Canon Genesis Collection - Seed Stories

Hi all, making this forum post to let the community know that the Canon Swarm will be hosting a small event featuring stories some of the seeds have to tell which are relevant to the work being done around the Genesis Collection we’ve talked about in previous posts (WTF is Canon & The 1Hive Genesis Collection & Collection Outline)

I posted a Lettucemeet link to see what day and time fits the involved seeds’ schedules the best and it seems as though we have two options for which I will be making a poll :slight_smile:

One option (a) is to have this event happen TOMORROW at 5pm - 7pm (UTC)
as you can see in the lettucemeet page, that’s when most of the seeds who have registered so far are able to make it. The thing is there would be very little time to announce this as an event for people to attend (which may not be a problem at all considering we can record the event and have it uploaded to the youtube channel as content if anyone who didn’t get to attend wants to listen to these stories)

The other option (b) is to have the event happen next Wednesday (the 8th of September) at around the same time but without the attendance of @willjgriff :frowning: , which we could make up for by scheduling a second sort of >episode or iteration to this event featuring him and maybe some other seeds which haven’t signed up for this first one yet aswell - this way we’d have around a week to make an announcement about the event so more people would be aware and able to attend and maybe ask some questions around the stories being told.

As you can see both options have their pros and cons which is why I decided to make this quick post with a poll so that the community can chime in on what they think would be the better thing to do:

  • Option A - TOMORROW: Wednesday 1st.
  • Option B - Wednesday 8th of Sept.

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If anyone wants to be involved in the event in any way or has any comments or suggestions pls voice those in the comments of this post, or in the #canon text channel within the 1hive discord server, DMs are welcome too :slight_smile:


Quick update on the topic - Considering Will’s comments, looks like we’re doing it the 8th, so disregard this poll maybe? :sweat_smile: