Alvin plushie update

Drop to bottom of post for links for context, if this doesn’t make sense to you.

As it currently stands Chuy offered to source the plushies in Mexico City, since the US source I found wanted a 500 minimum, etc. He is in contact with a company who can create 160 plushies. Alvins, the coin, were over-minted to 140, and we need buffer for lost-in-the-mail etc. We agreed on the number 160 in a cafe call… 3 weeks ago? I’m sorry my documentation is lacking.

The plushies Chuy is in negotiations for are 35 cm, or 13.77 inches approximately.
I think this is in range of what we discussed when the project was conceived.
It appears 160 Alvin plushies will be roughly 500 xDai/in fiat.
The cost in the plushies will be more in the distribution, I think.

Speaking of distribution, Penguin from Metagame, amongst other places, will hook us up there, since he is experienced in this and knows the people. Metafactory probably will not distribute, but Penguin has other people he can tap.

I have been in regular contact with Luigy and Zoey at Agave, as the Agave team is handling the coin and snapshot end of the situation. Understandably their top priority at the moment is getting Agave launched. I will update the community as this comes together.

No-one working to solve the situation is responsible for creating it and your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Come for the Honey🍯.
Stay for the Bees :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:.

Alvin and the Dripp-ocalypse
Dripp Farm, a retrospective.


Hello, :raised_hands: Meta I hope you are well today and you have had a delicious coffee, will only those who have been coined in the dripp get the Alvin plush?

thanks , you are amazing girl :sunflower: @metaverde :honeybee:


thanks @metaverde , i didn’t have time to read this until now.

Short, coincise, precise. Your and @chuygarcia92 's help is much appreciated.
I’ll add this link in the #15 Agave Weekly Recap.


Rohekbenitez, it depends on how many we end up sourcing.
Atm we’re trying to honor the Alvin coins, but there may be surplus Alvin plushies.
I’m hoping to plushify Beezus next.

So welcome.
We’re all looking forward to looking back on this incident.