[AIRDROP] SNAFU Collective - Collection #1 Bundle Airdrop

After our first airdrop ([AIRDROP] [NFT] SNAFU Collective NFT drops introduction and updates) for our Collection #1 we decided to do another airdrop in order to distribute $SNAFU tokens and raise money for the $SNAFU token liquidity.

Starting from April 14 to April 24 the SNAFU Collective is launching a new Bounty Airdrop for token holders of NFTs of Collection #1!

On April 24 whoever will have all NFTs of the following bundles will be rewarded with the “SNAFU Collective - Special Edition” NFT + $SNAFU tokens. A total amount of 75000 $SNAFU was allocated for this airdrop!

Bundle 1
Reward: 1906 $SNAFU

  • My Fucking 2 cents by snafumett
  • Second Abstr-ACT by alessandronalli
  • Help by andreadionigi
  • Ethereal by faranush
  • And while outside you shine, inside you are dead by buda

Buy bundle here for only 100 DAI instead of 209 DAI: NFT Market - Unifty

Bundle 2
Reward: 2390 $SNAFU

  • Animals in a tie by faranush
  • Whim by andreadionigi
  • Monitor by silviarighetti
  • Lutscher pruleta a rayas by el_lobo_loco_sebastiano
  • Fourt Abstr-ACT by alessandronalli
  • Static by emme
  • Escape by buda

Buy bundle here for only 150 DAI instead of 262 DAI: NFT Market - Unifty

Bundle 3
Reward: 3202 $SNAFU

  • Mr Skate Banana by el_lobo_loco_sebastiano
  • GIFT by balbèro
  • “Don’t turn off the light” routes by emme
  • Lovers by snafumett
  • Fear of Counsciusness by faranush
  • Fifth Abastr-ACT by alessandronalli
  • Prologue by alessandronalli
  • Pattern by silviarighetti
  • Daffodil by silviarighetti
  • Still Beatifull by buda

Buy bundle here for only 200 DAI instead of 407 DAI: NFT Market - Unifty

To claim the reward you will need to fill this form: Collection #1 - Puzzle Campaign

We created bundles with all NFTs so you can buy the entire bundle and receive the reward.
But buying bundles is not mandatory! If you already have some pieces you can buy them separately on Unifty or Unique One Marketplace. Or you could also trade them with other users. The important thing is that you need to have those NFTs in your wallet on 24 April and to fill the form.

You could also wait for the release of the SWAP Protocol and see if other people added the NFTs you need in the pool and swap them for $SNAFU tokens.


Very cool. I like what you are building! I snagged some of the first collection, but I need to get others in order to complete a set.

Anyone here want to make some trades to complete a set?

@snafu if we have multiple sets would we get multiple rewards? Even if we have to complete identical sets?

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Yes you will get multiple rewards even if it’s the same set!

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Also when Collection #2 will be released all unsold NFTs of Collection #1 will be removed from sale and moved inside a Gnosis Safe wallet. Those NFTs won’t be used unless the community will decide to do it. So all NFTs in circulation from this collection will be the NFTs that our community will buy.

so how will the swap work then? will it not have anything to buy, to begin with?

It will be full of NFTs prior to the release of Collection #1

Prior to collection #1?!?! There is a Collection #0?

A sort of: everything started a month and a half ago with the artworks of snafumett (so only one artist) from there everything evolved to what you can see now.
You can see all NFTs prior to Collection #1 here: https://xdai.unique.one/profile/snafu (you will need to scroll a bit). It’s around 20 NFTs (some with a Very high number of editions so they don’t have much value in $SNAFU).

We re-bought most of our NFTs and put them in the pool and then did an airdrop for early adopters before the SNAFU Collective official launch for all users that bought our NFTs and sustained our artworks. You can read more about that airdrop here: https://www.nftsnafu.org/early-adopters-airdrop

So there will be no liquidity for the NFTs from Collection #1 then, unless you resell them on another platform?

What do you mean?
Collection #1, Collection #2, Collection #0, they are the NFTs of the same ERC1155 Smart contract called SNAFU. All NFT of that smart contract are swappable for $SNAFU tokens through another smart contract. So there will always be liquidity in $SNAFU for the tokens coming from that ERC1155 smart contract.

Actually, the swap smart contract is already deployed, you can even use it (SNAFU20Pair (0x27B9C2Bd4BaEa18ABdF49169054c1C1c12af9862) - xDai Explorer), what we are working on is only the UI.

I see. Ok I get it. I was thinking that the exchange would be similar to other AMMs where you need to have a pair deposited in the contract to set the price. I forgot that it is based on rarity though instead of the usual AMM model.

@CurlyBracketEffect . nice to see that you are interested as well mate… I dont have enough NFTs to make a complete set… but if you want … i will give you my NFT… if its useful to make a set … you can get the airdrop and we can share the tokens later!! hahaha… hope you dont mind @snafu !

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You are welcome to exchange the NFTs between you (can ask also on our telegram group). Just remember to fill the form when you complete a set: Collection #1 - Bundle Campaign

Also I suggest you to look into the pool when the the swap protocol will be released this Monday.

I relly want the nre bubble of NFTS. The new art is coming and we can gain profits with them.

What do you mean by “nre bubble”?

We need Buy all collection of 1 ir only 1 nft, or Is a packs of nft for the price ? For participate in airdrop ?

There are 3 different sets created using a number of different NFTs from Collection #1 and you need to have all of the set in order to qualify for the airdrop associated with that set.

I have some duplicates of some of the NFTs, I would be willing to work together with someone, or trade in order to help each other get closer to completing a set. DM me.

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The bundle campaign ended and rewards were distributed accordingly. Each winner received the special NFT of Collection #1 and a $SNAFU reward. Here is the distribution transaction:

Transaction #1

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excuse my ignorance but since i don’t get nft (?)