Alvin plushies... Down to the wire

For context check my last update here, Luke’s commentary here, and YKW’s words here.

As we’re getting tantalizingly close to the Agave launch :crossed_fingers:t4: and finally honing in on an Alvin plushie supplier, the time has come to pre-discuss discussing the Great Drippocalypse Bailout.
Where we’re at right now is the Agave team has graciously offered to replace the Alvin tokens 1:1, and to have a plushie ready to send for each of the 140 Alvin tokens.

Agave volunteered to replace the tokens and provide the plushies when no-one else was stepping up to do anything about the situation.

If people would like to see 1Hive provide a liquidity pool for Alvin tokens
writing a proposal is the best path forward.