[CELESTE] Explanation and details of what will happen with the branding

So here I am again, with brand-related stuff about Celeste.

First of all, apologies for all this comes and goes!
You are aware that we choose the current logo with a poll, I think it was nice to do it because getting feedback and know the opinions of the community are always good, but from a designer’s point of view, I don’t think that’s the best way to choose a logo.
When I saw the current logo at https://celeste-dashboard.vercel.app/#/dashboard it just didn’t feel right. I was debating whether to say it or not, but in the end, I couldn’t help it and need to speak up, although the design was mine, it doesn’t look good and it doesn’t reflect Celeste as I believe it should. I’m not going to bore you with the technical details, just say that this logo lacks personality and does not work well in all applications, the more I see it, the more I find mistakes in it, a brand should not produce that.

Celeste identity went through many comings and goings, at the beginning we even thought to use the Greek oracle as a concept, then when we decided to use the connection between all living beings, the earth and space, the logo that I´m showing you in this post is the one I created.

I think that as designers, we need to find the balance between satisfying the needs of the client (which in this case at the beginning was Celeste swarm, we weren’t even such a big community when we started working on this) and what we think will work better taking into account more technical aspects. I think what happened to me was that I tipped the scales more to the client’s side and I didn’t defend the reasons and concepts that were behind this logo, I wanted to the team felt really pleased with the identity, so I create other options but those options didn’t feel right and that was counterproductive because not only did I wear myself out, but I wear out everyone, so sorry for that again! all this comes and goes are my fault :sweat:

This logo involves space elements and a celestial body, it has an expansion wave that represents a supernova exploding.
The supernova concept is interesting because:

  • When a supernova explodes it forms new stars and planets.
  • The crucial elements needed for life—Carbon, oxygen, nitrogen—are made from the interior of a star. Therefore, ingredients that comprise the human body originated inside of stars.

All this is really related to what we were discussing about the connection of all the elements in the earth with the space and the celestial bodies, the universe as once, the relation of 1Hive and Celeste.

I envision these pins in real life and think that I would really love to use them.

This is how it looks on the dark mode that I am currently working on

I hope you understand this and don’t feel that I just decide to take the time that you invest in the voting and your comments and just throw it all away, I appreciate your time and efforts and I think I really learn from this experience.

Thanks to the team for understanding me and for the support on this, I really appreciate that too!


You just keep outdoing yourself!

I really love this new Supernova concept, also the typography selection is on point, you really nailed it. Can’t wait to see this new logo on the platform along with the dark mode!


Nice! I like how overall it gives a more serious look to what’s going to be our court system.

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I can just say that this looks beautiful.

Elegant and clean. Well done Fiore.

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Hello my friend, I have to thank you for your hard work, the ideas and inspirations for this design were interesting, you just have to give a little change to the final logo of energizing spirit, forgive there are different elements and designs in our daily life that You can be inspired by them, but the final design has no energy. In fact, we did nothing! Your words show a critical personality that I think is great. I hope you get the design you want. Good luck.

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This is beautiful! I missed the vote on the current logo, But I already like what you’ve done here better. I would 100% buy one if not all of those pin designs.

I suggested that a Dark mode be added to the app as well, so I am super in love with the design you have for that.

Great work @fioreb!!! :honey_pot: :honey_pot: :honey_pot:


Thank you so much to all for your kind words! I am really happy that you feel that way about this change.