[AIRDROP] [NFT] SNAFU Collective NFT drops introduction and updates


Hello everyone, if you want to know more about the SNAFU Collective please read or introduction post here: Introduction to SNAFU Collective

We’ll keep this thread updated with the drops of our Collection #1 (5 drops in total) in order to don’t spam the other thread.

I remind you that all of our NFTs are swappable for $SNAFU tokens (and vice-versa) based on the rarity of the token (you can read more about it on the SWAP section on our website). Also, everybody will receive an airdrop of 140 $SNAFU tokens for each NFT of the “Collection #1” that you will hold in your wallet after the end of all 5 drops (1 drop per day).

We will use 40% of the income from selling the NFTs for the liquidity pool on Honeyswap (another 40% will be given to the artists). We also have a special NFT (SNAFU Collective - Special Edition) where we’ll use 100% of all income for the liquidity of the token.

I also remind you that you will be able to do a lot of stuff with the $SNAFU tokens, such as:

  • FARM unique NFTs on Unifty
  • STAKE them to receive an additional $SNAFU
  • Vote in the DAO
  • SWAP $SNAFU for NFTs of our ERC1155 Collection

I also remind you that each new drop will increase the price of the previous drops by 20%, so hurry up!


Alessandro Nalli

Light as movement, a frenzy passion of colors and shapes where light poses. Daily northern lights, slightly perceptible in the most concrete urban cutout.
A hidden nature, most likely invisible, unmasked by its own colors.


The metaphysical concept which binds the modern mankind, constricted in always more restricted spaces, but yet open and infinite. Crowded loneliness where the soul tries to emerge to conquer its place in the sun.


The immortality of the soul told through its ephemeral shell. A piece of violent music that lasts a few moments, but remains indelible in Time through emotions and feelings, which burst like a grenade in the viewer’s eyes.

El lobo loco

The strength of the human impulses permeates the artworks. Eros, fear, and joy seem to share the same moment in an infinite loop bringing the viewer in a state of feeling hybrid and controversial emotions.


The classicism that becomes psychedelic and punk, a comeback to a direct and concrete disorder in black background collages, which enhance pearly shapes of ancient statues, becoming bearers of eternal messages.

Silvia Righetti

Still life post-modern natures and living bodies, a language that seems to combine East and West in a unicum never seen before, where eyes and looks seem to follow the viewer that cannot help but feel investigated.


A blackboard on the Cosmos and Nature, topics that still lead to many questions and very few answers, but a careful eye can surely understand the depth of the ongoing investigation and draw their own personal consideration.


A journey into the spiritual and magical world, one where the human beings can aspire to walk only transcending laws that govern the Universe. A shaman would surely be at ease but still is a place of freedom and access is granted to everybody.

Andrea Dionigi

Colour permeates everything, the artist too, who becomes an integral part of the artworks. Shapes looking like ongoing fluid and invite the viewer to dive into to understand the Essence.


You can also find all the drops on our website: https://nftsnafu.org/nft

Drop 1 of 5

  • My 2 fuckin’ cents by snafumett, editions: 100
  • Mr Skate Banana by el_lobo_loco_sebastiano, editions: 100
  • Animals in a tie by faranush, editions: 50
  • Daffodil by silviarighetti, editions: 20
  • Escape by buda, editions: 50
  • Prologue by alessandronalli, editions: 10
  • SNAFU Collective - Special Edition by snafucollective, editions: 200

Drop 2 of 5

  • Second Abstr-ACT by alessandronalli, editions: 10
  • Whim by andreadionigi, editions: 50
  • Monitor by silviarighetti, editions: 20
  • Still Beautiful by buda, editions 50
  • Public relationships by balbèro, editions: 20
  • “Don’t turn off the light” routes by emme, editions: 50

Drop 3 of 5

  • Lovers by snafumett, editions: 50
  • Six feet apart by buda, editions: 20
  • Fear of Consciousness by faranush, editions 10
  • Magenta by silviarighetti, editions 20
  • Lutscher piruleta a rayas, editions 20
  • Third Abstr-ACT by alessandronalli, editions 10

Drop 4 of 5

  • Pattern by silviarighetti, editions 10
  • Static by emme, editions 10
  • Help by andreadionigi, editions 10
  • Fourth Abstr-ACT, editions 10

Drop 5 of 5

  • Fifth Abstr-ACT by alessandronalli, editions 10
  • || Ethereal. | by faranush, editions 20
  • And while outside you shine, inside you are dead by buda, editions 20
  • Melted ice cream by el_lobo_loco_sebastiano, editions 20

Report of the sales and token distribution of this collection: https://www.nftsnafu.org/collection-1-report


Bought one just for fun :+1:t3:

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Well this is my second foray into the NFT world on xDAI, I think of this as paying a price to see some unique art from a part of the world/ or artist that would not be easily possible otherwise. I think its a creative experiment and bought one to support this cause! Would be great to be involved if this becomes a success!

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Very interesting. I really like the concept of providing liquidity to the NFT market. I grabbed a couple that spoke to me.

I am looking forward to seeing how the tokenomics of $SNAFU play out over time.

35% of the core team seems like a lot for a DAO. I’m sure you all have put in blood sweat and tears into this project though! I’m curious is there any vesting period for these tokens?

I am also wondering what mechanisms you will use to govern the DAO and conduct votes.

Yes we will use Unicrypt for vesting, but we’ll do it before creating the asset on Honeyswap.

We are looking into Snapshot for the DAO, but also Haus seems interesting and we are trying to figure out if maybe Celeste could work too. Since we still have a few weeks for the DAO to go live we are taking our time to look in the best options. Do you have any advise or preferences?

Cool. yeah well I’m certainly not an expert on DAOs, and I am obviously biased to how 1hive has organized so far, so I think it would definitely be cool to look into what the Gardens Swarm is planning, to help get DAOs set up and align incentives with the 1Hive ecosystem. So just to be clear, Celeste is used for dispute resolution, the DAO structure is managed using Aragon. I am not entirely clear if Honey Pot is just a front end for the Aragon DAO or if it is something else, but that is used to make funding and signalling proposals. I am sure someone can fill anything that I missed or got wrong.

I was talking to @lkngtn about having a DAO night where we talk about how 1Hive is organized/structured, and how it can serve as a model for other DAOs like the Gardens Swarm is working on.

Nice! I bought one,
more power to the project. :slight_smile: :heart: :+1:

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Our fifth and last NFT drop is out!
This is your last chance to be elegible for 140 $SNAFU tokens airdrop for each NFT of Collection #1 in your wallet.

Buy our NFTs if you want to support us in this journey!


ya me hize aun nft estaba bien economico y bien bonito

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Hello everyone, we just distributed the $SNAFU airdrop for owners of NFT of this Collection!
You can read more here: https://www.nftsnafu.org/collection-1-report

Thank you everyone for participating and supporting us!

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We have another airdrop for you! Read here: [AIRDROP] SNAFU Collective - Collection #1 Bundle Airdrop - #3 by snafu