Circles UBI - new xDai project

Circles just launched on the xDai Ethereum sidechain. The platform has come up with a new monetary system and gives each of its users a basic income in the form of a cryptocurrency called “Circles". More details:

Any thoughts about this project? What about a Honeyswap trust network? :sweat_smile: :honeybee:


I know one thing that the users who was interesting for that project needed to have xdai to activate account.I think was massive traffic going towards xdai faucet to claim free xdai by future cirle users.Maybe now situation is stable.I didnt read more about project but when popular crypto influenser publish that on his telegram and maybe mentioned in video everything start to falling down - the servers were too overloaded and crashing every 5 minutes.I read few comments on tg and they have no opinion at the moment.

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I have activated my account. Only need 3 ppl to trust me


You can get activated by sending 0.1 xDAI to your account. Retrieve your account address from your profile link.

How so? I just send 0.1xdai and it done

@berserk Exciting project. I activated before 10 days ago. Now I have 100+ Circles

Anyone here willing to verify my account? I sent 0.1xDAI to my address but it says I still need 3 more verifications and nothing changed.

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@Proofmaster sure i can (/。\) , are you in discord?

@boring877 awesome! Yeah, I’m on discord but under a different username. If you are willing to help, drop a message @ BarnumPT#2247

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Yeah sure. i can help you @Proofmaster :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks a lot but I already got 3 confirmations thanks to @boring877.

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I lost my account . Log out then login again but the seed phrase show incorrect . No admin from circle UBI can help the issue.

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Oh the circles. Is it like a social media?

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Can some one pls add me?

SInce it is decentralized no one can help you to recover your accounts. Though you still can address bugs with the proof.

Added you to my circle :slight_smile:

i have no one in my circle :frowning_face:
appreciate if you add me to yours too

Added you to my circle as well :slight_smile:

thank you so much my friend

that’s actually a very interesting project, thanks for sharing!

This is my profile, if anyone feels like providing his/her trust :slight_smile: much appreciated
Circles UBI | Wallet
thanks for sharing @berserk !

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