Create a simple overview of what 1hive is all about

I’ve been around a bit lurking around checking out what 1hive is all about and one of my biggest issues is how long/inconvenient it was to learn about what 1hive was doing. There are quite a few things going on, between swarms(not swamps, lol), tulips, pollen… etc it’s a bit overwhelming to somebody that may be taking interest in 1hive. To somebody that may have been here a while or from the beginning, navigating may be like 2nd nature but to a new user it may be too intimidating and they move on to the next project. I’ve been checking out the projects for some time and I don’t even feel like I have a full grasp. I made a quick and dirty flow chart that I would hope makes sense to somebody looking at 1hive for the first time. It’s not just a dex or just a lending platform. There is more too it. There is a whole DAO system that is available for teams to build upon on… cross chain opportunities in xPollinate. Going to takes me to the farms page. On the bottom I see the docs and the wiki… if I really want to learn about it… i have to take some time to sit there and digest all the information. I figure a quick overview of the 1hive ecosystem like a flow chart would help better explain what 1hive currently does and what it HOPES to do one day. Let other teams know… hey… we can use gardens for our DAO. Just looking at the forums (the left of the pic) it tells me nothing other than some more recent issues and I have to scroll to learn things… find media… etc. Anyways, long winded idea but hopefully it’s fairly clear.


Hey @billyjitsu thanks for taking on the initiative to create this. I also have built a flowchart for how information flows IN & Out of 1Hive. Here is the chart below hopefully this helps the decoding a bit easier.

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It helps a bit but it doesn’t explain what 1hive does. What I’m looking for is an easy 2 minute flow of it.
I didn’t know gardens was a sellable product until Bright ID started using it. I was like " other teams can use gardens?"
It feels like going to a restaurant but on the menu there is too much information. It has the chefs talking with their opinions, the waiters giving ideas when you just want to see what there is to eat and how to pay. Then your don’t even realize there is a secret menu until you see somebody else ordering it. How does conviction voting work when there are malicious proposals? At what point does that kick in? Who gets to vote on that and how? Just a little visual chart of proposal on forum - > staking your hny/agve on gardens with set proposal → wait so many days or minimal approval votes → so many days later it passes or whatever makes alot of sense versus having to look for docs for 30 minutes. In order to find this information currently, you have to do a bit of digging and I feel that can be a potential turn off to many new users. is a bit outdated and links to a dead farm. While not a major issue, it’s not a minor thing either. While I know nobody wants to get BINDED to a roadmap… and Idealistic… where we want to be one day (with not dates tied to it) would be nice. A simple here is where we are at… here is where we want to be someday. Hopefully I make sense


Absolutely and agree with you here. 1Hive is a cyber-organism that is constantly evolving and it is even hard for some of us to keep up on what is going on. We are in the plans to summarize it all and rebuild the about page which should help tremendously as the person organizing and designing it is awesome ( @twells ).

As per some more insights to what you are looking for hopefully the following links can make it a bit easier for you and can expand your knowledge about 1hive.

Interactive overview of working groups aka swarms: 1HiveSwarms - Google Slides

Most recent signaling to align direction of 1hive: Aligning on narrative and high level direction

Furthermore the current products that 1Hive has created have been summarized by the buzz team to simplify things when it comes to pitching.

" 1Hive is a DAO that builds apps and tools for others to build organizations using blockchain technology."

How does 1Hive do this?

1Hive has built the tools that they needed when they first created the DAO and now they have made them plug-n-play.

What are these tools and these features 1Hive has?

1Hive’s dApp Gardens, is the simple version of honeypot where people can use the Gardens dApp to create, tokenize and start the journey to building their own sovereign nation on the blockchain.

Gardens gives you the ability to create proposals(allows voting) while it also comes integrated with our disputing voting mechanism Celeste. With these tools you can start your organization with ease. Once you are up and running you can list your token on Honeyswap, you can use Honeycomb to incentivize locked farming rewards and you can be on an ecosystem that allows for leveraged trading with Agave. All of these tools that are built out come with 24/7 hands on support as well as marketing within our ecosystem.


This right here is a great summary and should be on the primary page of each product somehow. Like if I found Agave… it should be know that agave is part of 1hive and ALSO offers these services. In a sense, if you follow the trail of “buy agave” to honeyswap then click on the tops links for governance and farms you can kind of get an idea but the whole picture isn’t there. A lot of people see it as “A la carte” (did i spell that right? LOL) So a birds eye view of a simple chart can show how it all works. How to get started and what the possibilities are. If I’m a blogger and I want to do a media drop on Agave… how hard is it to find a media kit? (really hard). I made a little video for a video composite for fun and had to make/borrow low res artwork from twitter posts and discord pictures. I found one for 1hive but nothing for agave (after some deep digging). In this fast paced world of crypto… If I can’t show you in 10 seconds what we got going on… they are moving on. The easier it is for the average joe to learn about 1hive and share information the better the ideology and 1hive will grow. In my personal opinion.


How would this be different from the interactive infographic T Wells created.

Not very different other than having to interact, a quick birds eye view of the ecosystem.

The biggest issue is I didn’t even know it existed. Where is all this data other than random forum posts?

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