Connecting 1Hive members via 0xFrens Discord Bot

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I lead a team building a “make frens” bot that connects members within Discord communities. The bot uses mutual servers, timezones, and common on-chain assets to match up users with similar interests. We think these tighter-knit introductions can help build a sense of belonging within 1Hive.

Heres’ how it works. Once installed, anyone in 1Hive can

  1. Head to the #makefrens channel
  2. Enter /makefrens
  3. Connect their wallet and/or discord handle
  4. Get matched up with a member in 1Hive. The bot tries its best to match base on what’s in your wallet.

Here’s the bot described in more details:

Beyond matching with other members in 1Hive, we’re also experimenting with a “community page” feature that lists out those who have connected to the bot. We think this could be interesting way of browsing and learning more about folks in the community.

What do y’all think?

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