Community Contest for Honey Press packets and Media Blitz

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This topic concerns the initial discussion for the content discussed in the discord channel #buzz. If you’d like to see how this developed or some of the initial ideas, please click below.

To summarize: The initial idea is to create a standardized press/media packet for people who do not want or are not able to create original content but still want to help create a ‘buzz:honeybee: for the community. The hope is to create content that is easily shareable for people on their social media platforms. After they use the media, they can provide feedback to the discord channel on how it went. From there, emojis from the community will follow for their efforts.

A good idea of how this could look: Johnny takes a template off Discord and shares it to his facebook/twitter/myspace page :clown_face: :black_joker:. Johnny screenshots how many likes/comments he receives because of it and posts it on Discord. We shower Johnny with Emojis to reward his efforts.

These shareable items would be in the form of advertisements, GIFs, MEMEs, special Emojis, and other user friendly content designed specifically for media platforms that can be shared by individual users through their own accounts.

To accomplish this we were exploring a couple of ideas to kick this off.

Idea #1- Standardized press/media offerings

There are a couple discord users that have already created some stellar content on the #buzz and #Design discord channels. Championed, these ideas could be the start of the standardized content pinned that we would like to make available to various Honey forums/platforms (here, discord, and others). These shareable items would have formalized messages/ideas for people to use (e.g. Gifs, MEMES, animations, advertisements, etc.). A community can then vote on which press items they think represent the Honey community best while ensuring others are still free to design more/additional original content.

Side Note: If the items are made customizable, people could always slander the name/project with inappropriate messages that we do not stand by/agree with. People can always do this regardless but I think it’s worth mentioning here.

Idea#2: Standardized offerings plus a contest to create community favorites.

This concept builds on the idea above and opens it up to the community so they can get involved in the messages being framed for the Honey press/media packets. We would use the standardized templates as a framework for what the contestants should seek to accomplish using their own original ideas (e.g. providing the contestants an overarching goal/idea to communicate through their content). The contestant’s ideas are then presented through a link on discord and the community votes for those they like best. The winners are decided by emoji counts (could be specific emojis or left open).

Idea#3: No Standardized content but instead using the contest idea to decide which shareable ideas we use for each platform

This concept sticks with the contest mentioned above but does away with the standardized content and uses only what the community votes on instead. Can we say a truly decentralized vision :earth_americas:!

I see this going one of two ways:

  1. Leave the contest completely open and have a free for all with no rules just catagories. The community still votes on who wins with Emoji Counts/Sourcecred and each social media platform has a winner.
  2. We establish some ground rules that need to be followed but still open up the creative spigot.

The main goal is to increase engagement and interaction for those who want to contribute but might not be able to due to technical know how. This could be a fun and easy way for newcomers to get involved with Honey and earning cred. We’re going to need antibiotics because this :poop: is going Viral!! :drum:

If you like what you hear, show us some love. So far we have received some pretty good feedback and are looking for those interested in taking part. If you have any questions or would like to add to the idea please comment below with your suggestions.

Thanks for stopping by! :honey_pot: :honeybee: :earth_americas:


Awesome !!! I am creating content for the Buzz and I like these ideas and concept.

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this would be great as currently there’s a lot of tutorials/faq’s everywhere which are great but having 1 single consistent item that can be shared multiple places would help to spread the word


Love this and count me in. Was reading about community specific tokens that they use in kenya. Found it somewhere on here. I think once the digital marketing content is complete Id love to create community marketing so we can coordinate end users at the local level and being to build out localized economies with the back end financial tools being from here. Training and marketing materials would be needed but I think its safe to say that the world is about to be ready for a solution in the coming year. Theyre going to be forced in to it once Fiat is valueless and the central banks let people live in misery before offering up a centralized digital currency they can opt in to. If we can coordinate local economy around goods and services this will get adoption very quickly. Id love to be part of that effort as well having a lot of experience in biz ops, recruiting and training. Sales and marketing is my background but i spearheaded a few corporate training programs and think this is doable especially. as markets get rattled and crypto begins to moon

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I’ll be honest. I like the voting but things can move slow. Some of our established media platforms seem to be rolling but Instagram has zero post fb has 1 post assuming that’s being ran from this community. I say we select a few (3 people let them run it maybe they can have internal vote ) and let post funnel directly to them and allow then to decide and post.

Yea that’s where I think if there were pre-printed press pieces (GIFs, advertisments, memes, etc) we could get the ball rolling a lot faster. My view is, if only a couple people are posting it will only reach the network they have established (might be big). Imagine if 3000 people posted something to their various platforms?
Like you said, I think we either need a couple people make some standard template pieces for everyone to use or have a contest to engage the community further. We could further incentivize people by sharing their FB or Instagram posts and sharing it with us to see how many people they touched (.e., liked, shared or commented on). Since you can make money from reactions on discord, this would be a benefit for people that might not have the technical chops to do any of the programming portions but do have a social network they can reach to help out.

@Monstrosity what ways would you be able to help out with this project to get the ball rolling? Right now we are looking for community feedback to see which direction people are feeling. Would you be able to come up with a way to poll the discord community on a direction we should go on this?

I think you can post a poll on discord if permissions are set to do so. Maybe post a poll in general a few times a day and for a few days? Does that seem like a good approach? I know we have proposal voting as an option, thoughts? @Jzjallday

@Monstrosity sounds good, I will try to reach out to the fauna and seed people on discord this week to see how we can get this done. Good Idea, thanks for the helpful input.

Awesome! Let me know if I can help?

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