Discussion: Wrapped Honey Fractions (naming)

While I believe @SirWithAComputer’s wrapped Honey fractions proposal is an excellent intitiative, I think it’s a bad idea to name the fractions BEES.

In particular, I believe such a name is inconsistent with our community’s primary extended metaphor / narrative.

To quote just two sentences from Together we thrive:

In a sentence, we are not collectors of bees, we are the bees. This is an important distinction because all our metaphors essentially flow from this (not to mention our sense of beeing ;).

Within this context, I’d like to start a discussion on naming.

Initial thoughts

Within the extended metaphor of the hive, I think there are (at least) two sub-metaphors that might make sense:

  1. Some unit of Honey (for example a teaspoon, drip, or drop)
  2. Something a bee interacts with on the way to either making honey (pollen, flowers, etc)

Personally, I think there is more meme potential in the second - particularly around flowers.

Within flowers there is also a fun sense in which the 1:1,000,000 ratio also makes sense - in order to produce 1 pound of honey, it turns out that around 2 million flowers must be visited.

I’m sure there are many other bright ideas / interesting paths to explore. The main point being that there is a need for a proper discussion before settling on a unit of account that might be with us forever.


I like the way you frame the narrative and I strongly agree with the sentiment. Also, I love the meme of collecting flowers :bouquet: to get HNY :honey_pot:.


I think drop could be perfect

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What about cell, like all the hexagonal cells that make up the honeycomb of a beehive


Well… I guess if this will be something that will stick (no pun intended!) with us for a while, i think sacha is right to say we need to put more thought in it. I was wondering if ‘Bees’ is the most apt name but we did not want to use it due its significance in the 1Hive community, we could go a little multi-lingual and look for ‘Bee’ translated into may be another language - like where bees were first farmed may be? or we could also look for ‘honey’ translated to a language where it was first collected and documented?

From the source linked below we could use spanish, a randomly chosen south asian language or a north african language.
I think we could come up with a native name. Else we could also go scientific and call it ‘APIS’.
I am not the creative type so … those are all I could come up with. But will be interesting to see where we land !!

Source: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/relationship-between-humans-and-honeybees-goes-back-9000-years-180957245/

that photo is cool, I like it

Thanks, I did not design it it is a free image from google search, but looks very 1hivey I like it too

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wow really? hahaah it really looks like a future 1hive token XD