Aligning on narrative and high level direction

1Hive has grown to be a vibrant community with a lot of unique voices who all care about each other as well as the success of 1hive as a whole. We may not always agree on everything. We may make mistakes, and explore paths that ultimate turn out to be dead ends, but it still feels to me like 1hive has tapped into something special.

1Hive is resilient in that, at least in theory, it can keep operating even as the price of honey falls… but I think in general we would all prefer if the price would trend up rather than down, and its fundamentally on all of us to collectively reflect and work together to make sure we nudge things in that direction.

Over the past year, we’ve seen the 1hive community allocate resources to various projects, experiment with different organizational structures, and launch several products. We have dipped our toes into DeFi with honeyswap, honeycomb, agave and xpollinate… and we have continued to innovate and explore the decentralized governance with Celeste, Gardens, and our ongoing collaboration with the Token Engineering Commons… We have a devops team that helps maintain our infrastructure as well as an xDai validator and a marketing team that runs our social media, produces content, and pursues partnerships… We even have a Minecraft server, and a wiki that has been translated into 6 languages…

While I think it’s incredibly important that we have the ability to pursue lots of disparate things at once, I also think it’s valuable for us to try and coordinate our energy and resources and possibly narrow our focus in order to be most effective.

With that in mind I think it would be incredibly useful for 1Hive to adopt a social process for discussing, debating, and ultimately reaching some sort of alignment on a broad high level narrative and direction… here’s my suggestion for an initial process:

  1. Anyone can create a forum thread accompanied by a signaling proposal on outlining their vision for the direction of 1hive.
  2. The creator of the thread can update it to incorporate feedback and suggestions at their own discretion, but anyone is free to “fork" simply by creating a new thread and signaling proposal.
  3. People can discuss and leave feedback on the posts, and choose to signal their support on the signaling proposal(s).
  4. Based on the relative support, and general discussion, individuals should have a much clearer picture of where 1Hive is likely headed and can use this to inform decisions about resource allocation (funding proposals) as well as how they can best contribute.

I’m organizing my thoughts on the topic and plan on sharing my own signaling proposal in the next few days… Hopefully others will as well and we can start to tease out where the community as a whole feels we should be headed.


Strongly support this! Excited to contribute.

It’d be pretty powerful to have the 1Hive high-level direction on the front page right next to the Covenant - that’d be a huge help for n00bs.

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I can totally see how this is needed - there’s so much stuff happening, similar thoughts have popped up in my head but these can be hard to put into words; excited to see what proposals arise :slight_smile:

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I wholeheartedly agree with this. As someone with a busy schedule and only intermittent spare time to engulf myself in the 1hive world I can see how valuable this would be. For people more full time in the hive it would be just as valuable. Clear vision for the future is always a good thing in a decentralised community.

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Thanks for starting this @lkngtn , i think that the process you mentioned makes sense and if i might going to take this place to write my ideas on next 1hive direction here that then probably will put in the correct signaling proposal but just to start gathering feedback.

So it has been a year since 1hive growth exponentially and we did a lot of stuffs, like when we started we did run lot of experiments and several projects as you mentioned. But now seems that is the time to start focusing and allocate resources in a more coordinated way.

So when i think about the future of 1hive what comes to my mind is this question: “What are we good at?”, and my first answer to that is DAOs and community it’s true that lot of people knows us because of honeyswap but we are bigger than that and we have this honey-pot system that i think is unique on the space so i think that we should focus on what we are good.

Those are the projects/topics/ideas that i think will be the best usage of our time:

Gardens as the center

Gardens in my opinion is our battle horse, the things that we can do and integrate inside our plataform to leverage communities and interoperability between communities is huge:

  1. Resources sharing through the ceramic integration and profiles.

  2. We have been through severals discussions about the rates and compensation for people, so probably others communities will have the same issue so re think the payroll app and integrate to gardens in order to make it configurable for communities that want to start swarms/teams to have different ways to make payments rather just a plain funding request.

  3. Make Gardens agnostic of the DAO framework, so having a way to plug and play our template to differents frameworks aka Aragon v1, Aragon v2, Colony, Daohaus, etc.

  4. Tools that allow people to interact with the Garden through Discord, bots that notify the communities on their server that a proposal was created for example.

  5. Allow a community to start a farming reward through a tulllip sdk maybe?

  6. Conviction voting v2? i know that sem has expressed some thoughts about some changes that should be done and we can explore more things on this topic.

HNY migration to mainnet

I don’t think i need to expand too much on this topic but this + Arbitrum migration is one of our top priorities right now since doesn’t seem that xdai is going to be a rollup.

Leverage Celeste usage
That tool is something really cool, we have recently see that gitcoin is interested on using it and we should also start to write use cases like an escrow app that works with celeste for some kind of bounty system.
If we can come up with several examples of usage i am pretty sure that will get attention from others players in the space.

Also we need to research and solve the problem about having celeste in a multichain way.

I don’t have too much experience on this but seems that is a topic that lot of community members were worried about and they have good points on their arguments.

This was lately a pretty hot topic that for sure needs attention, and we need to think a way to have a fair reward system for the contributors to avoid talented people from the community to go and bring new talents.

Community engagement
Maybe this is just my feeling but since we funded big projects like agave/tullip i have the feeling that a split happened between the general 1hive community and those projects, i know that having everything in a server is a pain for the day to day work, but maybe we can find ways to be more active on them like having the meetings on the 1hive server, we can create more voice channels or whatever.

We can build whatever we want but without people that take care to let the world know what we are doing we are not going to advance too much.
Once the world is back to normal we can start to participate on events, hackatons, etc that is where lot of the 1hive magic happened.

I might be forgetting about a lot of stuffs that for sure are important but wanted to share my thoughts just from a dev perspective, we have a lot of more issues as a community to resolve that would love to see people bring them up and see how we can find ways to solve them.

Didn’t want to dig to much into any technical specification just an overall idea of the topics, also didn’t include anything related to tokenomics since i don’t want to talk about something that i don’t know, just let the guys that have the knowledge to discuss.


I’m not sure I understand what you mean in Rewards/Compensation, what is that you want to avoid?

Avoid them to go away to another projects

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I honestly agree with this sentiment, as well as with @rperez89 's ones.

In a way 1Hive has grown exponentially in the last year, there are lots of Swarms and different directions. Ideally 1Hive has it all. I’m still amazed that a project with a Dex, Farms, Lending (Agave, different but somehow tied with HNY), Gardens, NFTs (soon), Games (Hivecraft) is sitting at this market cap. At the same time I recognize that efforts are splitting in a complicated way. I’m contributing in terra, support and agave, and i believe it’s important, although not the main reason for 1hive existence. There is people on Quests, Tulip, and other swarms which appears to me a bit behind in delivering and organization.

Finally there’s the hardest thing, marketing. I support buzz’s work, I’m not sure I could do anything better, but eventually we’ll need some spotlight, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be a product (Agave is complicated, Gardens in quite complicated, Celeste…even more); Rperez89 is right that no tech can win the race and if we want to onboard new contributors we need to look attractive also on the speculative side.

I am happy to join the conversation on 1Hive’s priorities, these coming months can be crucial for us! :slight_smile:

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This is some my short view where I see changes from time I joined in 1Hive till today.

  • Some of the seeds(I don’t wanna mention specifically someone ) just I don’t see anymore that activity from them when HNY was like pumping every day 1k/1.2k etc.(Problem I see also is that some seed is holding few % of honey supply and that person decided to not work anymore just wait for good opportunity and sell everything from wallet.
  • About marketing when our group came when dosh decided to take buzz and start making strategy how we can promote 1Hive at that moment marketing was in so bad condition. In short period we change everything from increasing followers on twitter page/ promoting 1hive through videos, making telegram group, creating connection with potentially new partners. If after all this someone can say in front ot the buzz ‘‘Buzz team was not good or something similar’’ please close the door.
  • Some good point is that we don’t have anymore every week cafe meeting where we can talk about something coming to 1hive/future interesting things for all of us there.
  • Problem about tulip started when we finally launched honeycomb wallet/farms from an anonymous survey that I can say (4/5 contributors) were not satisfied with hourly rates I we had chance to increase for few % but most important and crucial members said ‘‘its not good idea’’ from that moment tulip started falling a part - when few developers left tulip. On weekly meeting we had on tulip mostly we had designers/marketing/pm on call but not developers who play a key role in tulip. I can say in short mostly good/old contributors/developers are working on celeste/gardens which is good but not good in a way leaving honeyswap/honeycomb wallet without future upgrading. Now when honey price is 380/390$ we don’t have space for increasing hourly rates.
  • We defiantly made good move supporting proposal for Treasury where hedgy is doing amazing job we just need to keep promoting and explaining to some newbies how buy/sell calls works.

We are just keep spending HNY from honeypot every month - example (50/60, now 100HNY for pollen distribution for 1 whole month).In short if we keep spending at this speed HNY selling/swapping for stables etc. I don’t really see future of this DAO and mostly of HNY token which is crucial token for us.
I don’t see anymore :fire: everyone had when HNY was like 1k or more where everyone had some tasks to do.

Perhaps a HNY multiplier on revenue brought in by a project/swarm (payment for services, HNY burned/staked) to refocus on HNY price generally? Not to reduce public goods mission to revenue, but how do you charge for public goods? 1hive has done some interesting crypto-economic experiments here, such as Honeyswap fees buying HNY. Have any of these experiments moved the HNY price significantly? Apologies if already answered elsewhere.

It’s hard to say which projects are more value-aligned, as they are all well-aligned it feels…1hive I believe has done a good job creating a coherent value structure/culture despite a diverse, global contributor base.

A ‘grand unifying narrative’ could be interesting. Like the American dream but not a crumbling empire. Perhaps a radical future of work narrative. Saving souls from death in corporations. A new digital country in the metabverse, full of opportunity. Freedom. Self Sovereign community (stealing this from someone here I heard on a podcast, can’t remember who). Create the first Sovereign community, as measured by contributor longevity/interactions over time? Real, stable community is not possible for most these days, and there’s deep desire for it. Or just an electric Kool aid acid test swarm that raids corporations for talent in public and ludicrous ways, blows their mind with the DAO life and ruins them forever, recruiting people along the way, like a reality TV show for web3 crowd? Have a trump on acid that is really nice to people and says ‘you’re hired’!

Just ideas. Even though I hear the lamenting that things have slowed, that is basically part of the short lifecycle of most DAOs have I’ve observed. 1hive is still way more vibrant after a year than most DAOs (if they even exist still). There’s always new DAOs popping up, having those first moons that are very exciting, but most fizzle and it’s on to the next one…that 1hive is still going strong makes me think it’s got some Lindy effect. Even if it takes a while for headless brand to find dominant narrative.