Let’s improve how we use signaling proposals

So far we haven’t really utilized signaling proposals particularly well imo, last year I wrote a post about aligning on 1Hive’s direction. I had intended on following up with my own signaling proposal, and wrote several partially finished drafts but none of them quite felt right and I ended up not posting anything at all. @willjgriff ended up being the first to publish a signaling proposal in response, and after some discussion it was forked by @paul in this post which is still currently the top ranked signaling proposal in the 1hive garden besides the built-in abstain proposal.

When I had originally posted the call to action, I had hoped to see several proposals being presented and discussed and people signaling support between them. However, we only ended up with 2, which were quite similar to one another, and each tried to cover both what we should and should not do. So rather than have lots of ideas presented and the community converging on the best ideas using signaling proposals, we had essentially one proposal (since the second was only slightly different than the first) that encapsulated several ideas at once.

I think we should try this exercise again but with different expectations about how we use these signaling proposals to shape our direction. Instead of lumping several ideas into a single suggestion, lets isolate different actionable suggestions into signaling proposals and then we can use conviction voting to prioritize them. Here are some guidelines for creating these types of posts.

  1. Be constructive — the proposal should be a call to action for the community to rally around
  2. Be concise — the proposal should be just enough information to help the community understand the call to action, leave additional details, rationale, and discussion for the comments section.
  3. Be precise — the proposal should be focused on a single specific call to action rather than multiple.

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