What is the smallest unit of Honey called?

As the HNY price increases and more new members join the DAO I feel like it will become a more common case that people will have smaller fractions of HNY. So, this made me think about what the smallest denomination of HNY is called; for Bitcoin we have satoshi and for ETH we have gwei…what is it for HNY? Perhaps when a HNY amount is smaller than a few decimal places we could display it as a whole number of a new unit name.

But what should we call it? Naturally trying to stick to the theme of bees and their production of honey, we could call it a comb or a cell, as this is where bees store honey in the hive. We could also lean on humans’ use of honey for some inspiration; honey is typically sold by weight because it is so viscous, so we could call it grams. For some recipes or for adding honey to drinks we might use a spoon to measure it; so we could call the smallest unit a spoon. Or we could be super granular and say the smallest unit is a teaspoon (tsp for short), and use that for the first 9 decimal places (from the right) and we could use the generic term spoon or Tablespoon (sp or Tbsp) for anything between 9 decimals to a full Honey.

For example:
1.000000000000000000 HNY = 1 Billion spoons (1,000,000,000 Tbsp) = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 tsp
0.000002000000000000 HNY = 2 Thousand spoons (2,000 Tbsp) = 2,000,000,000,000 tsp
0.000000000000300000 HNY = 3 Hundred Thousand teaspoons (300,000 tsp)

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was already discussed somewhere, but I did a quick search on the forum and couldn’t find any mentions. If so, please disregard this as the ramblings of a mad man…and please send me the link. If not, then let me know what you folks think about this.


If I remember well, sometime ago we talked about honey “drops”, but I’m not sure if it was in the context of the minimum amount of HNY possible. I think @lkngtn had the idea.

I like your “mad man ramblings”, thanks for bringing up this topic!

As someone that owns a fraction of HNY i would really be interested to know how to term them better. I think it should be looked into if it hasnt already been defined somewhere initially. I like the ‘drop’ term and could start having options in wallets and other interfaces to show value in ‘drop’ considering most newbees to the ecosystem that solely rely on the faucet or pollen to collect HNY!!