Discord Bot Commands πŸ€–

I noticed on discord that many people were interested in a list of all the available bot-commands.
This topic can be shared to new members when they ask about the commands.

All these commands can be typed in the #:robot:bot-commands channel on discord:

Assistant Bee

!hny help

!hny address


!hny pollen

!hny save-wallet your-xDai-wallet-address

!hny brightid

!hny mycred


!hny price


!hny metrics

!hny official

!hny network


The faucet will send you 0.01 xDai, enough to cover the fees for many transactions.
You can use it only once.

$$faucet your-xDai-wallet-address


When you type this command, the BrightID bot will send you a direct message with a QR Code that you can scan with your BrightID app to get verified.





Use this command to add some HNY to your tip wallet.
The bot will send you a direct message with the address.



You can react with emojis under the help message for more details.


$tip @user amount


Here is the official Tip.cc FAQ for more commands: Tipping guide

Have fun tipping! :honeybee:


Great summary! It’s good to have all the details in one place. :honeybee:

I think we should revive @Felix post about new ideas/features for the existing bots.
Adding more info/functionality would help the community.

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bookmarked. Will make for a rich addition to the 1Hive Jump starter

This is the wrong category, it should be in Community > Learning. Support is for people asking for help as the threads can be marked as resolved in this category.

Thank you for your feedback @berserk and @Kryptobi! :smiley:
Good idea to add new features and improve our bots, I just made a GitHub account so I can learn and try to participate in the future features.

Sorry @onbjerg I just changed it to the right category.