!! My voting power is 0 but I have 4.9 AGVE, Is this a bug ?

Can you vote in proposal 2? My browser dont open it to me…

I voted with 4 AGVE. Does this mean if its executed i lose all of my AGVE? sorry kind of confused

not at all, no worries. you don’t lose anything, otherwise no one would ever vote :smiley:


ok, so if AGVE was held, the balance is checked at the time of the vote and not at the snapshot point? So how is manipulation managed, if i wanted to get a vote result in a specific way what stops me from buying the AGVE voting and then dumping it back on the market? Sorry may be a newbie question but just curious? I thought vote weight would be determined at the time of snapshot which is not public and then the eligible addresses could vote? I may need to read up on how this works.

Lest go, AGVE and HNY :rocket::rocket:

End ?

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Yes read a bit above your post. This is a bug that several people have experienced. If you vote it will count the Agave that you actually had at the time of the snapshot.

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Ah ok, so it does only account for the AGVE in the wallet at the time of snapshot. It makes sense then and mostly cant be gamed unless some plans meticulously and follows the project discussions closely and gets in position prior to the snapshot to be able to influence the vote!

I have voted in the core proposals! Thanks its all ok

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