Brand everything!

So here I am with another Marketing related post (sorry to buzz you again)!

I just thought I would pass by and update you on where we are in terms of painting a pretty face for Honeyswap across the most used platforms for marketing content in the crypto space.

First of all, having official username/tag for the social media platforms is always nice as it compliments the project well. First impressions count so straight off the bat - the Honeyswap brand should be recognised from the username, channel name, or twitter handle as Honeyswap - also there is more of a ‘official’ feeling ( in my opinion anyway ). If users want to engage with @Honeyswap publicly, they can tag us it can act as a form of marketing when we want to engage. Social media engagement is vital when it comes to growing your brand across social medial platform as people feel ‘rewarded’ when when you publicly like, comment or share content they have created material related to your project.

I’m sure some have you have seem my marketing proposal here, and I would like to think I have a keen eye for marketing so here it what I have currently secured with the ‘Honeyswap’ user name.

Twitter account : @honeyswap - see here.

I have been growing this and we have currently gained over 1400 followers in the space of 3 weeks. Many crypto influencers and projects have been tagging us! When anyone has been making positive posts about Honeyswap I have been engaging with them publicly - which is awesome! I have also been acknowledging crypto youtubers who have taken the time and effort to mention us like Ivan on tech, Crypto Chico and Coin Bearu ( who have personally DM’d to applaud us) have large followings and have massively helped us grow! I have also been tweeting some of the content made on by some of our contributors for some guidance so a big thanks to those have been contributing! Its been a pleasure to tweet your work!

Medium account : blog.honeyswap - see here

Okay so you may ask - why do we need a blog page when we have the 1hiveforum as a the go to place ? Personally I like how medium lays out the blog most with its text and graphics. Many crypto projects use as a means to blog about their latest updates to their community. You can also tag topics before you publish your blog post so it gets recognised. The best example of a having a mass reach would be when Robust Crypto published ‘How to buy honey swap’. I believe it was not long after he posted this - Honeyswap/HNY went nuts!

There is no harm in posting on both 1hive and medium as it has a wider reach (at the moment at least)

Youtube channel :

I have literally just made this. If a marketing team is to be made - it would be cool to post user guides, webinars or even some of the important Cafe calls we have had where important things where shown/discussed etc. Also commenting as Honeyswap on hot content could potentially attract users as most people love the comment section and would see us lurking around. The possibilities are endless!

I’m hoping some of these accounts add value to our Marketing efforts! If any would like their content to be published across these channel - feel free to hit me up :slight_smile: ! Let me know about your other ideas and comment!


We already have a blog at

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Yes - Im aware. In the event us wanting to use ( which has a wider audience ) we have a place secured.

Just something to point out :slight_smile: We may find we never use medium at all.

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@HoneyB did you think about create on one more social media like Instagram or not ?
I was thinking about that social media because I have exp with Instagram I grow like few pages naturally to 15/20k and then sold them / or / plan for now is only to stick to twitter/medium and youtube.

Personally I think the Instagram audience is a little different to crypto twitter and youtube, but feel free to post content across instagram if you like. I can adjust the posts I make so they insta friendly.

I thought about creating like unofficial/official honeyswap page on Instagram that’s what I thought.

@HoneyB a very good idea. Currently, there are a lot of threads on this topic all over the shop.
Once the official communication channels have been established, everyone will be on the same page.

I think we should create officials account on every platform, so that people don’t make fake account to scam people


Awesome idea Honey B, the more platforms we get the better, then we can choose which have potential for long therm updates.


This is exactly why I am trying to secure the main platforms asap.

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Great job mate, now I think we should discuss in which ones we want to focus deeper!

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