1Hive Monthly Recap: April 2022

Welcome to the April Monthly Recap; There’s plenty of interesting news to check out!

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Swarms Monthly Recap

:sunflower:Gardens Swarm

The Gardens Swarm has been hard at work on several different updates and features.

  • ERC-20 Token Vesting App. Felipe is leading the design and build of a token vesting app to wrap any ERC-20 with pre-set vesting terms for cliff period and time to vest. The streaming token can be freely transferred throughout its vesting terms.

  • Fluid Proposals. Gabi is leading the build of a new type of Gardens proposal to allow for streaming tokens from the Common Pool, using Osmotic Funding and Superfluid. The rates of the token streams will be set in real time by the accrued Conviction on each proposal. The project is still in its conception phase - Gabi is leading a biweekly call on the 1Hive Discord.

  • NextJS upgrade. Anup is leading the upgrade of Gardens to NextJS, which will improve site speed and performance. This upgrade is close to complete and is expected shortly.

  • Ceramic Profiles. Once the NextJS update is complete, work can begin on upgrading Gardens user profiles to Ceramic, a powerful web3 user management system that (among many benefits) will help enable more DAO2DAO cooperation for Gardens organizations.

  • Compensation Plan update. With the passing of the 1Hive Retroactive Funding Pilot, the Gardens Swarm will update its contributor compensation starting next pay period to Basic Income. Contributors will earn a fixed amount based on their level of contribution hours (low, middle, high), and income will increase with consecutive periods of contribution.

  • Gardens Growth Numbers:

    • of Gardens: 30
    • of Gardens Members: 3,346
    • of Gardens Proposals: 263
    • Total $ in Gardens Common Pools: $18.9M
    • Total Gardens Liquidity in Honeyswap: $2.47M

:earth_americas:Terra Swarm:

Part of Terra Swarm has been working on translating Giveth’s documentation after our funding proposal passed. We are thinking of ways to export our service outside the 1hive ecosystem, and make Terra a fully working project.

:cactus:Agave Swarm:

After the exploit that happened on March 15th, Agave has worked relentlessly to make users whole. After numerous negotiations and propositions, GIP34 was published and obtained overwhelming support. All this means that all users affected by the exploit will get their agTokens back! 80% to be paid immediately, 20% within 2 years in 4 installments. Please, take a read at the GIP34 proposal.

We have published our post-mortem with the implemented fix to the re-entrancy attack issue. As soon as the Gnosis Hard-Fork took place (April 20th), we redeployed our platform. https://agave.finance/. Liquidity incentives are up and running, and we also added $FOX to the platform.

The next steps will be the loan from Karpatkey and the token auction, two other points in the GIP34 proposal.

Follow our official channels to be up to speed.

Agave DAO, Discord, Telegram, Twitter

:butterfly:Morphosis Swarm:

Felipe posted some resources to some people interested about learning Solidity and Security.

:honeybee:Buzz Swarm:

During the month of April Buzz Swarm contributors had plenty of activities,designs,social media posts and we made some new collabs and integrations.

We did some revamping of the Honeyswap landing page and adding MT/ Pellerin on/off ramp with the help of Roekel as web developer who recently joined 1Hive and the Mt. Pellerin team which we came into contact with to integrate this great ramp widget on the Honeyswap landing page. See the photo below :point_down:

We also had started the onboarding call which is scheduled on a weekly basis and we are having this survey for new bee applicants :

We also must mention the Memepalooza event hosted on the Gitcoin Discord where 1Hive was the sponsor of this cool event together with Gitcoin. Some great memes were born at that event. This was the event flyer :point_down:

Additionally as always we were very active in informing through Discord,Twitter,Reddit and engaging with the community.

Here are some more notable activities that were done :

  • Tweets and banners about Giveth Regen farms

  • Making 1hive branded video for onboarding and survey

  • Tweets and banners about MT Pellerin ramp

  • Tweets and banners about Easter and Earthday

  • Tweets and banners about the 1Hive swarms

  • Logos for the $Water token

and more stuff coming such as promotional banners for the Water liquidity campaign

We are having some discussions with Gelato about adding limit orders on Honeyswap but they said that they will have an updated version in mid May so we postponed that for now.

Some other activities include Hedgey OTC, we are preparing OTC campaigns next, you can read and discuss about this on the 1hive forum
We also had a meeting with Gilbert who is having a discord bot for making friends , so we plan to integrate this bot on 1hive discord if we get support from the community.

:star:Quests Swarm:

This was the last month of Quests MVP development. Scope is already frost and at the moment I’m typing these lines, we are completing the last tasks. We welcome all wheeling 1hive members to help us find bugs and vulnerabilities on the last deployment of main here.

The MVP scope has included a collateral deposit mechanism for Quest creation that has been recommended by @DodgeKink and @Solarmkd to prevent the bad guys from spamming Quests that will result in a terrible user experience. This feature is ongoing and is supposed to be merged soon after Solidity expert validation.

Finally, the team has grow a little bit as we had a new member this month, welcome to @MaxLegend.


See you all in one month, for May’s monthly recap!