Celeste and Honey-pot QA

hey bud… sent you some test ETH, hopefully you should also get the test HNY since you filled out the form… have fun testing!

Thank you very much. I’ll make good use of it!
My address is:0x9a9bF95c4bbe82705151879FAb44c29a3d126Acf

Is there still a need for more people testing? I’d like to help out 0x0068e91105B0D2c52de69c6eFB6329B66B1cDac5

I already have Rinkeby Eth but the form is closed for test HNY.

Can i have some rinkeby testnet eth please? here is my address

Done… sent 0.5 test ETH on Rinkeby. Should come through soon!

Thank you !! i’ll go check.

Can you tell me how to run the test? Not knowing how to test for a few days

@warmannet123, I am not sure if you had the time to go through the OP and read through all the discussions. Briefly:

  1. Make sure you have Test HNY and Rinkeby ETH to be able to start testing
  2. Create a proposal on the test Honeypot website provided in the OP
  3. Wait for someone to challenge the proposal and then raise to Celeste
  4. If possible initiate drafting keeper function when someone else that is testing is also online.
  5. Wait to see if they are drafted and vote and reveal their vote correctly
  6. Follow on the steps after and complete the dispute resolution.

There are a few that tested and provided support either through discussion here in the forum or in the #celeste channel on discord. Ask questions and be patient as sometimes people are from various timezones but eventually someone will get back to you. There is another post that is about doing a Celeste Q&A party which involves a couple of hours of live testing with a group. May be sign up for it if you are interested.!

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I have applied for field testing! Thank you for your answer

There is certainly still a lot to explore, congratulations 1 Hive.

For those who had trouble signing up to the email notifications service.

Please try again, this time from this url https://celeste-rinkeby.1hive.org/#/

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Also, for everyone asking about the form for getting Rinkeby HNY being closed, we are planning to have a synchronised Q/A session this week, so for those who would like to test Celeste, see if you could join!

More info on Honey Pot and Celeste Synchronised QA Party!


Nice one! Seems to be working well now. Worth noting that I chose to not sign up with my email. But now every time I revisit the site I don’t see the request pop up for me again and again like it was doing before. Definitely an improvement!!


Testing the new link. Yes can confirm that the annoying pop up does not come up every time you try to enable the account. Now to see if we can get the notifications when we do the actual test! Thanks.

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Hi guys, I would like to participate but I don’t know how to get HNY from the test!!

Hey @goluis there was a Celeste QA party that concluded yesterday about 24 hrs ago where the full process of dispute resolution was put to the test with volunteer community members. If you would like to see the process follow the link Honey Pot and Celeste Synchronised QA Party!

You could also try the #celeste channel on discord and see if there is a plan to continue testing on the Rinkeby testnet.

Ok thank you very much, I hope I can count on a next opportunity !! :metal:

I’ll notice next time

so usefull even after launch
thanks for complete guidance